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29 August 2022 (1 month ago)
22 Sep

Hi! Welcome!

Nothing much to say right now! I'm super new, so bare with me if I do anything silly! I'm just here to have fun~ I work a full time job, so this is just a hobby of mine! I do draw, however I have more time to write then I do anything else, so you'll mostly see more written submissions from me then anything else! <3

If you need to get a hold of me for anything, send me a note here or contact me via Discord through the server! (I'm TheLittleMoose over there!)

My first pouflon is actually a Vesp! Go check out Gwen! You're free to gift art or write her, just make sure you take a look at her profile so you can see her description! And maybe read a few things of what I've written to get an idea of how she'd act. c: I'll try to giftart/ giftwrite back whenever something is given!

15 Coins
4 Noble Coins
4 Gambit Token
0 Golden Rhyo
3 Crown Coins
Rare Trait Spell
Uncommon Trait Spell
Little Legend Potion
Will-O-Wisp Spell

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lawlie Avatar
lawlie Staff Member

cactopus...... coinage? Or is there another pippet in the shop rn you want?

2022-09-07 15:55:35

ddyyuu Avatar

I'll hit'cha up on discord! At work currently and it's way easier for me to talk there during the week! ^-^

2022-09-08 13:08:40

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