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A soft golden glow welcomed her when she entered the cavernous room. It came from a high hanging, ornate chandelier. Behind it, an aged mural of the continents of the world curved against the domed ceiling. A large dark oak desk rested at the center of the room, framed by a city of books that clothed the walls.
"Wooow." Aiza mouthed, walking towards the busy desk. This room never failed to awe her every time she entered. It was a favorite of hers, and why she remembered the particular green door. This was where she would find Seren sitting at the desk, twirling her pipe in her mouth, writing letters and journals til dark, and past her bedtime. Sometimes she would come in and bother the vespire, only to be shooed away to a corner of the room, where she would find a weird book or two about elemental anomalies in the world. Then she would spend her limited attention span book hopping from one out of print book to another, learning random strange facts, before falling asleep, and waking up back at her own room.
She loved this sea of mysterious books. One time, she even found one with a paper talisman and Seren ripped the book out of her hand, hiding it somewhere else. Apparently taking the paper seal off meant very bad news. The bloom couldn't find the book ever since, and always looked for it.
Aiza peeked over the desk, eyes scanning over the plains of paper and pens. Seren normally placed her pipe down near her quill pen…
She looked. Nothing was there but ink splotches. The vespire often knocked the ink bottle over often with her elbow. A curse would follow, and then she'd huff a cloud of annoyance from her pipe. She'd tuck the pipe into her cape, and then move to the reading room Aiza came from, where she'd wipe the ink off and get back to organizing her letters.
It happened a bit too much, Aiza thought. Adults sure were clumsy. As she had that in mind, she almost tripped while gazing over the desk.
Ack! The clumsiness was contagious! Suddenly, her eyes met a black lacquered pipe on the floor, under the desk. This must be it! Perhaps Seren had bumped it off the table. She gave a pleased grin as she lifted the fancy pipe from the floor. Her ticket to dinner now secure, the bloom danced off towards the door, feeling like the world's best detective. She curiously inspected for forbidden books right before she left of course. Despite not finding any, she was immensely chuffed, twirling the pipe victoriously in her mouth, and skipping out of the green door.

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