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Mage Tier 3 Achievement - Accordance

Mage Tier 3 Achievement - Accordance

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Mage Tier 3 Achievement Turn-In


Mage Tier 3 Achievement - Accordance

Tier 3 Achieved!
Tier Achievement entries follow all the same rules as quest entries.

After completing tier three, pouflons have thoroughly proven their worth and skill in their chosen field, and are finally considered an expert on the subject.
Once they've achieved this level of recognition, they offer up their previously given Runic Gem to a skilled blacksmith or weapons crafter, who incorporates it into their newly created Runic Weapon. With the gem to power it, this weapon is incredibly powerful and durable, and often becomes the pouflon's signature piece.

To affirm your pouflon's tier three status, show them with their new runic weapon!
The weapon can look however your pouflon wants it to look, but it must include their runic gem somewhere in the design.

For a mage, this weapon can be many things, for example, a staff, wand, orb, spellbook, or crosier.

Required MXP: 40
Art Requirements: 
Minimum full body + basic background
Writing Requirements:
Minimum 500-750 words

-Tier 3 Mage Medal! Can be worn as an accessory and included in your inventory.
-Tier 3 Mage Title
-Runic Weapon of choice
-30 Coins
-Mage Quests complete!

Don't forget to attach your character to this prompt so we can check their XP and grant your title!


Reward Amount
Coins 30
Tier 3 Mage Box 1
Mage Runic Weapon 1


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