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Skytwister Scroll

Category: Affinity Items

Artist: Sadbloom


This single-use item gives your character a specific affinity & allows you to add a trait & make visual changes to your character (listed below) After achieving the badge, hand your changed character into design approvals with this item & their masterlist will be updated with the affinity and any other changes you chose.

Air & Wind powers -  Control gusts of wind, levitation of self & others. Ability to amplify their voice. Can beckon the wind to carry whispers from the far corners of the world. Can use this power to travel the slipstreams with extreme speed while in flight.

Affinity Runic - wind instrument horns (can have holes for air to pass through musically), wind constantly cuts around your characters runic spots

Optional Shaped pupil - windy swooshes

Affinity Runic requires the application of an Affinity Aspect Spell, you cannot get affinity runic only from this scroll. If applied to a character with this affinity already it elevates it to a Greater Affinity.

Acquired from: Skytwister Box
Value: -

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