Royal Tail

Royal Tail (Legendary)

Category: Tails
Species: Pouflon (Royal subtype)
A hallmark of the current ruling family, these tails can unfurl to their full length with concentration but will always curl again.


Royal Tail is any style of tail with a complete spiral (or multiple spirals). This trait allows a tail upgrade of anything up to enchanted tail traits for the species. Anything beyond enchanted you'll need an additional trait or spell to do!

  • ex. Royal Tail can be applied to a pouf with a common tail and used to give them a spiralling banderole tail!
  • ex2. Royal Tail when used in combination with Kitsune Tail can be used to give a character 3+ spiralling tails (of the same type) up to enchanted rarity.

Origin: Royal Potion, Royal Amulet, Royal Tail Spell (Legend Shop)

This trait can be applied to only Pouflons.


Royal Tail

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