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Deep Below

Deep Below

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You've been assigned guard duty, but things aren't going according to plan...


All over Bellacoste, the skies erupt with exuberant magic and vibrant fireworks. A new year begins. Young and old alike gather and turn their eyes skyward to welcome in a year that– they hope– will be quieter and more fortuitous than the last. May Bellacoste prosper once more!

Far from the ostentatious displays, where the only light is provided by flickering torches, the night guard takes a swig of something spiced and smiles lopsidedly at you. You’ve pulled the short straw this year– for all your efforts you’ve been rewarded with an extra shift.

This one is different from any of the others. This one– the guard told you– is very important, and they can’t trust anyone but you with something so… delicate. You’re doing them a huge favor! Rarely have they gotten to go home so early in the new year. The family will be overjoyed.

For you? Some extra coins for your trouble!

This is deeper in the palace than you’ve ever been. The guard assures you that there’s nothing to fear– but their smile fades as you take the final spiraling descent and come face to face with a heavy, padlocked door.

It’s a cell, the guard explains. The occupant is generally quiet and compliant– nevertheless, you are warned– don’t talk to the prisoner. Your job is to guard the cell for the night and nothing more. In the morning you will be relieved and will never have to return to this place again.

Cheerfully, the night guard sees you off, leaving you alone in the belly of Chrysanthos with the unrelenting door. The booms and crackles of celebration are so far above as to be barely audible– the clank of a twisting chain and shuffling steps of whatever lies on the other side of the reinforced hatch is a grim reminder that you’re spending the night with something or someone that earned their stay here. Surely?

Long before dawn, your obedience is tested when a voice, rusty with disuse, seeps under the door to ask your name and, if they are so lucky, if you would give them a bit to drink.

You have a choice. Your choice will matter.

You may…

  • Follow orders. You were instructed not to speak to the prisoner. What does it matter? You’ll never have to be down here again. Turn your back and pretend you didn’t hear.
  • Break protocol. Does the prisoner have no water? Surely that’s inhumane. Nobody could hold it against you if you saw to their needs. There’s a water barrel by the door, you could offer a ladle through the bars…

Each character may complete Deep Below once. Their choice will be noted and the story that unfolds will change based on their actions– or lack thereof. Upon submitting Deep Below, be sure to note your character’s choice CLEARLY in the comment section. And remember, choose wisely.

Drawing Requirements: Minimum 1 fullbody and basic background. Draw additional characters, pippets, or an advanced background for bonus coins!

Writing Requirements: 750 words of your character’s reaction to this… unusual situation! Including additional characters, pippets, and going past the word count (750 words) at 2+ coins for every additional 250 words up to 1500 will net you bonuses.

Rewards: 10c + a LOCK or KEY depending on your character’s choice.

Bonus Rewards: +2 KXP or +2 MXP - denote your choice clearly in your submission comment. 

Note: You may use multiple characters in your prompt, but for simplicity, choose a “main character” to link to your submission. That character’s “vote” is what will count, and that character will receive the K/MXP reward. Other characters can repeat the prompt as the “main character” in a new unique submission to count their “vote” and receive the K/MXP reward.


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