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28 August 2021 (9 months ago)
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*Elite (aka idk what I would accept for these really rare or OOAK items)
Leafy Shifter Stone

These items are always up for trade/offers in exchange for items off my wishlist or whatever you have to offer! (or premade poufs-- would of course also offer art in addition for these) Not looking for art.

You're one wholesome noodle♪

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Hi there, I'm Pie! I've decided to return to poufs after a longtime away, and it's GREAT to experience something new! If you want a friend for your pouf to doodle in prompts, Kodi's highly recommended! Chat with me on the Pouf discord about poufs (I'm Pietastic on there), and I might include your pouf/vesp/suki in my prompt doodles!! I really love wolves, so don't be surprised if that influences some of my character designs here...

What if there were those that weren't of this world?

111 Coins
0 Noble Coins
13 Gambit Token
3 Golden Rhyo
3 Crown Coins
Loupine Carrier
Growth Potion
Geode Ticket
Pouflon Ticket

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It's baby time!

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