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Royal Capricorn Potion

Category: Potions & Amulets

Artist: Sadbloom

Resale Value: 50 Coins


This potion gives your character royal capricorn traits.  The royal capri potion gives 1 primary and 1 secondary trait!

If you combine a capricorn and royal potion to get a royal capri potion then you'll get 2 primary and 2 secondary traits.

Primary - Royal Capricorn Fins, Royal Capricorn Wings, Royal Capricorn Tail
Secondary - Royal Bioluminescense, Royal Capricorn Spines

Trait(s) Applied: As linked above.
Acquired from:
Selstice Shop (July) / Cash Shop (July) / Legend Shop (Rotating)
Value: 50c / $45


Purchaseable At: