[Closed] Baby Boon June Gacha 2022

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The fun doesn't end yet this month! We have a very exciting Baby Boon June Gacha for everyone! 48 designs in total from our Guest Artists and mod team that span across blooms, geodes, and sprouts. Before it opens though we have a few rules to discuss.

This Gacha will go live at 12pm EST June 24th (Friday).


This will be a Raffle Flatsale Gacha.
Enter the raffle by submitting an entry via the google form link below (this form will not open until 12pm est june 24th).
The form will be open for submissions for 24 hours and close at 12pm EST June 25th.
All entries will be added onto a raffle here on site, similar to the monthly raffles.
Once all entries are added the raffle will be rolled for the number of available designs! If you are one of the winners your position in the raffle corresponds to the design you win!

In the event someone lands on their own design it will be swapped with the next design. If 2 or more land on their own design they will be swapped amongst those affected until none have their own design.

After the raffle is rolled invoices will be sent out to the winners. Once paid the designs will be transferred to the owners.

Baby Boon Gacha Entry Form

Designs are $45 and you ONLY need to pay if you win.

Limit ONE entry per person.

Starting on the 25th and for a week following the gacha PLEASE use the special channels made for gacha ads and swaps. This will keep the regular ad channels cleared. After the week is up the channels will be removed and you can return to using the normal ad channels for gacha designs and trading!

Be nice and have fun!

Artists (not in order):

bearwithglasses, buffbears, kyu, teadino, hev, puppysmooch, peregyr, lunaeden, heavendeluxe,
reiitan, royalisk, crystalgryphon, kamodo030, felyneis, pixdoodles, pandapalz,
ellusively, wisparia, sadbloom, lawlie, alleywolf, rhiow, cake, fyre, and tytoarts!

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