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1.1 - Beasts of Bellacoste

Meet the individual species of Bellacoste before deciding which is right for you.


Hello, are you new here? Welcome to Bellacoste! I’m the Lorekeeper.

Things around here can get overwhelming pretty fast, huh? Well, don’t worry! Stick with me and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Whether you’re brand new to Bellacoste, or looking for a refresher, this prompt is the right place to start!

Let’s begin with an overview of what will be covered in Lorekeeper Lessons - Beginner:

  • You'll meet the individual species of Bellacoste before deciding which is right for you.
  • You'll learn how to obtain the FTO (first-time-owner) Box... it's free!
  • You'll learn the basics of navigating our site.
  • You'll obtain your first character.
  • You'll complete your first prompt with us!
  • You'll grow your first character into their adult form.

You are now on part 1 of 6 of Lorekeeper Lessons - Beginner.

In this lesson, we'll introduce you to the species of Bellacoste!

If you're feeling ready, come with me! There's somelon I'd like you to meet.

Ready to learn all about the beasts of Bellacoste? They aren't as scary as they sound!

The land of Bellacoste is populated by three main species, Pouflons, Vespires and Ursuki.

All three are wonderful and unique in their own way! However, some features are universal in Bellacoste:

Runic Magic: All three species possess magic that originates in runic locations on their bodies. Each species utilizes magic differently.
Wings: All three species have wings (or foilage, for ursuki) that allows them to fly with the added power of their runic magic. All three species can withdraw their wings when not in use.
Body Types: All three species have three distinct body types each. You can stick to one or fall somewhere between, the choice is yours!
Technology: All three species are similarly advanced, able to communicate and manipulate objects. Technology in Bellacoste is limited to steam-power and magic.

Before we get started, just know that all information listed below is accurate to our lore, however we encourage you to branch out! Our staff love seeing what you come up with.

If you have a different idea for your character, we welcome you to tweak the lore to fit to story you want to tell. Your unique narrative is as individual as you are!

Pouflons are a magical sheep-like species released when the game launched in 2015-- that's why our ARPG is called Pouflons!

Let's cover The Basics:

Baby Term: Bloom
Shorthand: Pouf
Birthplace: The Dawn Garden
Body Types: Pixie, Polo and Plucky
Diet: Primarily flowers, though they also eat a variety of plants, fruits, vegetables and honey.
Magic: Well-rounded with a focus on offensive and defensive spells and cantrips to manipulate objects.
Runic Locations: Required locations are horns and eyes, optional locations are hooves and tail tip.
Territory: Central Bellacoste, from Riddlelock to Asterfall - though they have been found everywhere!
Notable Festivals: Cradle of Crocus (March), Fete Passing (November)
Defining Features: Heart noses, three-toed hooves, four wings, knee and cheek spots

Pouflons are versatile and can be found all over Bellacoste engaged in all kinds of activities!

Notable occupations for pouflons include but aren't limited to farming, hospitality, knighthood and mageworks.

Largely hierarchal, pouflons of high standing are often from Pennons, families known for their social status. Pouflon society operates under a monarchy. The current ruling figure is Queen Nouvel, the first ruler from the Pennon of Tourbillon.

Want to learn more about Pouflons? Read all about them here!

Notable Pouflons

Queen Nouvel Princess Fiorel Perth Prince Terryn Wylie

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Vespires are a sophisticated dragon-like species known to have a complicated relationship with pouflons.

Let's cover The Basics:

Baby Term: Geode
Shorthand: Vesp
Birthplace: The Lucid Altar
Body Types: Spry, Svelte and Stocky
Diet: Rocks, minerals, gems and jewels.
Magic: Breath-based, vespires exhale a potent magic known as pneumir that can be used offensively, defensively, and just for show.
Runic Locations: Required locations are eyes and filagree, optional locations are claws, tail tip and wing tips.
Territory: Western Bellacoste, known as the Ebony Wreath - though they have been found everywhere!
Notable Festivals: The Lamentation (October)
Defining Features: Cracked beak-like mouths, visible filigree, two wings, sharp claws

Vespires are primarily found in the Ebony Wreath in mountain cities and tunneling deep beneath the ground to mine for precious minerals.

Notable occupations for vespires include but aren't limited to mining, smithing, jewelcrafting and architecture.

Vespires have no single ruler, instead forming groups of their own known as Stratas. When an important decision must be made, representatives of every Strata convene in Banelaire for a Rally overseen by Azariah the Arbiter.

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Notable Vespires

Azariah the Arbiter St. Amare Axel Lucrezia Bread

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Ursuki are a mischevious bear-like species that can be found all over Bellacoste... if they want to be found, that is!

Let's cover The Basics:

Baby Term: Sprout
Shorthand: Suki
Birthplace: Anywhere!
Body Types: Bristly, Brawny and Burly
Diet: Fish, insects, plants and berries.
Magic: Illusion based and finite - ursuki do not typically regain magic from their food like the other species and must hibernate to recharge.
Runic Locations: Required locations are eyes and tongue, optional locations are claws, inner ear, nose and tail tip.
Territory: All over Bellacoste in mysterious, hidden villages.
Notable Festivals: The Wild Hunt (April), The Hibernal Equinox (December)
Defining Features: Eye patches, sharp claws and fangs, thick fur, plant growth

Ursuki can be found all over Bellacoste, but only if they want you to find them! As masters of illusion, most ursuki villages are concealed magically from unwanted visitors. Additionally, each ursuki has a unique eidolic form that they can use for camoflauge.

Notable occupations for ursuki include but aren't limited to merchanting, conservation, entertaining and hospitality.

Ursuki put a lot of emphasis on personal growth, encouraging their young to embark on journeys across Bellacoste to learn and sightsee. Not all ursuki return to their home village at the end of their journey, instead opting to put down roots somewhere new. Because of this, ursuki answer to no central ruler but generally revere the Saints, or those that have been acknowledged for their own incredible journeys.

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Notable Ursuki

St. Hart St. Elidi St. Veti Chester Mochi

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You've now met all three of the main species of Bellacoste! But there are other creatures in the world, aren't there?

What about pippets?
Pippets are companions for the species of Bellacoste, but aren't considered "playable species" like Pouflons, Vespires or Ursuki. We'll learn about pippets and their benefits in a future lesson!


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1.2 - Choices, Choices!

1.2 - Choices, Choices!

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