Affinity Runic (Prestige)

Category: Runic
I would like to kindly request that Flamedancers stop visiting my library with their horns aflame. So many accidents!

Trait: Runic locations take on the aspect of your character's affinity. This can appear in many different ways and as such would be good to check the trait for the affinity you are specifically wanting to apply!

Origin: Affinity Aspect Spell (Trait Shop)

This trait can be applied to any species.


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Crystalcarver Affinity

Crystalcarver Affinity (Prestige)

Category: Affinities
Crystalcarvers can make the very stone beneath our hooves feel alive. It's very impressive!


Crystal Powers - Crystals can grow on the character's body as well as giving the power to create crystals. Can have crystal bones/teeth. Gemstones grow and shed from the body. Can speak to stone.

Affinity Runic - Horns are made of rough crystals, stone, or marble.

Mages - Tap into the magical properties of stone to enhance your mage’s abilities! Crystals and jewels have many magical uses, from being sources of pure magical energy to enhancing certain spells. Some mages can roll the stones to divine the future, while others shape the world itself. Track and tap into the ley lines deep below the earth to enhance your spells. Tier 3 mages can forge new ley connections and trap foes in stone. Particularly experienced mages have been known to bring fossilized remains back to life.
Examples: Harness the magical properties of stone, access ley lines, divine the future, reanimate fossils

Knights - Stand stalwart and weather the greatest storms! Crystalcarver knights bear the test of time, armoring themselves in strong stone and pliable metals forged deep beneath the earth. The earth sings to tenacious knights, telling them of precious minerals and defensible locations. Crystalcarvers are invaluable as miners as well as an incredible asset both offensively and defensively. Can use gems to power their physical abilities to avoid fatigue. Able to fling boulders without the use of a catapult to end sieges early. Tier 3 knights can cause localized earthquakes as well as hold their enemies fast by trapping them within the earth itself.
Examples: Enhanced armor, gemfinding, superior defenses, siege weapons, earthquakes

Extra: Optional shaped pupil - triangle or jewel shaped

Origin: Affinity Add Spell (Trait Shop), Crystalcarver Affinity (Affinity Quests)

This trait can be applied to any species.


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Greater Affinity (Prestige)

Category: Affinities
When controlling an element simply isn't enough, go for complete mastery.

Trait: For characters that have gone above and beyond their ability and mastered an affinity. When applying this trait to your character specify in the “Extra Info” box which affinity it is for. This cannot be applied to a character with no affinities.

Origin: Affinity Add Spell (Trait Shop), Affinity Quests (Affinity Quests)

This trait can be applied to any species.


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Stormcaller Affinity

Stormcaller Affinity (Prestige)

Category: Affinities
Beware when two Stormcallers meet... sparks will fly!


Electricity Powers - Characters can have sparks running through their fur, fins, coming off paws, etc. Storms cling to your character (forecast/atmospheric effects for bad weather). Voice crackles with electricity.

Affinity Runic - Electricity off the horns, electrified step.

Mages - Harness the unbridled power of lightning as a Stormcaller mage! Become a conduit to channel storms and direct lightning through the pathways of your body-- and never miss your mark. Discharge electricity to stun a group of enemies. Bottle electricity to use later, in case of emergency! Never want for energy to complete a complex spell-- pull it from the sky and watch sparks fly! Tier 3 mages can call storms at will and ride the lightning itself as it streaks across the sky, traveling much faster than otherwise possible from one place to the next.
Examples: Channel lightning into spells, stun your foes, bottle lightning, weather manipulation, fast travel

Knights - Stormcaller knights are quite the formidable foe! Able to electrify their fur, every strike against a Stormcaller is rolling the dice! Move faster than the eye can track with lightning reflexes! Call the thunder to shake and disorient others, or call attention to yourself! Manipulate the weather to give yourself cover. Wield lightning between your teeth and deliver a striking blow with an enchanted weapon! Tier 3 knights can beckon ball lightning to shield them in the heat of battle or ride the storm to overwhelm their foes.
Examples: Electrified fur and blows, thunderous voice, weather manipulation, enchanted weaponry, lightning reflexes

Extra: Optional shaped pupil - storm cloud/lightning bolt

Origin: Affinity Add Spell (Trait Shop), Stormcaller Affinity (Affinity Quests)

This trait can be applied to any species.


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Shadewalker Affinity

Shadewalker Affinity (Prestige)

Category: Affinities
I advise you to never underestimate a Shadewalker. That said, they're unparalleled in creating the perfect, dark corner to sleep. I've never had a better night!


Shadow Powers -  Surrounded by or leaking shadowy essence in smoke/vapor/goo form. Multiple shadows or oddly colored/shaped shadows. Blends into the darkness. Trails it behind them wherever they go.

Affinity Runic - Shadows/miasma weeps from runic locations like the horns and eyes. Horns become encased in a dense shadow.

Mages - Shadewalker mages harness the power of darkness to enhance their abilities. Empowered mages are able to dampen or even snuff out light with their presence. Traverse the world in shadows, even becoming a shade cast on a wall temporarily to sneak through tight places or eavesdrop unseen. Tier 3 mages have mastered the ability to modify or become one with their shadow. Some dabble in the occult, rumored to have the ability to animate the dead.
Examples: Create darkness and put out surrounding light, bend reality with your shadow to pass unseen, temporarily command the dead

Knights - Use the cover of darkness to travel without being seen. Shadewalker knights also possess the ability to muffle their footfalls, granting them stealth only rivaled by powerful Lightspinners. Enhance your blows with poisonous touch, infecting your foes with darkness. Tier 3 knights can fortify their bodies with bone armor or bring a fallen ally (or enemy) back to fight alongside them temporarily.
Examples: Enhanced stealth, quiet and obscured movements, poisonous blows or bites, bone armor, temporarily command the dead

Extra: Optional shaped pupil - spiral

Origin: Affinity Add Spell (Trait Shop), Shadewalker Affinity (Affinity Quests)

This trait can be applied to any species.


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Saltscryer Affinity

Saltscryer Affinity (Prestige)

Category: Affinities
Did you know that your body is primarily water? With that in mind, NEVER piss off a Saltscryer!


Water Powers - Control water, can make water float around them, affinity for marine life, water breathing without use of a spell or gills, coral grows on the body.

Affinity Runic - Runic locations made of water. Hair might also become water. Water might flow from other runic locations as well, including the eyes and the horns.

Mages - Master the timeless power of water! Saltscryer mages can walk on water as easily as they might on land. Influence the weather around themselves (example: raining? Not for you it isn’t). Pull moisture from the air itself to power your spells. Salt can enhance the power of ALL spells-- use it wisely. Tier 3 mages have limited control on weather patterns in a wider area. Less scrupulous mages might even control the water in plants and other creatures to ill effect.
Examples: Start and stop the rain, instantly dry anything wet by pulling the moisture out of it, waterwalking, blood magic

Knights - Utilize the patience of water to wear down even the toughest of challenges! Saltscryer knights are tenacious and can push through anything-- including unyielding stone. Harness the stinging rain of a typhoon to blind and confuse foes. Create dense fog as a cover for covert missions. Survive harsh conditions by finding water just about anywhere. Tier 3 knights can imbue their weapon swings with tidal force, yielding to nothing. They can also survive the intense pressure of the deep sea.
Examples: Use weather and salt for an advantage in battle, fog to muffle and hide, enchanted weapon swings

Extra: Optional shaped pupil - wave/water drop

Origin: Affinity Add Spell (Trait Shop), Saltscryer Affinity (Affinity Quests)

This trait can be applied to any species.


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Rootsinger Affinity

Rootsinger Affinity (Prestige)

Category: Affinities
Rootsingers are so highly prized for their ability to heal and terraform that many conceal their abilities to avoid harassment.


Plant Powers - The ability to speak to, understand, and command plants. Plants can grow on your character. Grow plants on their body & shed leaves, petals, pollen, seeds etc. Allows access to mushroom and fungi floret growth.

Affinity Runic - Horns made of natural material like wood. Floret runic not limited to just flowers/plants, can also include fungi growth.

Mages - Rootsinger mages wield extraordinary power over their natural environment. They’re often prized by farmers and groundskeepers, able to urge seeds to sprout and sprouts to grow. A stubborn and tenacious mage could terraform their environment around them, encouraging wild growth strong enough to churn the ground. Accomplished healers, Rootsinger mages are in touch with natural remedies and have an uncanny ability to divine the nature of others illnesses. Tier 3 mages bend nature to their will, promoting and controlling growth AND wilt around them. A particularly powerful mage could even resurrect a recently deceased friend.
Examples: Encourage plant growth, terraforming, healing, resurrection

Knights - Rootsinger knights are stalwart but yielding, like a strong tree! An accomplished knight knows how to use their environment to their advantage, calling upon the roots to trip up or even grasp pursuers. Augment your attacks with thorny brambles or defend yourself with temporary barkskin! Traverse the forest with ease-- roots, prickling bushes and trees seem to move just enough to leave an intrepid knight room. Tier 3 knights can root themselves to the earth itself, drawing power and becoming immoveable. Particularly powerful knights have been known to bring themselves back from death this way!
Examples: Root traps, free movement through overgrowth, thorny attacks, barkskin, self-resurrection

Extra: Optional shaped pupil - flower/clover/leaf

Origin: Affinity Add Spell (Trait Shop), Rootsinger Affinity (Affinity Quests)

This trait can be applied to any species.


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Lightspinner Affinity

Lightspinner Affinity (Prestige)

Category: Affinities
I've heard that the brightest lights cast the deepest shadows, but what happens when you're SO bright there are no more shadows?


Light Powers - Glowing parts & can emit light from inside themselves​. Can use their lightspinner magic to obscure parts of their body, appearing nearly invisible. Motes of light sometimes cling to your character.

Affinity Runic - Glowing runic locations, light flows from runic areas to leave a trail.

Mages - Draw power from the sun, an open flame, or even the stars themselves. Lightspinner mages weave light like a tapestry, creating extensive illusions and powerful bursts of light. These mages can pull power from any light source and use it to obscure their location or blind others. Lightspinner mages are in high demand for the new year, as they can create soundless fireworks! Tier 3 mages have mastered the ability to obscure both themselves and others-- they’re able to warp how the eye views the world around them.
Examples: Use light as a power source to enhance your other spells, create illusions, blind your foes, greater invisibility on self and on others

Knights - Lightspinner knights wield the power of the cosmos themselves, forging light into a bulwark. Gather light to yourself and become a beacon on the battlefield-- bring hope to your allies and blind your foes! Knights can alter the way color and light is perceived, bending reality around them to appear larger or more numerous than they actually are. Where light bends it can break-- confuse and daze those around you with temporary loss of color or vision. Tier 3 knights can influence those around them as well, playing tricks on the eyes as well as render their weapons nearly imperceptible in all levels of light.
Examples: Inspiring beacon to rally your allies or light up a dark night, alter others perception of reality with tricks of the light, light traps, obscured weapon swings

Extra: Optional shaped pupil - sunburst/sun

Origin: Affinity Add Spell (Trait Shop), Lightspinner Affinity (Affinity Quests)

This trait can be applied to any species.


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Dreamweaver Affinity

Dreamweaver Affinity (Prestige)

Category: Affinities
Did you have a particularly strange dream last night? A Dreamweaver might be involved... or... you might just be a weirdo.


Dream Powers - Parts of their body can give off a swirling, dreamy mist filled with glowing specks or stars. Parts of the body can fade partially out of view as if overcome by the dream, astral projection of the consciousness, moving constellation markings.

Affinity Runic - Horns that fade out/become misty at the ends like a mirage. Grants a star/constellation pattern on runic locations.

Mages - Dreamweaver mages operate primarily within a dream state and are able to astrally project their consciousness far from their physical forms. Many can divine the future from their dreams, encountering deja vu everywhere they look in their day to day life. They make adept spies, able to encroach on other’s dreams. Able to influence and sometimes even enter the dreams of others, for better and worse. Can call upon the cosmos to enhance their spells. Tier 3 mages can access the dream state while awake and are able to use the winding pathways to travel long distances in short periods of time. They’re also able to induce sleep and influence the dreams (or nightmares) of wider populations.
Examples: Astral projection, prophetic dreams, enhanced spells, fast travel

Knights - Dreamweaver knights have unlocked their full potential both on and off the battlefield. Able to astral project and view situations from multiple angles as well as induce a wasting sleep on their foes. Attuned both to themselves and the stars, they can find their way to wherever they need to go as if the path is a part of them. Can call down the stars to change the tides in a battle. Able to restore themselves through meditation or sleep. Tier 3 knights can phase themselves and others from the physical plane and transport them to the dream state, protecting them from a severe blow or taking a fight into their domain.
Examples: Astral projection, self-healing, pathfinding, meteorite strike, phasing

Extra: Optional shaped pupil - moon or star

Origin: Affinity Add Spell (Trait Shop), Dreamweaver Affinity (Affinity Quests)

This trait can be applied to any species.


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Flamedancer Affinity

Flamedancer Affinity (Prestige)

Category: Affinities
People with Flamedancer can be a little... hotheaded.


Fire Powers -  Shed embers, parts of them can be on fire. Smoke trails, wisps of flame around their body. Rifts in the body show the inner flame under the surface. Fire breathing, smoke breathing is also possible.

Affinity Runic - Horns alight in flame constantly, Burning footprints. Take on the appearance of smoldering embers.

Mages - Harness the intense power of fire in your spellcraft. Fire has many offensive uses, but can also be used by healing mages to cauterize a wound or even control burn a forest or create a defensive line. Heat the ground beneath you until it’s magma, creating a protective circle. Tier 3 mages can control not just their own flames, but fires created by natural or unnatural means. They can also shape magma as necessary for offensive or defensive purposes.
Examples: Fire breathing, controlled flames, creating magma, lighting and dousing flames from a distance

Knights - Bend the harshest of elements to your will! Knights can utilize their fire affinity by creating defensive smokescreens, setting fire traps and influencing the temperature of flames both within and beyond themselves. Traverse magma unburnt or harden it defensively. Tier 3 knights may strike fear into their enemies by spreading a gout of fire with a single weapon swing or traverse a battlefield quickly by crossing burning trenches unscathed. They can also temporarily share their immunity to their allies.
Examples: Defensive smokescreen, ember traps, enchanted weapon swings

Extra: Optional shaped pupil - flame

Origin: Affinity Add Spell (Trait Shop), Flamedancer Affinity (Affinity Quests)

This trait can be applied to any species.


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Frostbound Affinity

Frostbound Affinity (Prestige)

Category: Affinities
Never accept a polar plunge challenge from anylon with Frostbound, trust me.


Ice Powers - Character has frost on their body & their breath is always frosty no matter the temperature. Icicle growth on the body. Shedding snowflakes/flurries.

Affinity Runic - Runic locations made of ice/covered in frost or fractals, frost/ice footprint.

Mages - Frostbound mages turn biting cold into their greatest tool. Able to chill the atmosphere readily. Can freeze bodies of water to create a path of ice. Can freeze foes in place and make it impossible for them to advance in treacherous, slippery conditions. Can freeze themselves in a block of ice in times of distress-- and thaw themselves out! Tier 3 mages can freeze entire lakes at once as well as flood the field with jagged ice. More dubious practitioners have been known to experiment in freezing blood within the body.
Examples: Temperature control, create hazardous conditions, defensive prowess, icy paths, blood magic

Knights - Frostbound knights may appear brittle, but you’d be surprised how strong they are! Able to control their body temperature despite heavy loads or high heats. They can create dazzling mazes of mirrored ice, trapping and confusing pursuers. Able to cross over top even the deepest of snow drifts without sinking and ice without slipping. Wields icicle spears. Can capture or slow down others with chains of ice. Tier 3 knights can carve shelters deep into snow and ice or call down a blizzard on their foes, creating whiteout conditions.
Examples: Temperature control, ice traps, enhanced mobility, ice weaponry, weather manipulation

Extra: Optional shaped pupil - snowflake

Origin: Affinity Add Spell (Trait Shop), Frostbound Affinity (Affinity Quests)

This trait can be applied to any species.


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Skytwister Affinity

Skytwister Affinity (Prestige)

Category: Affinities
You're sure to command the skies with Skytwister Affinity! None can match a Skytwister's speed and agility while airborne.


Air & Wind Powers -  Control gusts of wind, levitation of self & others. Ability to amplify their voice. Can beckon the wind to carry whispers from the far corners of the world. Can use this power to travel the slipstreams with extreme speed while in flight.

Affinity Runic - Wind instrument horns (can have holes for air to pass through musically), wind constantly cuts around your characters runic spots.

Mages - Utilize the four winds to your advantage! Skytwister mages travel lightly with a spring to their step. Heavy alchemy equipment and books? Lighten your load with a little help from the wind! Use the slipstreams to keep your opponents on their toes! Call down localized twisters to control a situation. Experienced tier 3 mages can direct the wind exactly and pin down a foe from all sides, rendering them unable to move. They also have greater control over twisters and are able to direct their every move.
Examples: Lighten your step and your load, summon and control tornadoes, pin down your foes

Knights - Become like the wind as a Skytwister knight, mercurial and unstoppable! Amplify your voice to command attention or stop an opponent in their tracks! Skytwister knights can utilize sound to control the battlefield. Use the wind to blow away cloud cover or block light-- whatever the situation calls for! Send up great clouds of dust and cutting debris to obscure and guard an area. Knights are the eye of the storm! Craft a weapon of bound winds to cut deeper than steel. Tier 3 knights can control a bulwark of wind to push the line, leaving nothing in their path.
Examples: Weaponized sound, weather control, cover, wind weaponry, cutting debris

Extra - Optional shaped pupil - windy swooshes

Origin: Affinity Add Spell (Trait Shop), Skytwister Affinity (Affinity Quests)

This trait can be applied to any species.


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Affinity Aspect (Prestige)

Category: Universal
Affinities can sometimes consume their bearers-- take control and use it to your advantage, don't let it use YOU!

Trait: When applied to a character with a greater affinity it can grant them one of the following traits that has the visuals and aesthetics of the corresponding affinity. You can only select one of these three traits per item/application. When applying it to a character put your selection in the comments and in the extra info box. These traits are modifiers and do not stand in for required listed traits, the can also be turned on and off.

Affinity Wings - wings made of an aspect of character’s affinity. Cannot add or remove wings from a character.

Affinity Tail - tail made of an aspect of a character’s affinity. This is a modifier trait and cannot add or remove tails from a character.

Affinity Limbs - arms and/or legs made from an aspect of a character’s affinity. This is a modifier trait and cannot add extra sets of arms or legs. It CAN however be used to replace their current arms or legs.

Origin: Enchanted Trait Spell (Trait Shop)

This trait can be applied to any species.


Mage: Tier 1

Mage: Tier 1 (Prestige)

Category: Title
Congratulations on beginning your journey to become a master mage!

Trait: For characters that have completed their Tier 1 Achievement for Mage Questing!

Extra: Easily obtainable after a few introductory classes, this tier is required to further your studies into the magical arts.
Examples: Minor alchemy; potion brewing; seeking spells; simple charm spells; weak elemental magic (such as casting candlelight, creating a very small breeze, or growing a small plant).

Origin: Mage Tier 1 Achievement (Mage Quests)

This trait can be applied to any species.

Mage: Tier 2

Mage: Tier 2 (Prestige)

Category: Title
Mages of this tier have a greater mastery of their magic and can use the elements to their advantage.

Trait: For characters that have completed their Tier 2 Achievement for Mage Questing!

Extra: This tier focuses on developing and mastering temperamental elemental magic.
Examples: Fire, water, ice, air, earth, weather, or nature spells of a bigger scale; offensive attack spells utilizing any of those elements.

Origin: Mage Tier 2 Achievement (Mage Quests)

This trait can be applied to any species.

Mage: Tier 3

Mage: Tier 3 (Prestige)

Category: Title
While this is the highest tier of learning available, why stop there? Continue your studies as you see fit!

Trait: For characters that have completed their Tier 3 Achievement for Mage Questing!

Extra: Primarily, this tier is an upgrade of tier two, encompassing spells more advanced, more effective, and of a bigger scale.
Examples: Major alchemy; elaborate enchantments and charms; animating small inanimate objects; magical barriers, traps, and illusions; non-elemental offensive magic spells; minor healing spells.

Origin: Mage Tier 3 Achievement (Mage Quests)

This trait can be applied to any species.

Knight: Tier 1

Knight: Tier 1 (Prestige)

Category: Title
Congratulations on taking the first steps on your journey towards becoming a keen knight!

Trait: For characters that have completed their Tier 1 Achievement for Knight Questing!

Extra: Easily attainable, this tier must be earned by a character before they can do official knight work.
Examples: Village guards; squires; scouts; simple mercenary work.

Origin: Knight Tier 1 Achievement (Knight Quests)

This trait can be applied to any species.

Knight: Tier 2

Knight: Tier 2 (Prestige)

Category: Title
Knights at this level often become teachers to the next generation of up and coming trainees!

Trait: For characters that have completed their Tier 2 Achievement for Knight Questing!

Extra: A more rigorous and respectable rank than Flourite tier. With this rank, a knight would have more credibility and a bigger pool of jobs to choose from.
Examples: City guards; mercenaries; royal messengers; body guards; instructors at Obrille.

Origin: Knight Tier 2 Achievement (Knight Quests)

This trait can be applied to any species.

Knight: Tier 3

Knight: Tier 3 (Prestige)

Category: Title
The world is yours once you finish your schooling. What will you do with everything you learned?

Trait: For characters that have completed their Tier 3 Achievement for Knight Questing!

Extra: The highest public tier of knighthood. These knights are respected for their experience and often hold positions of authority. While they are obliged to fulfill duties for the kingdom, knights in this tier are allowed to follow their own initiatives, with approval.
Examples: Holy knights/templars; high knight captains.

Origin: Knight Tier 3 Achievement (Knight Quests)

This trait can be applied to any species.

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