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Frostbound Scroll

Category: Affinity Items

Artist: Sadbloom


This single-use item gives your character a specific affinity & allows you to add a trait & make visual changes to your character (listed below) After achieving the badge, hand your changed character into design approvals with this item & their masterlist will be updated with the affinity and any other changes you chose.

Ice powers - character has frost on their body & their breath is always frosty no matter the temperature. Icicle growth on the body. Shedding snowflakes/flurries.

Affinity Runic - runic locations made of ice/covered in frost or fractals, frost/ice footprint

Optional Shaped pupil - snowflake

Affinity Runic requires the application of an Affinity Aspect Spell, you cannot get affinity runic only from this scroll. If applied to a character with this affinity already it elevates it to a Greater Affinity.

Acquired from: Frostbound Box
Value: -

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