Visual Trait Index

    Pouflons are very individual creatures, just like humans. They are very social, and tend to gather in communities from small villages to large cities. Their government is loosely a monarchy, administrated by many royal pouflons, and overseen at the top by a king or queen.

    Flowers are the pouflon's main food source (though they can also eat other plants), and as such much of their culture and use of magic is related to flowers and nature in general. 

   In the highest chambers of the queen's palace lies the Dawn Garden, a sacred garden where every pouflon's runic flower sprouts and grows. Each pouflon has their own unique flower the same shade as their runic color, which is born when they are and accordingly represents their life. The queen and a few other trusted pouflons guard and tend to the garden, but being such a precious, sacred ground, most other pouflons never get to see it.

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