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Treats and Trickery

Category: Monthly Quests
Ends: 31 October 2021, 23:59:59 EDT (2 weeks from now)

The choice is yours, will your character be giving sweet treats this season, or will they be giving out lighthearted tricks?


Residents of Bellacoste might find themselves a victim of a well timed trick this season, or even better, at the receiving end of a sweet treat! How does your character enjoy the holiday; do they hand out treats to the little blooms or do they prefer to transform into a trickster and spook anylon unlucky enough to cross their path? (Or do they practice a bit of both?)

Drawing Requirements: Minimum 1 character and a basic bg. Draw additional characters, pippets, or an advanced background for bonus coins!
Writing Requirements: 500 words of your character choosing their brand of spooky month activity. Including additional characters, pippets, and going past the word count (500 words) at 2+ coins for every additional 250 words up to 1500 will net you bonuses.
Rewards: 7c + chance at a bonus reward

Bonus rewards are random and you are not guaranteed to win something.

Wait! Before you submit, make sure you've included a scoring breakdown and have added your coin rewards to your claim!


Reward Amount
Coins 7
Bonus Autumn Reward 1
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