Submission (#3740) Approved

26 September 2021, 01:54:10 EDT (4 months ago)
26 September 2021, 05:23:39 EDT (4 months ago) by Puppyycat


1672 words (1000 extra) +8c
additional chara (tiny, seren, caramel, reina, aoife, jishui, tejat) +7c
total: 15c

CC count
own charas (aiza, seren) 2cc
other charas/npcs (tiny, caramel, reina, aoife, jishui, tejat) 12cc
rally bonus 14cc * 2 = 28cc
total: 28cc

1 MXP --> Seren (vesp-130)

Thanks for takin a look!


Reward Amount
Coins 25
Corrupted Coins 28


Thumbnail for Pouf-809: Reina

Pouf-809: Reina

Reward Amount
Thumbnail for Pouf-860: Caramel

Pouf-860: Caramel

Reward Amount
Thumbnail for Vesp-076: Aoife

Vesp-076: Aoife

Reward Amount
Thumbnail for NPC-030: Jishui

NPC-030: Jishui

Reward Amount
Thumbnail for NPC-031: Tejat

NPC-031: Tejat

Reward Amount
Thumbnail for Pouf-1135: Aiza

Pouf-1135: Aiza

Reward Amount
Thumbnail for Vesp-130: Seren

Vesp-130: Seren

Reward Amount
Mage EXP (Currencies) 1


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teadino's Bank

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