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    Ursuki are magic beings who resemble tanuki and bears. Their magic specialty is Illusion – they possess unparalleled abilities to create illusive tricks to fool other creatures, which can aid hugely in hunting and trapping. Their culture is outwardly  friendly but inwardly mysterious– Ursuki merchants are very common to see among pouflon and vespire settlements, but Ursuki towns and villages are near-impossible to get to unless you have an ursuki guide with you. They carefully hide their villages with magic and misdirection spells to remain hidden to unknown visitors.

    Out of the three runic species (ursuki, pouflons and vespire) Ursuki are the most careful about using their magic because they have a limited amount to use each year. They can recover a little bit of magic when they rest but not nearly enough to sustain them, so they hibernate for an entire season to fully recharge their magic reserves. Winter is the most popular season to hibernate in, but some individuals may choose other seasons.

    Ursuki love to work hard and party hard - at the end of fall, they host a great festival where they use up the remainder of their magic stores to put on incredible magic shows, creating incredible illusions to wow visitors of all different species who are able to come and visit the Ursuki villages on this one special night of the year.

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