Seasonal Step

Seasonal Step (Ephemera)

Category: Universal
Somelon once enchanted a ton of flower crowns and released them into society... imagine the surprise when wearing one granted a blessing!

Trait: If acquired as a blessing your character can swap between all four seasons without the need of a crown. Or can present any combination of seasons they please at any time.

When wearing a seasonal crown the season itself follows in your wake. Your steps leave behind a sign of the corresponding season.

Winter - Frost and a blanket of snow trail behind.
Spring - new growth follows close behind. A verdant path left behind.
Fall - The shifting of the seasons is left behind, a trail of multicolored leaves brush behind you.
Summer - The sound of the ocean is always present and the wake of the ocean itself washes around your ankles.

Origin: Blessed Idol (Lamentation ShopBlessing Questline), Seasonal Crowns (Raffles, Bonus Reward Tables)

This trait can be applied to any species.


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