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Tin Soldiers

Tin Soldiers

Category: Event Quests
Ends: 14 November 2022, 23:59:59 EST (1 month from now)

The desert is full of dangers, and one of them is right in front of you. Act fast, before you lose your chance!


For the best experience with this quest, please read the [ Deep Below ] quest and story portion of the [ March Announcement ] first, then the [ Sins of the Father ] quest and [ Starlit Announcement ]! Follow up with [ The Fog ]. Finally, read the [ Tin Soldiers ] story announcement.

Brouzet has lived up to its reputation. The desert is full of hidden dangers, and it’s far too late to turn back now. The prince has awakened a pouflon-like construct, inadvertently waking others lost to the storm with his spell. With your backs in a corner, you find yourself faced with the consequences of this choice.

One is behind you. Many more are before you. Their eyes flicker and glow as they advance, their strange stone bodies riddled with pock-marks and cracks. Some look hauntingly familiar. Pouflons, vespires, even ursuki. Others you cannot describe, their eroded features monstrous and other. They’re completely foreign and unreadable.

A memory tickles, but it’s too faint to grab hold of. All that you’re left with is a single, meaningless word: [ golem ].

The walls are closing in. You are outnumbered. The storm rages outside, reminding you that even if you escape the present danger, there are many others waiting for you beyond this shelter. Will you jump from the pan into the fire?

The construct behind you keens and wails as it fights to free itself from the sand. It almost sounds alive.

You’re running out of time. Soon a decision will be made for you.

But for now, you have a choice. Your choice will matter.

You may…

  • Fight - You can’t give up this shelter. The storm is too dangerous to survive. You have no option but to fight for your right to stay.
  • Fly - There’s too many for you to take. You need to get out of here before you don’t have a choice. There’s still a path available, if you’re quick enough.
  • Free - Wait. Do you hear that? Is that thing trying to talk to you? Dig it out of the sand, Terryn said it could help you!

Each character may complete Tin Soldiers once. Their choice will be noted and the story that unfolds will change based on their actions. Upon submitting Tin Soldiers, be sure to note your character’s choice CLEARLY in the comment section. And remember, choose wisely.

Drawing Requirements: Minimum 1 fullbody and basic background. Draw additional characters, pippets, or an advanced background for bonus coins!

Writing Requirements: 750 words of your character’s reaction to this dire predicament! Including additional characters, pippets, and going past the word count (750 words) at 2+ coins for every additional 250 words up to 1500 will net you bonuses.

Rewards: 10c  +1 crown coin + 1 KXP / MXP (please clearly state XP choice in comments)

Notable NPCs you can include: [ Prince Terryn ]

Completion of [ Deep Below ], [ Sins of the Father ], [ Starlit ] and our intermission quests [ Court Crashers ] and [ Hunted in Goldfair ] is not a requirement, but it is encouraged! All of our [ Fog of War ] event and intermission quests will remain available in the Event Prompt category for the duration of the event but will no longer alter the direction of the story or reward K/MXP.


Reward Amount
Coins 10
Crown Coins 1


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