Flip Flop Ears

Flip Flop Ears (Uncommon)

Category: Ears
Species: Pouflon
You know... sometimes when you pull the ears down, they DON'T spring back up.

Trait: Long, tall ears like a rabbit. One perks up while the other folds over.

Origin: Uncommon Trait Spell (Trait Shop)

This trait can be applied to only Pouflons.


Flip Flop Ears

Alternate Types
  • Puppy Ears (Common)
    Species: Ursuki
    Oh dear! One of the ears is sleeping on the job! Tsk, tsk.

    Trait: Short ears. One perks upright while the other one flops over.

    Origin: Free with Common Ursuki MYO

    This trait can be applied to only Ursuki.


    Puppy Ears

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