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"Make me a detective!", A young Aiza demanded. She looked straight up at the golden eyes of her mountainous mentor. Seren stared back down at her, her head at a height Aiza could imagine clouds circling around.
"If I could, I'd use that power to make me the queen of the world." The mentor grumbled. She was hunched over a table, organizing a pile of documents, her elbows stained with ink. The pipe she usually twirled in her mouth was missing.
"But you can make yourself a detective."
"How???" Aiza's eyes sparkled.
"Boring!" The bloom stuck her tongue out.
Seren gave a dry, dangerous smirk. "Did you think it would be that easy? Didn't you follow me to learn mysteries? If you think this will be boring, then I'll drop you off here, in the middle of a forest."
Aiza didn't hesitate to object. "No way!!!"
Seren sighed, lowkey disappointed that she would have to keep this enthusiastic one. What a bother... "Shame. Well then, I'll teach you the first lesson of being an investigator."
The vespire swiveled around and pointed to her mouth. Gold smoke seeped at the fringes. “See if you can find my favorite pipe. I must have left it around somewhere.”
“Roger that!” The bloom turned to hop off.
“Oh, one more thing.” Seren said, with a stern stare, figuring that the bloom could use some motivation. “If you can’t find it, then you will get nothing for dinner.”
“Whaaa-! How mean!” Aiza exclaimed. “How is that going to help me be a good detective?!”
“That’s life itself. Do a good job and you’ll be rewarded.” Seren raised a claw nonchalantly, and returned to her organizing.
The bloom wanted to retort, but she didn’t know anything about adults and life itself. Seren on the other hand, had lived almost for a hundred years, or so, from what Aiza guessed. Her only life experience thus far was moving from an orphanage to Goldfair, and now, this carriage. Knowing she had limited knowledge, Aiza gave a response she thought fit best: Sticking her tongue out at Seren. And she kept her tongue stuck until she backed away into the hallway, out of sight.


Aiza’s tiny stomach growled right as she stepped into the hallway. She rapidly zoomed down the corridor with the determination of a shark. She was going to find this pipe, no matter what! As the bloom galloped down the chocolate hallway, she passed by delicate picture frames of landscapes and historical looking lons and vesps. An ambient sound of wood shifting surrounded her, and the hallway breathed like a giant diaphragm. The corridor was high and vertical. Doors, of closed or open fashion, idly floated over the walls, massaging over the breathing wood. There were dozens of them, and Aiza struggled to look at them one by one.
She realized she was lost.
This place was an elaborate construct inside of Seren’s magical carriage, lovingly created by a master carpenter who knew how to use spatial magic. A whole mansion's worth of rooms floated around in the corridor that served as the gateway, accessible from the main room visitors would first see upon entering the carriage.
Seren had asked the carpenter to make the rooms shift around to avoid thieves making off with historical valuables or dangerous magical artifacts. Annoyingly, that also meant that any visitor or new apprentice could get lost and turn up as a skeleton in some neglected room.
Aiza almost had that fate at least twice before the vespire had found her, cowering in rooms full of dusty books.
But the bloom had gotten a little used to the maze, and learned to recognize the doors for what they were. She knew the red one was the kitchen, the purple: her room, and the green: the study…
And that was about it. Figures!
Though, if the pipe was anywhere, the study was the best clue she knew. There were many times she'd seen the giant vespire sit in there, twirling the pipe while reading an elderly book.
The bloom's eyes hopped from one patterned door to the next. Maroon, White… Yellow… But she was in luck this time in the corridor. Up high, her eyes caught the green door floating lazily in the wooden galaxy.
Aiza grinned. The pipe had to be in the study of course! She thought, totally ignoring the relief of not being utterly lost. The bloom quickly flapped up to the foresty door and entered it.

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