Corrupted Shop

The Entity
You stumble upon a clearing in Goldfair. There are several objects scattered around. Each fills you with an incredible sense of foreboding.

Maybe you shou̸l̸dn'҉t tou̵c̡h ̕th͜e͝m͟?

Welcome to the Corrupted Shop. You may spend your Corrupted Coins here. This shop is a little different from the others: additional items will unlock as you progress through the event!

Check the current coin count here!

Item Unlocks:

  • Lycore Cub Carrier: Released August 1st
  • Rift Eyes (for CC): Released August 1st
  • Woolyne Form Ticket: Released August 1st
  • Cloven Hooves Spell: Unlocked!
  • Feline Paws Spell: Unlocked!
  • Feline Features Spell: Unlocked!
  • Leafy Shifter Stone: Unlocked!
  • Dimensional Lyss Scroll: Unlocked!
  • Skyfall Mystery 9: Unlocks at 5000 coins

Coin bundles
5 Coin bundle
Cost: 5
Max 1 per user
+3 Bonus Coins
10 Coin bundle
Cost: 10
Max 1 per user
+5 Bonus coins
25 Coin Bundle
Cost: 25
Max 1 per user
+10 Bonus Coins
50 Coin Bundle
Cost: 50
Max 1 per user
+15 Bonus Coins
75 Coin Bundle
Cost: 75
Max 1 per user