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Pouflons are a magical sheep-like species released when the game launched in 2015-- that's why our ARPG is called Pouflons!

Let's cover The Basics:

Baby Term: Bloom
Shorthand: Pouf
Birthplace: The Dawn Garden
Body Types: Pixie, Polo and Plucky
Diet: Primarily flowers, though they also eat a variety of plants, fruits, vegetables and honey.
Magic: Well-rounded with a focus on offensive and defensive spells and cantrips to manipulate objects.
Runic Locations: Required locations are horns and eyes, optional locations are nose, hooves and tail tip.
Territory: Central Bellacoste, from Riddlelock to Asterfall - though they have been found everywhere!
Notable Festivals: Cradle of Crocus (March), Fete Passing (November)
Defining Features: Heart noses, three-toed hooves, four wings, knee and cheek spots

Pouflons are versatile and can be found all over Bellacoste engaged in all kinds of activities!

Notable occupations for pouflons include but aren't limited to farming, hospitality, knighthood and mageworks.

Largely hierarchal, pouflons of high standing are often from Pennons, families known for their social status. Pouflon society operates under a monarchy. The current ruling figure is Queen Nouvel, the first ruler from the Pennon of Tourbillon.

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Notable Pouflons

Queen Nouvel Princess Fiorel Perth Prince Terryn Wylie

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