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Category: MYO Tickets

Artist: rhiow

Choice Box


Awards you with a common Bloom, Geode, or Sprout MYO ticket -OR- a Foundling's Seal!  You can ONLY get this if you have not already owned a Bellacoste species before.

What's a MYO ticket?
MYO stands for "make-your-own"! Once you've decided what species you'd like to make, a Bloom, Geode or Sprout MYO ticket will allow you to create a character all of your own!

What's a Foundling's Seal?
A Foundling's Seal is a special currency that will allow you to adopt a single ready-made design from [ Fluorspar Foundlings ]. This option is here for those who are unable to or would prefer not to design a character of their own.

WAIT! Before you choose the Foundling's Seal, check [ Fluorspar Foundlings ] to make sure there's a character available that you would like to adopt! Once you've made this choice, it's irreversible and you will not be able to obtain the FTO Box again.

This item can not be traded or sold to other players.

Acquired from: MYO Shop
Value: 0c


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