Corrupted Shop

The Entity
You stumble upon a clearing in Goldfair. There are several objects scattered around. Each fills you with an incredible sense of foreboding.

Maybe you shou̸l̸dn'҉t tou̵c̡h ̕th͜e͝m͟?

Welcome to the Corrupted Shop. You may spend your Corrupted Coins here-- but not until the event is over! This shop is a little different from the others: additional items will unlock as you do more damage to The Entity! Track current damage done here.

Item Unlocks:

  • Corrupted Melodon: UNLOCKED!
  • Glitch Effects: UNLOCKED at 60 damage
  • Static Markings: UNLOCKED at 120 damage
  • Static Runic: UNLOCKED at 180 damage
  • Partial Corruption: UNLOCKED at 240 damage
  • Corrupted Reflection: UNLOCKED at 300 damage

WE'VE NOW ENTERED PHASE TWO. For each additional 100 points of damage, a new item will unlock!

Bonus Unlocks:

  • Skyfall Gift: UNLOCKED at 400 damage
  • Deed of Vanquishing: UNLOCKED at 500 damage
  • Skyfall Badge: UNLOCKED at 600 damage - claim here!
  • Gnut of Unusual Size: UNLOCKED at 700 damage
  • Full Corruption: UNLOCKED at 800 damage