Whiskers (Rare)

Species: Vespire

Short to medium whiskers that may be long enough to reach your vespire's chest. They can be smooth or tufted at the end. One pair only.

Multiple Whiskers

Multiple Whiskers (Enchanted)

Species: Vespire

Add multiple whiskers to your character. These whiskers may vary in length and may be smooth or tufted. They must not resemble cat whiskers, however!

Extra Long Whiskers

Extra Long Whiskers (Enchanted)

Species: Vespire

Your vespire may have whiskers as long or longer than their bodies. These whiskers may be smooth or tufted.

Dragon Whiskers

Dragon Whiskers (Legendary)

Species: Pouflon (Dragon subtype)

Dragon Whiskers are sometimes seen in pouflons with vespire heritage and can be short or long. These whiskers can be smooth or tufted at the ends.

Cloven Hooves

Cloven Hooves (Event)

Cloven Hooves mysteriously have two toes instead of three! Unusual to say the least in Bellacoste, and what makes them even stranger is that every so often, a pouflon or cherub vespire with Cloven Hooves may also have a paw pad behind the toes.

Cloven Hooves may only be applied to pouflons and vespires with Cherub Hooves trait already applied.

Dragon Mouth

Dragon Mouth (Legendary)

Species: Pouflon (Dragon subtype)

forked tongue and/or fangs

Dragon Scales (Legendary)

Species: Pouflon (Dragon subtype)

Spiney (Legendary)

Species: Pouflon (Dragon subtype)

Fin Fetlocks (Legendary)

Species: Pouflon

Capricorn subtype

Scales (Uncommon)

Species: Vespire
Saber Fangs

Saber Fangs (Rare)

Species: Vespire

Royal Circlet (Legendary)

Species: Pouflon (Royal subtype)

Vespire Elemental Breath (Enchanted)

Species: Vespire

This trait allows the vespire's pneumir to be augmented by any affinities that a vespire may have! It can also manifest as a unique "breath weapon" (think like dragons) such as breathing fire, or shooting a lightning bolt from their mouth!

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