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After filtering through the library section and turning up nothing, the two took a break at the Literature aisle. Aiza idly thumbed through the shelves while Remiel's eyes glazed over the intersection, trying to remember which way he took through the library earlier. It was here that he noticed two familiar lons in the astronomy section. One was teal and mint like, while the other, a dandelion. 

“Xertia and Faron!...” He voiced.

“Students of yours?” Aiza returned, shelving an ancient book.

“My most prodigal students”


"Yes. They are the star students in the class." Remiel gave a cautious smile. "Sometimes they outrun me in topics, but they keep me on my toes as a professor. I really appreciate them in that way."

He dug into his scarf. "T-They're… A little picky with my subjects. But that's why I want to find the research papers. It's brand new studies on the Andras constellation. I stayed up all night to complete it..." He smiled shyly. "I hope they'll find it interesting."

"Wow. That's great! I'm sure they'll appreciate it!" Aiza grinned warmly. “Actually.. You did mention running into them earlier right? Maybe we should ask them if they’ve seen anything?”

Remiel flinched. He wanted to say not to bother them, but the orange pouf was already beelining towards the two.

He ran after Aiza, catching up with her in time to approach the two first. His prodigal students wore matching white and blue capes, and had the complexion of mean girls. They both had book bags chock full of papers on either side. As they neared, the mint-green one adjusted her glasses. 

"Professor Remy." She smirked. "Don't you have curriculum adjustments to do?"

"Oh… Xertia, hello. I was going to get to that later…" Remiel sunk into his scarf. 

"Didn't we tell you earlier in the hallway that you should change it asap?” The other stomped his poove, voice rather harsh. “Ugh! I can already tell 10:30's class is going to be bo-oring!" 

Remiel shrunk even further into his scarf, now having the appearance of a tortoise. His voice became even more timid and quiet, "I-it isn't that easy. Forgive me, Faron. I'll get to it once I find my research papers."

Remiel felt the air become tense as the orange pouf watched the other two loom over him. Aiza spoke, her voice a serious tone, "We're trying to find them. Have you seen any papers lying around?"

"No. But it's pointless. Forget it, Remy." Xertia asserted, with utmost rudeness.

Don't call me that.. Remiel wanted to say, but he didn’t.

"Why should he forget it?" Aiza asked, eyebrows raised. 

"It's bo-oooring. We've already read i--" Faron yawned, before yelping at an elbow jab from Xertia.

"Ow! I meant to say it's probably boring, knowing Remy. We wouldn't know."

"It's interesting, I promise. It's about the Andras constellation." Remiel said.

Xertia shook her head and adjusted her glasses condescendingly. 

"Oh Remy, when will you ever learn… We already know about the Andras constellation, AND all the surrounding ones."


Remiel shoved his face further into his scarf. Did they really already know about those constellations? The Andras one was very fresh! That meant all that time he spent trying to study and bring them new knowledge… It was all for nothing! Again, they had outpaced him. He felt small and embarrassed at the ordeal, as if he had reverted to a freshman himself.

"Ugh, If your class wasn't mandatory, I'd have quit it long ago." Xertia said, distastefully. "It's such a waste of time. At least make it a little interesting."

"Yeah! If you can't, then quit!", Faron jeered. Xertia agreed to that, and the two sneered and laughed at Remiel, hovering over him as if he was a newbie at the school. 

The professor's mouth trembled, lowering down. He wanted so badly to reject their desires, and say, 'But there are other students in the class too!'. But he kept quiet, biting his lip. He didn't want to cause them trouble. They were pushy and awful, and pressured him multiple times into changing class curriculum... But they were still his students, and he had a sense of duty to try and keep them happy. Again he will abide by their rules, even if it pained him. They were his brightest, and the school expected him to support them. 

If he can't provide for them… He further shrunk into his neck garb, chest pained and eyes watering as he thought, ... 'then maybe I should quit.'


"That's no way to talk to your professor!" 

Remiel looked up. Aiza had stepped towards them and was fierce-looking.  

"And who are you?" Xertia scowled. 

"She doesn't even go here!" Faron remarked, noticing her corrupted scar. "It's that apprentice of the Black Mage!"

Remiel grabbed Aiza's shoulder. "Don't.", He whispered. 

But the pouf, with a sharp glint in her eyes replied, "They're no star students. They're bullies!" 

She pointed at them menacingly. "And you both took his research papers!"

Faron and Xertia giggled with utmost pretension. "That's a serious assumption. We didn't do anything."

"We're just giving our dear professor some suggestions is all."

"Give them back." Aiza demanded, stepping more forward, teeth grit. "And leave Professor Remiel alone."

"Or what? You'll beat us up with your ruffian mage magic? Us? The two top students of Asterfall, with 3 honor titles?" Faron teased, his plant magic beginning to form under his pooves.

"Oh Faron look, how scary, a corrupted pouf. Maybe we should heal her to death." Xertia chided. The two laughed again.

Aiza growled and launched herself at the two. 

Remiel himself could barely tell what transpired in the next few seconds. One thing for sure though, he's never seen a pouflon get wiped so hard. After Aiza launched herself at them, glowing with what he assumed was her magic, she smacked right into them, causing their book bags to explode in a shower of papers. Then, in a green blur, she got thrown around with Faron's plants and through multiple bookshelves. She got up from under one of them, but was met with Xertia's storm magic. A dark pink, cloudy whirlwind kicked up books and gave a thunderous boom as it consumed Aiza. A flash of lightning exploded within the cloud, and then it spat out a shrivelled mess of a pouf.

It was over so fast. Remiel worriedly rushed over to the fried pouflon. Her eyes were white, and she smelt of burnt grass. 

"Shame… I expected more, for someone under the Black Mage." Xertia sighed disappointingly, rubbing her glasses. She motioned Faron towards the door, and the papers all around her glowed pink as they shuffled back into her bag with ease. 

“Let’s go. Or we’ll be late for the lamest class in the universe.” 

She smirked, shooting a glare at Remiel.

Faron gave a ‘hmph!’ and followed after Xertia. Then, they were gone.

Remiel was going to ask if Aiza was okay, but to his surprise, the blackened pouf began to chuckle, coughing out puffs of smoke.

“Gack.. Haha...I got it!”

“What are you talking about?”

Aiza raised her head and presented Remiel his research papers. They were in pristine condition, save for a bit of char on the edges.

“My Andras constellation research!” He grabbed it, hugging it closely. “But how?”

“It was in their book bags. They stole it from ya earlier somehow. Their mistake of saying they read it… Probably because they wanted to see what you’d do for class.”

The pouf coughed out smoke. “I just gave them a friendly bump and nabbed ‘em.”

Remiel recalled to when Aiza bumped into him in the hallway. She must have collected the papers quickly in the same manner-- disorienting Xertia and moving fast. But he looked at her singed frame-- She didn’t leave without a scratch however… And that made him feel guilty for dragging her into this. Maybe if he wasn’t their teacher, he wouldn’t have gotten into this situation...

“I-I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have involved you like that.”

He sighed, shamefully hiding away his research. “If there’s anything I can do for you…”

“Don’t quit.”

Aiza was sprawled out, and she weakly raised her head. But even at that pose, he could see her blazing eyes.


“They said you should quit, but you should ignore ‘em.” 

He could see a bit of pain as she moved a little, trying to get up. “I could tell ya really like Astronomy-- I don’t think you should stop jus’ because they read some dumb’o book somewhere.”


Remiel looked down, head back in his scarf.

“We should get you to the infirmary. I’ll get your mentor.” He said, helping Aiza up.

“Nah, she’s busy... Hey..” The pouf looked at Remiel, grinning.

“Next time I’m here.. Maybe I could learn a bit about Astronomy? I coulda used some prediction to avoid that lightning cloud.”

Remiel sighed in relief, a soft smile curling. “Of course.”


“Ugh, did you hear what happened in the library?”

“Yes-- The Black Mage’s apprentice attacked the top students Xertia and Faron! Good thing they fought in self-defense… I hear they sent her to the nurse! Serves the ruffian mage right.”

“But of course! Asterfall’s best will always triumph over lesser, wild magic!”

The two teachers in the lounge chuckled haughtily, both extremely pleased.

Remiel sighed, rolling his eyes. He opened his locker whilst one eye was on the clock. It was ten twenty-five. 5 minutes to class. He paused, his research papers halfway into the wall. 

Don’t quit. 

He remembered Aiza saying, with that charred grin of hers. His mind went to the condescending faces of Xertia and Faron, and he sunk into his scarf. The charred papers trembled right in front of the locker. He steeled himself, taking a long breath, and closed the locker, clinging the research papers close to his heart. 

Remiel recounted all the happy memories of his other students, their happy, attentive faces replacing the snarky faces of his brightest stars.

He took a deep breath and walked out into the icy hallways of Asterfall, heading towards his class. His head rose above his scarf as he boldly made his way there, smiling warmly, his papers dug deep into his chest. Though it was a chilly day, he felt sunny, and he was more excited than ever to share his findings.

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