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25 May 2021 (1 year ago)
> eng & 한국어 ok!
name. ——— min / ryouta
age. ——— 23
pronouns. ——— they / it
timezone. ——— pst (gmt-8)

hi there! my name's min or ryouta. i'm a freelance artist & coder who likes to poke around various arpgs and collect pretty designs. nice to meet you!

i am generally available for art and/or coding comms; feel free to inquire if interested!

coding by myself; feel free to ask to use!
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Stripped Style Tags: border-radius; box-shadow; opacity; background-size;

if you are looking for my previous simple lorekeeper profile code that's free to use, you can find it in the gallery with some instructions here!

i update the quick reference column as i find more stripped tags and whatnot. let me know if you find a certain tag that gets stripped and i can add it!

i do lorekeeper and general coding work. if you're looking for installation and/or layout work, feel free to refer to my carrd!

portrait by witnyess, chibi by ducclord

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wulfwata Avatar

I LOVE UR PROFILE OMG !!!!! id love to use it if u would be happy to let me!!!!! ^__^

2021-08-13 11:35:38

wyrmbloods Avatar

WAH so sorry for the late reply, i keep forgetting to check my notifs on this site x__x if you're still interested, you can grab the raw code here!

2021-09-12 16:09:52

wulfwata Avatar

ITS NO PROBLEM !! i also dont check super frequently hehe ^__^ THANK U SO MUCH !!! u did such an epic job with it

2021-09-12 17:18:10

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