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St Veti's Gift Hunt

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Looks like St Veti has hidden some small gifts for the good lons and vesps of Bellacoste! This scavenger hunt will last from 12/21 to 12/31!

Check in places where the holidays are near! These moments are fleeting but are meant to bring cheer!


December Update

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Hey there! We're entering the home stretch of this year (how exciting!) and with it we've got a lot of great stuff going on this month!

  • Winter Seasonal Quests have begun! Find them [here]
  • New Monthly prompts are available right [here]
  • The December Shop is open!
  • December Advent will run from Dec 17-25th, look forward to more info on this soon
  • New event quests are live, help an elusive friend to Bellacoste prepare for the holiday season [here]
  • We will have a fun little scavenger hunt later this month as well so stay tuned for an announcement on that!

Now that it's December that means participants of the Secret Santa can begin sharing and claiming their secret santa assignments. You have until the 21st to claim your art for coins through the correstponding event prompt! This is how we will be tracking who finishes their entry so please do not wait! 

If you find yourself unable to finish your assignment by the 21st PLEASE contact us and do not wait so we can find someone to sub in!

In addition to the great things happening this month, we also have a few things ending!

  • The November Raffle will be ending December 7th so make sure to get your 2 entries done before then to win some great prizes!
    • For more info on that you can go [here]
  • Fall Seasonal Quests have ended and won't return till next year.
  • The Cash Shop Cyber Monday Sale ends today (December 1st) at 5PM so take advantage of the deals [here]

As always, the mod team is happy to answer your questions so please reach out to us if need be! Happy December everylon!

NEW cash shop

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I'm so happy to announce we have a NEW on-site cash shop!

– You no longer have to leave the site to purchase items
– All items are now automatically delivered to your inventory on purchase
– We are moving to a restock system for some items in both cash and coin shops. We are near the end of the month so stocks are low currently and we will put a 0/10 number there to tell users how many stocks to expect next time.
Restocks will occur on the 1st of the month, and restock amts may change monthly as we balance the system. 

– Some prices are different to what they were in the old cash shop
– Please let us know if you are experiencing any issues with the shops or a purchase via the discord or Info > Bug reports in your navbar!

Pouflon Secret Santa 2020

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We're nearing the gift giving season rapidly which means it's time to open sign ups for the 2020 Secret Santa!


- Sign-ups start today (November 16th) and are open until November 23rd!

- You can only enter with pouflons and vespires available to receive gift art!

For a guide on how to turn on gift art go here: [link]

- Please let us know when you're signing up if you'd like to be a back-up artist in case someone doesn't receive their gift!

- If you'd like to join in, please fill out the survey here: [link]


If you realize that you're unable to finish your gift in time, please let us know, it's perfectly understandable and we won't be mad! But please let us know as early as you can, so we can find a back-up artist to cover your giftee.



- You can upload your gift at any point between December 1st and December 21st. (This gives us a little bit of time to contact back-up artists if needed!)

- Gifts must be clean and colored! Sketches are not allowed. Backgrounds are not required, but encouraged for maximum gift giving fun!

- Pixel art entries must be at least 100x100 in their original (non-scaled) size.

- If the person that you are assigned has more than one registered pouflon volunteered, you can only draw one of them for the Secret Santa.

- Please upload your finished entry to the Secret Santa group folder!

- You can claim your secret Santa on the lorekeeper for coins as well as a Jingle Bell prize. You can claim this only once. (Submissions for claims will open on December 1st and no sooner)


If you have any questions, feel free to comment on the dA journal or ask in the discord!


Fill out the Secret Santa Survey here!

November Update

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Hey everyone! We hope you had a wonderful and safe October, but it's November now and with it comes some exciting updates to Pouflons!

These updates include:

  • the return of Knight and Mage quests!
  • new November Monthly quests!
  • our monthly raffle coming later this month!

Expect a legacy survey to be available in the coming days for any old knight/mage experience you may have collected from the original APRG. You can find  a guide for Knight/Mage quest submissions here!

In addition to all these fun updates theres a few things from October that are ending, so participate while you still can!

  • the October Shop closes Nov. 4th so get all your last minute shopping done!
  • the October raffle closes Nov. 7th, read up on how and where to enter here!
  • the final October advent comes out today (Nov 1st) so keep an eye out!
  • Fall Seasonal Quests end on Nov 30th to make way for Winter Seasonal Quests on Dec 1st!
  • The November Raffle is live! It will run through December 7th, 11:59PM EST. Check out the rules and how to enter here!

As always, the mod team is ready to field your questions should you have any on the Pouflon ARPG discord or in the DeviantArt group! Happy November!

October Update

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Hello everylon!

Just an update that the new seasonal, monthly, and event prompts for October are now active! Also, the new october shop is open! 

Here are a couple extra updates for all of you all!!

  • Halloween Guest Advent calendar 15th-30th Octobernew Pouflons & Vespires every 2nd day (schedule soon!)
  • Pouflons Halloween/October event quests now on:
  • Pippet Scavenger Hunt 12th October taking place on the new Pouflons ARPG site (more info soon!)
  • The October Raffle is live! It will run through November 7th, 11:59PM EST. Check out the rules and how to enter here!

We look forward to seeing your spoooooky submissions for Halloween!