Buried Treasure

A desert vista with soaring cliffs, rock formations and cacti. Treasure chests are being excavated by Ataktos.

Brouzet is a vast and unforgiving place. Many travelers have walked this way before you, never to return. Watch your step. The dunes are littered with artifacts of their passing, items dropped and forgotten.

If you’re lucky, you might even find something good out here. Act fast! You aren't the only scavenger nearby.

Colorful pawprint message break

Buried Chests and items donated by users may sometimes appear in the dunes! CHOOSE WISELY– you can only dig up one item from Buried Treasure a week!

How do I donate items?
Click on the item you’d like to donate in your inventory, select the item’s checkbox, and choose “donate”.

Where do Buried Chests come from?
Pouflons Staff will donate an unspecified number of Buried Chests intermittently throughout the month. Be sure to check back regularly, you never know what you might find!