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"Are you alright?!"

Seren leapt up, ears twitching from the sudden burst of sound. She touched her ears, and heard a flurry of footsteps. Relief washed over her entire face as she watched Aiza rush towards her.

The pouf worriedly helped the vespire up.

"I heard a loud crash and saw you fall from the top! What in blazes happened?!"

"The spirit…", The vespire coughed, eyes soft at Aiza.

"You saw it?! What did it look like?"

"White. Black eyes… I think it left."

The two gazed upwards. Pink clouds were beginning to form dawn, and the stars glimmered above them. The wind rushed through them, throwing tree branches into a scuffle.

Something yellow shot out of Seren's bag. The maizard skittered frantically around them, giving both of them a jump. It squeaked angrily at them. Aiza pointed at it and began to ask a million questions. Seren, pelted by Aiza's banter and the maizard screeching, sighed gratefully and melted into the grass.


"Thanks for everything." Wesmond gave them a bow, his gray hair flipping over. A kind smile plastered his face.

"Now he can truly rest…"

The vespire gestured towards a gilded chest on Seren's carriage. "I hope you enjoy my family's treasures. I won't be needing them now that this is over."

Aiza excitedly hopped around the chest, oogling at it. "Are you sure?! It looks worth a million crowns!"

"Trust me, Money has no value to me anymore."

Seren politely bowed back. "Thank you for your generosity. Please, let us transport you home."

"I appreciate it… but I will be fine from here" Wesmond gave a sad smile.

"Awwe, okay! I guess this is goodbye." Aiza waved, sitting on Seren's carriage as it began to levitate upwards.

The grey vespire blinked as if remembering something, and raised an arm at the two.

"Oh, one last thing. Can you tell the kind farmer down the road to be careful next week? A freak wildfire is coming, have him cut the weeds before then." Wesmond smiled. "Wouldn't want another accident."

Aiza nodded enthusiastically. "Sure!"

"Farewell. Take care." Seren lastly said, raising her claws at Wesmond for a final wave, her wings beating hard as she led the front charge of the carriage.

The carriage craned upwards into the sky, golden smoke clouds puffing from its underside. The old thing raised itself away, following Seren's lead, and disappeared over the forest's treetops.

Thirty minutes later, the carriage stopped mid flight over the nearby farmer's field, hovering just above the farmer himself. The golden fields rolled slightly as Seren's wings threw a gust at them. She flapped slowly and kept the wagon in place, gazing north. Beyond the wheat lie the Redwick forest, where they had just flown from. Its autumn treeline sprawled out over the hills, giving it a fuzzy appearance in the distance. Gray clouds loomed behind the colorful trees and cyan skies. Far away, an ever so faint thunder snapped.

The tawny, red farmer pouflon gazed upwards, curiously watching Aiza drop down from above. He tipped his sunhat politely at her, and the pouf happily waved back.

"Heya good sir! I've got a message from Wesmond who used to live in the forest down the road! Says you should cut your weeds before next week, something about a freak wildfire?"

She smiled, pointing to the forest in the far distance.

The farmer scratched his head, giving a perplexed look. "Wesmond--who?"

"Grey vespire. Looks very prim and proper… used to live in a mansion in the forest?" Aiza gestured a vague outline of a house shape.

"Er… Sorry lady I dunno who youse talking about. But its odd you mention a mansion. Used to be a mansion in that there forest. But it burned down decades ago. Entire family went down with it."

He gave a concerned look.

"Sad really. Heard it was parents and their two sons. No one heard them cry for help, no one lived around 'ere back then."

Aiza blinked. "H-huh?!"

She felt extremely cold all of a sudden. She shuddered, staring back at the forest, eyes fixated on where the house was. She couldn't see anything but trees. The house would have still been visible at this distance... It's rooftops would have peeked over the trees. But there was nothing.

"Oy.. Are you ok? Youse looking a bit pale there."

"F-fine!-- I'm fine." Aiza lied.

The farmer scratched his chin, giving a bright smile. "Tis' a good idea to cut the weeds though. Wildfires are common in this area. 'Specially around this season. Thanks lil lady."



Aiza returned to the floating carriage up above, looking despondent. Seren hovered in the air, glancing back at her, noticing her paleness. "You're looking quite shaken."

The pouf opened her mouth, waving her arms frantically. "Yyeah. The house.. Wesmond… it.. both--" But she stopped. She remembered that Seren hated ghosts… and she just had a battle with the spirit yesterday. It clearly shook and exhausted Seren. Aiza didn't want to further worry the vespire. "Nevermind. It's nothing."

"Huh. Well, get comfortable. We're travelling to Citremery next."

"Woah! That's gonna be one long ride. … It's gonna be boring… Oh! I know, want to do some pippet trivia?!" Aiza grinned, head raised up.

Seren gave a grumpy look at her. The pouf lowered her ears. "Ok geez, I get it. You want some peace and quiet. I'll go back into the carriage…"

Just as she slumped away towards the back, the vespire gave a big fake cough.

"I don't mind." Seren said, looking away and ahead.

The pouf came back around, grinning broadly. "Really?"

"Yes. Get back to the front seat before I change my mind."

"Awww yeah!"

Aiza zipped right on over and began to gesture and point at the horizon, pointing at birds that began to fly overhead.

"So toucanas right? What color are they in the south?! Actually that's a hard one. I can explain it if you don't know…"

The pouf went on to blabber. The wind rustled the fields below them, and a slight whistle blew around them. The river nearby sloshed and gurgled. The birds tweeted. Seren heard it all, but now they were all secondary sounds to her. Her ears picked up Aiza's banter first and foremost, with the music of nature being the backdrop. This soothed her, and she gave a slight smile, as she propelled the carriage forward and towards the horizon.



750 extra words (1054 total) (+6c)
additional charas (aiza, wesmond, farmer) +3c
pippet (maizard) +1c
ghost vesp +4c
total extras: 14c

two characters owned: Aiza, Seren --> 2 will o wisp pots

Thanks! c: Happy Halloween!


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