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Flamedancer Scroll

Category: Affinity Items


This single-use item gives your character a specific affinity & allows you to add a trait & make visual changes to your character (listed below) After achieving the badge, hand your changed character into design approvals with this item & their masterlist will be updated with the affinity and any other changes you chose.

Fire powers -  shed embers, parts of them can be on fire. Smoke trails, wisps of flame around their body. Rifts in the body show the inner flame under the surface. Fire breathing, smoke breathing is also possible.

Affinity Runic - horns alight in flame constantly, Burning footprints. Take on the appearance of smoldering embers.

Optional Shaped pupil - flame

Affinity Runic requires the application of an Affinity Aspect Spell, you cannot get affinity runic only from this scroll. If applied to a character with this affinity already it elevates it to a Greater Affinity.

Acquired from: Flamedancer Box
Value: -