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[Open] June/July Mod Sales 2022

Posted 3 weeks ago :: Last edited 1 week ago by pixdoodles
PWYW: Urs-147[Open]
Design: Pandapalz ・ Art: Pandapalz
Minimum: $80

Auction: Pouf-1749[Open]
Design: Pandapalz ・ Art: Pandapalz
Starting Bid: $85
Minimum Increment: $5
Ends 24 hours after final bid.

Buyer will receive full-res transparent images and any extras that come with the design.

Please make sure to read carefully as not all sales are the same!


Speckled Moon (Urs-147)
by pandapalz

PWYW Flatsale: $80-$100


Sunspot  (Pouf-1750)

by Seacrest
Lines by arboret

Flatsale: 75 coins


Betta Shores (Pouf-1749)

by pandapalz

SB: $85
MI: $5


Auctions end 24 hours after the final bid.
Bid times are rounded down to their whole minute and do not factor in seconds.
One hour Snipe Guard takes place on the 23rd hour of the most recent bid. Bids after this time will only extend the auction by another hour until no further bids are made.
Users must have coins on hand in their banks before bidding in coins
Be nice and have fun!

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