Legend Shop

You approach a small stall nestled in a small corner of the markets. You’re baffled by the rarity of the items on offer. The shopkeeper is..…a kid? Is he even old enough to be running a shop? Where did he GET all this?

Chester: “HELLO! Welcome to the COOLEST shop on the block. My shop's only open for 10 days a month! Each item is limited to one per customer per opening.…I don’t want any spellhogs, got it? Anyway, tell me if you see something you wanna get.”

Standing behind Chester is a looming creature unlike anything you've ever seen. He ducks his head to look you in the eyes, unblinking.

Mochi: "...Don't touch anything you aren't gonna buy."

...Okay! Noted!


All of the items below are also available in the Cash Shop.
Limit of 1 item per person for the coin shop but no limit per person in cash shop.

Special shop items are available for 10 days each month. The shop is regularly open from the 10th-20th of each month. Openings have around 3 special items available. Which items are available during which opening is a surprise, so save up your coins beforehand!

Event Items
Nudibranch Potion
Cost: 35
Max 1 per user
Sea Dragon Spell
Cost: 45
Max 1 per user
Potions & Amulets
Leviathan Potion
Cost: 60
Max 1 per user