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Breed Characteristics: A perplexing breed in every way. They seem to operate on their own hidden agenda, like they're all in on some big secret. But otherwise they're harmless enough.
Training Difficulty: ★★★

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Corrupted Gnut" class="display-item">Corrupted Gnut</a>

Corrupted Gnut

Event: Skyfall
Breed Characteristics: These Gnuts were corrupted by The Entity and swarmed around it until it fell. This one seems to have taken a liking to you, for better or worse...
Training Difficulty: ★★★

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Golden Gnut" class="display-item">Golden Gnut</a>

Golden Gnut

Breed Characteristics: Amongst the swarm you find a most perplexing specimen. It glitters and shimmers like a jewel in the light! One might assume that this gnut simply fell into a vat of glitter paint, but any attempts to remove its SPARKLE will reveal one ultimate truth: this gnut is all natural, baa-by.
Training Difficulty: ★★★

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Proud Gnut" class="display-item">Proud Gnut</a>

Proud Gnut

Event: Pippets for Pride
Breed Characteristics: These gnuts are proud and they aren't afraid to show it! This little guy refuses to take their cape off and is always ready to give anylon a warm hug should they need one.
Training Difficulty: ★★★

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Gnut of Unusual Size" class="display-item">Gnut of Unusual Size</a>

Gnut of Unusual Size

Breed Characteristics: Most gnuts fled Bellacoste when the sky cracked. Where they went, we're unsure, but this absolutely enormous specimen was found near the ocean, listlessly staring at the waves. Maybe it's looking for it's brethren? Either way, it would seem it's yours now!
Training Difficulty: ★★★

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