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Aiza waltzed triumphantly into the reading room, waving the black pipe at Seren. The vespire was resting against a giant comfy maroon chair, her feet sleeping next to an active fireplace. Seren's tired eyes gazed up, her head unmoving.
"I found it!" Aiza spoke, proudly displaying the pipe in front of the tall mentor.
With one look, the vespire grumbled. "That's not it."
Aiza stared at Seren with the look of a lost dog, eyes ping ponging between the pipe and the vespire. "Wuh-- What do ya mean!?"
"I said to find my favorite pipe, not just any pipe."
The bloom groaned. Oh. That's right. Seren did have a favorite: a brown lacquered pipe with gold trimmings. It was made of wanderoot, a rare type of wood that aided in magic channeling. The old lady told her it was a pipe she used to help master her magic. Though it's useless to her now, she often carried it around, including times when she wrote letters in the study. Aiza felt her title of "best detective in the world" peel off her brain.
If the pipe wasn't in the study, then where could it be? There were too many rooms to investigate before dinner, and she could see Seren was already done with organizing. It won't be long before the vespire trailed off to the kitchen.
The bloom's tummy rumbled. Seren rose, giving a big shrug. "Too bad I suppose. I encourage you to keep looking. Though your supper might get cold…"
Aiza shuddered at the thought. There was nothing more she hated than cold soup! She wracked her brain. Think…!
The bloom summoned the clues to her mind palace. The study. The ink splotches… Seren moving… Wait...
"I know where it is!" Aiza exclaimed, her hoof pointing directly at Seren.
"It's under your cape! You have it!"
The mountainous mentor towered over her, eyebrow raised. "Are you certain?" She said, lowly.
Aiza gulped, confidence beginning to shrink as the black vespire stared her down, gold eyes challenging her.
"I… I think so!" The bloom said, a little doubtfully, but she stood her ground.
Her mentor held her stern gaze for a little too long. Then she leaned back, giving a smirk. "Clever girl."
She pulled her favorite pipe out from under her cape and twirled it in her mouth. Aiza fell over in relief. Warm soup ensured!...
Her mentor said thoughtfully, "So how did you figure it out?"
"I noticed you had ink on your elbows… You were in the study, and knocked it over like you always do! And anytime that happens… You would put your pipe into your cape and hurry to this room where you wipe it off, and stay here to organize letters." The bloom recounted, realizing something.
"Gee, why do you always do that?"
"I have a water rune in here I'd rather not use around the books." Seren explained.
Then, Aiza gave a frustrated look. "Waaait! Why did you tell me to find your pipe when you had it all along?!"
Seren relaxed back into her chair. She puffed a long golden smoke trail as she spoke, "As an investigator, you will meet many who will lie or remember things wrong." Another puff. "The most important thing as a detective is to trust the facts and evidence. Despite what anyone else says."
The bloom thought that was pretty profound and wise. Her eyes glittered in a bit of awe at the small lesson, and she silently tucked the quote into her memory. Then her child brain remembered the trouble of getting the wrong pipe. "You coulda just told me that!" Aiza huffed.
Seren chuckled amusingly, "That wouldn't have been as fun."
It was trouble, but even Aiza had to admit it was fun to explore the study a little.
"If you keep this up, maybe you'll become an okay detective some day." Seren mused. The bloom eagerly smiled.
"Though magical mysteries are the utmost dangerous and difficult to solve. I wonder if you'll survive." Seren gave a dangerous smile back, surveying the bloom, as if sizing her up to invisible expectations. Aiza gulped.
She had a dreadful yet exciting sense that the pipe was the easiest case she'll have… probably ever.
"I'll s-s-survive!" Aiza blurted nervously. Her stomach growled, which prompted Seren to rise. The vespire chuckled. "You will tonight. Consider dinner your first reward on your journey to become a mage detective. Let's go."
The two headed to the kitchen, passing into the wooden galaxy of a corridor. As they walked, Aiza began to daydream. Again, she got excited about the future adventures. What magical investigations will she encounter?, she wondered. And would some lons hide the truths of these mysteries? Her heart raced at the idea of uncovering them.

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