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4 August 2021, 00:50:50 EDT (5 months ago)
4 August 2021, 03:39:40 EDT (5 months ago) by Puppyycat


Geomancer Affinity prompts for Aurea!

Aurea travels to Fluorspar to apprentice in mining, and discovers they have an innate talent for locating ore veins and gems.
One day they discover an odd glowing crystal with some sort of artifact inside. Upon touching it, they are suddenly transformed and imbued with the powers of the crystal!
When they snap back to reality they discover they have also touched a Dragon Amulet, and are horrified to see the changes that have happened to their body.

I will use the Dragon Amulet in my inventory when I update their masterlist image entry.

Note: these are my resubmitted prompts. I found time to add more details to each piece since my previous submission. I hope they meet the requirements now :)


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Pouf-1150: Aurea

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