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Seren entered the dark dining room, where they had sat in earlier. The table felt longer than ever, extending into the darkness that was the other side of the room. A faint smell of singe floated in there, and light squeaks of the floorboards bent from her steps. Outside, the forest's branches clawed at the house, making gentle scuffles. Seren's ears trained onto the skittering, which became louder as she bent down to the floor.

Finally, it stopped at where a grandfather clock used to live, and the scratching sound began again. It seemed to hit an obstacle in the wall. Seren set the lantern on the table, and hovered her claw over the spot. The scritching was loud now.

Swiftly, the vespire surgically tore into the wall, her large claws reaching into it. She grabbed her prize and heard a tiny "eep!"

Her claws pulled it out, the light hitting the culprit, and Seren gave a chuckle, looking pleased. "Got you!"

A maizard, a yellow lizard, squirmed in her palm, trying to free itself, making alarmed squeaking noises.

"Apologies, little one. You are coming with me now. I'll get you out of this maze in no time." Seren cooed softly, placing a bag over it.

She gently slid it into a tweed bag, and it seemed to calm down, preferring the darkness and warmth of the thing. It gave a soft "eee…" from within.

The vespire then grabbed the lantern.

"Suppose I should get back to Aiza."

But then she smirked. Orrrr…. she could continue exploring… Now that she found the "spirit", she wanted to enjoy the silence of the night more. Perhaps even find a treasure in this house... Maybe the owners left something behind? Someone always did. It would beat going back to Aiza's irritating chatter.

The vespire gave a happy sigh…

She wished she could stay in this silence forever…

Just as she thought that, she saw an orange blur at the corner of her eye at the end of the room, escaping behind the doorframe, into the darkness.

Seren gave a slight jolt.


Dammit, did the pouflon come down again? She dreaded the end of her quiet adventure. The vespire slinked towards the doorway where she saw the pouflon, and peered out.

Again, the pouflon appeared at the edge of her vision, disappearing behind another doorway down the darkened hall.

"Some sneak you are. Come back." She commanded.

No response.

Typical, sometimes Aiza ignored her calls. But even then, she would at least have responded in a sassy way.

Confused, Seren followed the path the pouflon took, weaving through the dreary, dusty hallway. She turned the corner to where she last saw the pouf, and was met with a dead end.

A chill ran down her spine.

She shook her head, looking around the empty corner, hair raised.

"Very funny. I know you're there."

She looked up, guessing that the pouf was hovering above.


She touched the wall, inspecting for any hidden doors…


That was odd. She knew Aiza wasn't capable of just… disappearing. Even odder was her not blabbing her mouth. No jump scare… No silly remarks this time. Just quiet.

The wind outside began to flick the branches against the house, and a repetitive scratching noise touched her ear. The house moaned softly, and then an eerie silence dropped around her. Her breath once again became the only noise. Seren suddenly had a feeling of escaping to the outside...

She heard a creak behind her, and turned. Aiza's back disappeared into a room, and the door was left ajar slightly, pitch blackness peeking from beyond.

The vespire approached it. Her lantern squeaked as it bounced, and her claws scraped against the wooden floorboards. She could hear her heartbeat thumping against her chest now, her breath rising in speed, as she neared the door.

The doorknob cast a gritty shine as her light neared it, and Seren nervously pulled it open.

She entered a dark room with a single chair in the corner. A boarded up window sat on the opposite side with barren walls. Again, the orange pouf was nowhere to be seen. Her eyes slowly scanned the room, a bead of sweat rolling down her brow.

"Cut it out, Aiza.." She managed, nervously.

Then, she heard a click. She looked back, her gut twisting. The door was closed.

Seren tried the door handle, but it was locked tight.

She heard the chair make a scuffling noise behind her, and the vespire slowly turned her head, the whites of her eyes wide.

Aiza sat in the chair. Her face had black holes instead of eyes, and her mouth was missing.… It stared blankly at Seren. It muffled a soft noise.

Seren stepped back, eyes wide and transfixed on the wrongness of her assistant's face. Her breathing hastened, and she felt a knot in her throat.

That wasn't Aiza-- it had to be the spirit.

"What did you do to her?!" She screamed, voice almost breaking, at the invisible entity.

But strangely, despite screaming, she heard nothing come out of her mouth. Her lips and throat moved to form words, but she picked up only silence. Surprised, the vespire dropped her lantern, claws reaching up to her mouth.

The lantern shattered, and she watched the glass pieces bounce about soundlessly. Her heartbeats were gone, as were any of her footsteps as she stepped away. The vespire fell backwards, scratching her ears, hoping to pick up her movements or the crackle of the embers on the floor. But there was nothing.

She was surrounded by silence.

Darkness swarmed around her, and she tried to scream. Her throat reverberated, but again, her ears heard nothing.

Panicking, she began to rampage around the room, slamming around blindly in the darkness, trying to pick up noises--any scratch, creak... anything!

The fake Aiza evaporated into a white corporeal cloud, its black hole eyes watching Seren, almost as if gleefully enjoying her suffering.

A fire began to pool around Seren in the room, and a sickly orange glow illuminated her terrified face. The flames consumed the chair and crawled over the walls and ceiling. Blackness swirled at the top, and everything was coated red and orange.

The quiet fire licked her side, and she bellowed silently, trying to break through the door. No sound. Not even when she pounded the door using her fists. Not even when the raging fire was behind her and splinters flew. Not even when she roared.


The door wouldn't budge.

She had the sense that no one could hear her, and she began to cough from the smoke rising in the orange room. She heaved and hacked, feeling her lungs burst notelessly. Her breaths became short, and her vision blurred. The vespire felt herself kneel against the thick door, rolls of sweat building around her mouth as she mixed yelling and breathing. She clawed weakly at the door, the heat now watering her eyes and grilling her legs.

In desperation she called for Aiza. She knew she didn't like the pouflon's blabber, but the opposite was too much. This blazing silence was too lonely. Too suffocating. She sorely wished to hear Aiza's yelling on the other side of the door. She could barely even imagine it. All memories of the talks they had and her very own thoughts were muffled in her brain, like dying whispers.

Her heart felt a choke, realizing she could even lose hearing her own thoughts.

No… She had to keep them!

Her mind snapped to the loudest sounds she could remember. The memories came in foggily. Fireworks... Thunder… Aiza's biggest sneeze… her enthusiastic chatter about opening the window….

Her eyes widened, watery.

The window…!

Using the last of her energy, the vespire heaved herself towards the boarded up window, fire eating at her body. She felt the heat cook her flesh as she trudged through the room, smoke stinging her eyes and nostrils-- but she grit her teeth and with a powerful thrust, body slammed the window with all her might.

She couldn't hear it, but she felt it. Broken wood and glass splintered about as she dropped downwards. She softened her fall from the three storied house with her pneumir, and she rolled out onto the grass below.

Above her, a white ethereal cloud wafted from the broken window. Its black eyes bore down at Seren for a second, as if confused. It seemed to have the form of a vespire, its sharp claws forming from the gassy mass. After staring straight at her, it gazed back at the house longingly, before looking upwards. Then, in seconds, it evaporated into the atmosphere, the white melding with the dark navy sky…

The orange glow in the room above disappeared, and the smoke that wafted out of it faded along with the glow. An empty black window sat in its place. Seren stared up at the house, breathing heavily, trying to discern any movement. But there was nothing. 

[to be continued in next submission]

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