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1) From the Heart

1) From the Heart

Category: Mage Quests

Show your pouflon expressing their love for something!


"Hellooo everyone~! I was just wondering if you all could help me with something. Now, it's been such a looong time since I've seen any pouflons with a strong aura of love about them, and I wanted to ask if you lovely little mages could come to me and think about something, or someone, you really love- so I could see some of that beautiful love in the air! As we all know, love is a magical affair, and I think I'd see the most passionate auras coming from a lovely bunch of ambitious mages like you all. Thank you~!"

Show your pouflon expressing their love for something! Florentine is a saint, and has the ability to see auras given off by other pouflons- though those pouflons cannot see it themselves.

Art Requirements: Minimum full body
Writing Requirements:  Minimum 250-500 words
Rewards: 1 EXP, 6 Coins


Reward Amount
Coins 6
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