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Mage Tier 2 Achievement - Rites

Mage Tier 2 Achievement - Rites

Category: Mage Quests

Mage Tier 2 Achievement Turn-In


Mage Tier 2 Achievement - Rites

Tier 2 Achieved -> Begin working towards Tier 3
Tier Achievement entries follow all the same rules as quest entries.

By completing tier two, pouflons affirm their skills and abilities in their chosen field as respectable and well practiced.
At this stage, pouflons of both the mage and knight professions undergo a traditional ceremony, in which they are presented with a special clear gem that is magically bonded to them and their soul, turning the gem into the same color as their runic color. This gem acts as a catalyst for magic, strengthening their magical and physical abilities, and is worn on a pouflon's body usually by affixing it to a piece of jewelry.

To begin working on the next tier, show how your pouflon might choose to wear it- they can put it on a necklace, bracelet, hairpiece, wear it as a brooch, etc, or show them reflecting on their gem and achievements so far.

Required MXP:19
Art Requirements:
 Minimum full body + basic background
Writing Requirements:
 Minimum 500-750 words

-Tier 2 Mage Medal! Can be worn as an accessory and included in your inventory.
-Tier 2 Mage Title
-Runic Gem Jewelry
-15 Coins
-Tier 3 Quests unlocked!

Don't forget to attach your character to this prompt so we can check their XP and grant your title!


Reward Amount
Coins 15
Runic Gem Jewelry 1
Tier 2 Mage Box 1


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