<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Deep Ubra" class="display-item">Deep Ubra</a>

Deep Ubra

Breed Characteristics: Ubra are shy critters found around reefs and in the deep sea. Be prepared with a breathing spell-- these ubra are only found in the deepest ocean trenches!
Training Difficulty: ★★★
Pippet concept by Tessary. This pippet has been discontinued and will not be released again.

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Puppea" class="display-item">Puppea</a>


Breed Characteristics: Outgoing, playful, and very friendly, Puppea will bite off more than they can chew most of the time, but their eager enthusiasm usually allows them to be let off easily. Can be a little naughty under the right circumstances.
Training Difficulty: ★☆☆

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Teggre" class="display-item">Teggre</a>


Breed Characteristics: This breed of pippet is rather rambunctious and destructive- it takes a very dedicated trainer to earn their respect. Not recommended as a first-time pippet.
Training Difficulty: ★★★

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Yellow Ubra" class="display-item">Yellow Ubra</a>

Yellow Ubra

Breed Characteristics: Ubra are shy critters found around reefs and in the deep sea. The yellow variety is the most common-- but still hard to find!
Training Difficulty: ★★☆
Pippet concept by Tessary. This pippet has been discontinued and will not be released again.

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Hermyte" class="display-item">Hermyte</a>


Breed Characteristics: Hermyte are soft-bodied mollusks that can be found on the beach and in the shallows. They come in a range of colors and markings, and racing them is a Bellacoste summer tradition!
Training Difficulty: ★☆☆
Pippet concept by Tessary. This pippet has been discontinued and will not be released again.

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Luckolotl" class="display-item">Luckolotl</a>


Breed Characteristics: This amphibious friend floats in ponds and puddles, staring at nothing in particular.
Training Difficulty: ★☆☆
Pippet concept by Tessary.

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Kiweet" class="display-item">Kiweet</a>


Breed Characteristics: Pleasant and mild-mannered, if a little absent-minded. They seem to hide a latent intelligence behind sitting around and chirping idlely to themselves.
Training Difficulty: ★☆☆

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Tomatiff" class="display-item">Tomatiff</a>


Breed Characteristics: Charismatic, outgoing, and very rowdy. Tomatiff like to make their own good times. Very easily motivated by food, and thus not too difficult to train, as long as you can keep their attention.
Training Difficulty: ★★☆

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Blue Ubra" class="display-item">Blue Ubra</a>

Blue Ubra

Breed Characteristics: Ubra are shy critters found around reefs and in the deep sea. The blue ubra is notorious for its excellent camouflauge!
Training Difficulty: ★★☆
Pippet concept by Tessary. This pippet has been discontinued and will not be released again.

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Asteryu" class="display-item">Asteryu</a>


Breed Characteristics: A generous and kind-hearted breed of pippet. Asteryu have a habit of accumulating collections of small treasures, pieces of which they give away to their friends.
Training Difficulty: ★☆☆

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Nanaconda" class="display-item">Nanaconda</a>


Breed Characteristics: Playful and mischievous, this pippet has a pretty good sense of humor. They love jokes and pranks, but they mean well!
Training Difficulty: ★★☆
Pippet concept by TytoArts!

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Pitagon" class="display-item">Pitagon</a>


Breed Characteristics: A breed notorious for being permanently in a teething state. They can and will chew through almost anything, and when confronted will take their victim and run. It is not uncommon as an unconventional display of affection for a Pitagon close to its owner to gently bite onto them and refuse to let go.
Training Difficulty: ★★☆

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Haloe" class="display-item">Haloe</a>


Breed Characteristics: Skittish and shy, Haloe will curl into a bumpy ball if they're startled- and roll quickly away if they're really scared. They're quiet, gentle, introspective souls that enjoy nature and good company.
Training Difficulty: ★★☆

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Maripole" class="display-item">Maripole</a>


Breed Characteristics: Maripoles are so carefree and relaxed, they tend to float around and watch life go by. For this reason, it can be hard to hold their attention long enough to train them. This pippet is most comfortable in the water but can bounce around on land too.
Training Difficulty: ★★★

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Ichigato" class="display-item">Ichigato</a>


Breed Characteristics: Playful and bright, but very mischeivous, Ichigato as a breed are well known for their independant mindset. While many pouflons consider them aloof and detached, they are actually very emotionally complex and bind like glue to an understanding owner.
Training Difficulty: ★★★

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Snock" class="display-item">Snock</a>


Breed Characteristics: Very bland in its outward appearance, the Snock's true colors come out with gentle pooves! 
Training Difficulty: ★★☆
Pippet concept by Neat-Cat.
<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Sunsine" class="display-item">Sunsine</a>


Breed Characteristics: Sunsine are difficult to train, mostly because it's hard to get them to stop lying around in every warm, sunny patch that they find! When you can get their attention (hint: food), though, they'll do anything you ask.  They're very quiet, and you can usually find them hiding out in the patches of flowers in Bellacoste's extensive meadows.
Training Difficulty: ★★☆
Pippet concept by Ellusively.

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Appowl" class="display-item">Appowl</a>


Breed Characteristics: This nocturnal pippet is quite limber, and can turn its head in nearly every direction! It's quite spooky if you're not expecting it. The dark seed-like markings on its feathers look remarkably like eyes and are used to deter rivals and predators.
Training Difficulty:
Pippet concept by puppyycat.

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Cactopus" class="display-item">Cactopus</a>


Breed Characteristics: Cactopus are small round pippets with tentacles covered in prickly spines and a bright flower on the tops of their head. These pippets like to flock with others of their kind to intertwine and stack to camouflage as a full grown blooming cactus. Not a fun pippet to cuddle with, but surely a cute one to keep!
Training Difficulty: ★★☆

An example of a Cactopus Collective:

Pippet concept by Wisparia.

<a href="https://www.play.pouflons.com/world/pets?name=Gnut" class="display-item">Gnut</a>


Breed Characteristics: A perplexing breed in every way. They seem to operate on their own hidden agenda, like they're all in on some big secret. But otherwise they're harmless enough.
Training Difficulty: ★★★

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