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23 September 2020 (1 year ago)
04 Jul

rodoescope#2515 @ discord
Hi there! Feel free to call me ro and/or fyre- I go by either depending on the site!
I might be quiet at first, but I'm never afraid to meet new folks- so don't hesitate to say hello!

I love plotting and developing my characters, so I'm always open for messages or DMs for that! I might be a little slow, but I'll reply! ^^

Items to Collect

Just a hub for things I need to collect for current edits or future MYOs!

Thorne MYO - 40c Needed
Bloom Ticket (30c)
x1 Uncommon Trait (8c) - Spring Ears
x1 Enchanted Trait (25c) - Rampant Tail
x1 Little Legend Potion (20c) - Dragon Scales
x1 Little Legend Potion (20c) - Metallic Runic
x1 Unic Potion (50c) - Unicorn Horn + Shimmer Runic
x1 Vial/Glass Body Potion - Just in case it's needed for the prosthetic

Corbin Edits - 90c Needed
x1 Design Edit Spell (10c)
x1 Enchanted Trait (25c) - Split Runic + Sickle Horns
x1 Rare Trait (15c) - Dino Tail
x1 Little Legend Potion (20c) - Underbelly Scales
x1 Little Legend Potion (20c) - Back Ridges

116 Coins
2 Noble Coins
1 Gambit Token
2 Golden Rhyo
0 Crown Coins
Shed Horn Scroll
Enchanted Trait Spell
Royal Potion
Cool Sunglasses

Characters / NPC

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