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[Open] April 1: Weird... dogs (?)

Posted 1 month ago :: Last edited 1 month ago by rhiow

Buyer will receive full-res transparent images and any extras that come with the design.


It's a bones day (Vesp-234)

Underneath all those rolls is a tiny cherub vespire... although they are terribly lazy and would rather spend the lay loafing around and snoozing than doing anything exciting.

by cake

Flatsale: $80


Summer lovin, happened so fast.
Summer lovin, they scream at own a**.
This cherub emerged from hibernation with their summer body ready to go!

Summer lovin (Urs-081)
by rhiow

SB: $100
AB: $500


This poor pouflon always seems to miss out on the best things in life... Maybe it's bad luck or just taking too many naps, but this poor pouf just wants a good snack!

Just a bite (Pouf-1604)
by cake

Flatsale: $80


Auctions end 24 hours after the final bid.
Bid times are rounded down to their whole minute and do not factor in seconds.
One hour Snipe Guard takes place on the 23rd hour of the most recent bid. Bids after this time will only extend the auction by another hour until no further bids are made.
Be nice and have fun!

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