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Trickster Badge

Trickster Badge

Category: Calling Quests

For characters that like to play tricks! (ex: troublemakers, pranksters)


Callings are things your character is good at! They can be done multiple times to upgrade your calling badge from bronze, to silver, to gold. Gold badges can earn you bonuses in other prompts.

Your submission must relate to the badge’s theme

Drawing Requirements: Minimum 1 fullbody. Draw additional characters, pippets, or backgrounds for bonus coins!
Writing Requirements: 250 words of your character participating in the theme of this calling! Including additional characters, pippets, and going past the word count (250 words) at 2+ coins for every additional 250 words up to 1500 will net you bonuses.
Rewards: 3c + badge

Calling Badges will only provide bonuses when you have a Gold badge. You can get a gold badge by completeing the quest 3 times. First completion is bronze, second is silver, and third is gold! These completions can be submitted together, but each must meet the minimum requirements and the badges must be in your characters inventory!


Reward Amount
Bronze Trickster Badge 1
Coins 3


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