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Foundlings Turn-In

Donate a design to our FTO designs shop so new players can find a character they love!


Each member can donate 3 designs a month-- one Bloom, one Geode and one Sprout per person. These do NOT have to be premade characters, as in you can create a design to donate here!

Donated designs MUST have all common traits. This restriction does not apply to premade characters already on the masterlist, only to designs made specifically to donate to Fluorspar Foundlings. As always, babies must only have 4 colors total (including runic) with the sole exception of an ursuki's sprout.

Each donated design, pre-existing character or not, will grant the donator a single [ Golden Rhyo ]. That means you can earn up to three Golden Rhyo a month.

Please include a list of what traits you've put on your design, and make sure the file you are linking has no watermarks overtop as it will become the masterlist image!


Reward Amount
Golden Rhyo 1


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