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"Did you hear? The Black Mage is in town again." 

One teacher whispered loudly to another, both dressed in blue and white uniforms, the thick cloth draping around their ankles. 

Remiel's ears perked up on the opposite side of the teacher's lounge. 

"How suspicious… I hope there won't be another incident."

"Heavens hope not. We do not need to fix another tower…" The teacher shook their head. "By the by…  I hear she took an apprentice under her wing now. A sickened pouflon tainted by corruption!"

"Great Arcana! Sounds like nothing but trouble. Tsk!"

The two ruffled under their robes disapprovingly.

"Anylon not learning under the academics of the school is bound to be ruffian mages."

"Especially one cursed by that demonic rift."

The clock struck nine, and a melodic tune coursed through the room. The teachers said their brief goodbyes and parted towards their classrooms. Remiel paid them no attention, and continued to rummage through his locker, trying to find the constellation research papers he misplaced.  His thoughts wandered to the convo he heard, though. 

He had met the Black Mage exactly once, where she helped him research a comet. He had no real opinion of her really, she was professional and quiet, maybe a little too cold. He was lucky in the fact that nothing exploded. Anytime the Black Mage came to share and take knowledge, an explosion followed, usually in the potions lab. The teachers found it troublesome,  however, much to their distress, the Asterfall board of directors kept inviting her regardless due to the vital magic anomaly research she shared. As for the apprentice, he knew very little of them. He wondered if they were just as rowdy as the Black Mage herself… 

The professor closed his locker after some struggle and sighed heavily-- He couldn't find his research papers on the Andras constellation. He left the teacher's lounge, into the frosty, stony cloister corridors of the school, making his way towards the library. The pouf buried his head into his scarf, a puff of steam tailing him as he went. He had to find the papers. After all, he promised his two star students he'd present them something new and exciting. The Andras constellation was just that-- A new group of stars that appeared near the rift. The two, Faron and Xertia, had been vocal about his class topics, and Remiel took his job seriously; he couldn't forgive himself if his classes were boring. His eyes scanned the hallway for any morsels of his research. Perhaps he dropped it while walking?

 Distracted by his search, Remiel walked right  into a peculiar stranger. He dropped the book he was carrying, and several note papers confetti'd out. "Oh! S-sorry!", Remiel quickly said, backing off for space and frantically picking up the papers.

"Woah! It's alright." The perky voice replied, and the orange pouflon went about, snatching up the note papers and book in a frightening speed. He didn’t even see her collect them. She politely gave back his items, and Remiel's eyes looked up to see a gaping, gnarly red and black scar in the pouflon's chest.

"Y-you're…!" He stammered. "The Black Mage's apprentice!" 

For some reason, Remiel thought she would have looked more like her mentor. Dark colored, almost raven like, with a night beast's eyes and a scowl. But, standing before him was a cheery looking pouf with bed hair, short nub horns and excitable purple eyes. She looked like an adventurer. The only ominous thing on her was the nasty black scar that ran across her chest.

"Oh! You mean Seren. Yeah. I'm Aiza, her assistant!" She extended her poove out.

"I'm Professor Remiel… Er-" The professor took back his book and distanced himself from the pouf's foreboding scar. 

Aiza kept a weary smile, as if this was the tenth time someone declined a poove shake. "Nice to meetcha. You looking for something?"

"N-Nothing important… Really, it's fine..." "Seems important enough if you're bumping into lons. I can help if ya like! I'm good at finding things." She grinned a very sincere grin. 

Remiel shrunk into his scarf. She seemed nice, and more warm-welcoming than most in the school… He weighed his options. Spend another eternity looking for the research and waste time he could use for grading papers… Orr enlist the help of a corrupted pouf whose mentor was an explosive eccentric. He looked at the sundial clock in the atrium. It was nearly nine-thirty-- He had class at ten-thirty. He really needed his papers to present to the students, otherwise he'd disappoint them!...

"O-ok." He shyly nodded, mind made up. "I lost my research papers. They're bundled up, about this thick…" He motioned with his poove against the floor. " I was holding them in my bag and walking from the library to the observatory."

"Do you remember any other details?" Aiza asked, already snooping around the hallway and towards the library doors down the hall. 

"Hm…" Remiel thought, "I did run into a few students along the way. Alexa chatted with me briefly. And then after her was Faron and Xertia--" He paused, as if remembering something. He shrunk into his scarf. That's right, he ran into his two best students-- His brightest stars. They were chatty as usual, and he was happy to listen to them... "N-Nothing else really happened..." 

Aiza took notice of his nervousness and pointed to the library. "How about we go there? I'm sure we'll find more clues retracing your steps."

Remiel agreed, and they both trotted towards the gigantic library doors. He kept his distance from the pouf, cautiously glancing at the strange red and black particles that dusted from her chest. 

After stopping here and there to inspect bushes and corners of the frosty corridor, they reached the warmth of the library. It was a welcome sight after feeling the arctic mountain chills from the mouth of the atrium. Islands of candles floated in the air, and the two looked like ants in the grand ballroom of books. They waved to the librarian as they made their way in, and Remiel walked ahead to recount his steps.

Once they were deep into the trenches of the library, Aiza began to glow yellow and white and began to turn over all the tables they passed by. Pens and stray papers clattered onto the ground. Remiel thought this was superfluous, and he whispered worriedly at the pouf. “H-hey.. Please don’t do that.”

“What if the papers are underneath? This is faster.” Aiza shrugged, continuing her barbaric flip of tables. Remiel had never seen a mage pouf lift things using their pooves, but putting his confusion aside, he followed after the strange one, rearranging the tables back to their normal place, his clementine colored magic coating them as they neatly fixed themselves. “Kneeling down is not so hard..” He tried to convince her, but the pouf continued onwards, turning almost every table over. He sighed a little frustratingly, but in the politest way. 

Out of nowhere, the pouf asked, “So what’s it like being a teacher here?”

Remiel was surprised at the ask, and he thought a bit as he rearranged a table to perfect alignment. “I love it.”, He quietly said, smiling cautiously. 

“Really? I thought Asterfall had pretty pretentious students and teachers, that’s what Seren told me.” Aiza mused, removing an ink bottle on a table before topsiding it.

“S-some students can be a bit… much.” Remiel admitted, “But I love teaching, and there’s many talented lons here I could learn from.”

“Huh… But you could learn anywhere in the world.” 

“True, I suppose… But some true prodigies come here most of the time.”

“Yeah.. I bet.” Aiza replied, and for a second, Remiel could sense contempt in her voice. Her red scar flickered, and he felt himself instinctively back up. But Aiza swivelled around with a grin, shaking off whatever bothered her. “So, what do you teach?”

 “P-Potion-Brewing, Alchemy….” The professor said hushedly, and then with sparkles in his eyes, ”But my favorite is Astronomy.”

“Oh! Like, making comets and meteors outta thin air?!”


“Wait. YOU CAN MAKE STARS?!” She dropped the table she was lifting.

Aiza stared at him, star-struck, imagining the possibilities. She looked so engrossed that Remiel almost didn’t want to break it to her. “N-not quite…” He smiled politely, passion filling his voice as he explained, “It’s more about observing the stars and reading their meanings. Predictions. Both in weather and future. Finding truths about the past, the present, and the future.” 

Aiza was drained of enthusiasm immediately. Remiel almost felt sorry for her.

“That… sounds boring.”, She breathed. “I mean, it’d be so much cooler to shoot stars. Literally!”

“Y-you’re thinking of light or lightning magic.” 

Aiza raised a poof in objection, but she regrettably agreed. Despite her clear distaste in the nature of astronomy, she gave Remiel a very warm smile, as if she had sensed his enthusiasm for the subject. 

“Your students are so lucky to have a professor who likes such a boring thing!” 

Remiel almost felt a nerve pop-- He was a bit offended as an astro-lover. But... He looked at the chairs in the library and recalled his fondest memories-- his students sitting happily and listening to his explanations about the cosmos. They all shined like stars, and that was enough to return a fuzzy feeling into his chest. 

“Yes… I suppose they are.”


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