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Mage Tier 1 Achievement - Ambitions

Mage Tier 1 Achievement - Ambitions

Category: Mage Quests

Mage Tier 1 Achievement Turn-In


Mage Tier 1 Achievement - Ambitions

Tier 1 Achieved -> Begin working towards Tier 2
Tier Achievement entries follow all the same rules as quest entries.

Upon attaining tier one status, many pouflons begin to really consider their career seriously.
To begin working on the next tier, show your pouflon thinking about their career- where they'd like it to go, when or why they decided to pursue it, their fears or aspirations, etc. How much does your pouflon's career mean to them?

Required MXP: 5
Art Requirements: Minimum full body + basic background
Writing Requirements:  Minimum 500-750 words

-Tier 1 Mage Medal! Can be worn as an accessory and included in your inventory.
-Tier 1 Mage Title
-9 Coins
-Tier 2 Quests unlocked!

Don't forget to attach your character to this prompt so we can check their XP and grant your title!


Reward Amount
Coins 9
Tier 1 Mage Box 1


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