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15 December 2020 (10 months ago)

♡ Alissa | 19 | She/her ♡

Hello!! I'm Alissa or Liss, I've been in this community since 2018 and love it to bits!

I'd love to develop pouflon relations and make friends with all the wonderful people here so please feel free to dm me on discord (I am alissa#3353 !) if you'd like to chat!! 

Aside from pouflons, I am a university student and I love to read, swim and ice skate! 

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Felyneis Avatar

>:3c teef poufs are best poufs i dont make the rules sorry

2021-07-20 08:49:42

Puppyycat Avatar
Puppyycat Staff Member

ur right and u should say it!! fangz for life

2021-07-20 08:51:11

lawlie Avatar
lawlie Staff Member

steals melody

2021-07-15 19:52:05

Puppyycat Avatar
Puppyycat Staff Member

WAA!! steals tulipa in revenge

2021-07-15 21:41:03

thorizon Avatar

naurbody naurbody naurbody naorbdusynaurbody naoboedy <3

2021-06-28 11:29:03

Cas Avatar

cool beans

2021-05-15 13:33:57

woodes Avatar

i think this person is really NOT neat. absolutely SUS

2021-02-13 03:37:33

Puppyycat Avatar
Puppyycat Staff Member

how RUDE !!! I am running away and taking rán with me

2021-02-13 03:51:24

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