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April Raffle!

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Hello everylon! I was simply blown away by the amount of entries we got last month and can't thank everyone enough for such a gift-filled March. Let's move on to April with some fun new prizes! As a general reminder, raffles are now hosted completely on Lorekeeper in the raffle section of prompts. Have fun and get gifting!!

Prizes to be won:
Cherub Potion (x2)
Fairy Wings Potion (x1)
Deadline: May 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries2 per user
Participation reward
4 coins (each)

Please head on over to April's raffle prompt to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

An Unusual Discovery

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[Hesitantly peeks in] ...Is he gone? The ursilon? Oh thank goodness. That thing never blinked. I’ll be honest with you all, I was intimidated! I can’t believe I had to stop my presentation… well. To be honest with you, I lost the whole thing, but I hope we can start over! The cinnamon rolls were good at least, though there’s something a bit weird about them today… I knew they wouldn’t be quite as good on day two!!

Ahem! Anyway… you’re here for the *real* new content, aren’t you? Well, before we get into all that, why don’t we check in on Vespilet and Romulon? You may recall that several brave adventurers helped reunite these star-crossed lovers… I’ve heard they’ve since settled down in Fluorspar. Let’s see what they’re up to, shall we?


The vespire groans softly, rolling over and running their claws down their face. “A few more minutes, Romulon.”

The smell of breakfast wafts in from their small but serviceable kitchen. That was what life was like in Fluorspar-- small, but serviceable. The town of outcasts and pariahs was made large not by its size, but by the indomitable spirit and love of the people who inhabited it.

“Darling, please,” the underlying electricity in their beloved’s voice takes the vespire by the heart and they open their eyes. “I have your breakfast and… and Vespilet! The post came. There’s a letter for us… I was hoping we could open it together.”

“A letter?” the vespire asks groggily, tail curling up to wave lazily at the pouflon while they stretch, yawning. “For both of us?”

“Yes!” the pouflon answers excitedly. “It’s tied up with ribbon and sealed, see?” A tray of pastries settles daintily on their nightstand, the bound scroll whisked off it with a whiff of magic. “To the esteemed Vespilet & Romulon,” reads the pouflon before they flick the scroll, sending it to land lightly in Vespilet’s lap. “Love, I think it’s…” the pouflon swallows thickly, then smiles. “I think it’s a summoning! I think that I should go alone-- you stay here and set up, okay?” It would be safer that way.

“Romulon…” the vespire murmurs, frowning. They look down at the sealed scroll, picking anxiously at the wax seal that guarded the secrets within. “Shouldn’t we--”

“Vespilet, it’s far too dangerous for us both to go to the Capitol, I’ll be quick and safe, I promise. Our own bloom-- can you believe it?” The tap of Romulon’s hooves echoes through their modest bedroom. The pouflon flings their wardrobe open and whisks out a dark cape. “I’ll wear this, nobody will think twice. I’ll be fine!”

Romulon,” the vespire says again, holding up the scroll. “Can we open it, please?”

The pouflon freezes, cloak halfway across their shoulders. “...Open! Yes, right!”

[Open the letter? Continue reading…]
Recommended listening!

It seems that Romulon and Vespilet have welcomed a bundle of joy into the world-- the new NPC named by the community, Bread! Bread is a hybrid vespire known as a Cherub, an offspring of a pouflon and vespire that favors the vespire side of the family-- and is thus classified as a vespire! This type of hybrid is virtually unheard of…  among *pouflons*, anyway! Something strange is certainly going on here.

Sometimes, the union of a vespire and a pouflon will result in a Cherub vespire. These vespires are known for having rounder, softer features and one less digit on their hands. These hybrids are generally unknown beyond the Ebon Wreath. Whether they’re a new discovery or buried history is currently unknown.

Learn more about Cherub vespires here!

You may have noticed that several vespires on the masterlist are now classified as the Cherub subtype-- all vespires with traits now classified as Cherub have been grandfathered in! On that note, Double Wings is now a Cherub exclusive trait and signifies distant pouflon heritage-- and is no longer an optional free trait.

You can obtain a Cherub vespire using a Cherub Potion. The Double Horns spell has been reclassified as well-- it’s now called Cherub Horns, and will grant you access to any horn style from common - enchanted rarity!

There is a new event quest: Unconventional Calling. Check in with Romulon and Vespilet and meet their unusual offspring!

Perhaps you’ve been doing a bit of research instead. Come across a strange tome, and perhaps uncover some well kept secrets in this month’s monthly quest: Unusual Discovery! Dusty libraries not for you? Well, perhaps sunshine is more your speed-- participate in the Many Legged Race and try to stay standing!

Cherubs are certainly a momentous discovery-- and one that will have lasting impacts on the world. Tread lightly in April, everylon. You never know what you might run into next...

We Interupt This Message

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Good morning everylon! It’s a new month, and you know what that means… time to say goodbye to the shops and events of yestermonth and move on to the next great thing! It is with great anticipation and delight that I unveil the latest in cutting edge Pouflon Content… yes… you asked for it, and you got it!


[something large and green crashes through my powerpoint presentation... it's a bird... it's a bear... it's a ... goat?]

Uh… uhm… oh.. .. well.. I’m genuinely mortified to announce....URSILONS!

He's just a big teddy, what're you afraid of?

Ursilon are the hybrid offspring of a pouflon and an ursuki-- and this one is here to tell you, yes, specifically you... that he dropped off something nice for you at the Pippet shop!

Amaryllis is less enthusiastic, but the smell of fresh baked goods is undeniable-- and who can say no, when the sign in the window says you’re welcome to a sugary sweet for *free*? 

Be sure to stop by and grab a treat TODAY, nobody likes stale cinnamon rolls!

Character Turn-ins

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Character turn-ins are now available again!

Have a design that isn't clicking with you? You can now surrender any play.poufs design and receive a MYO slot and trait items in return! These designs will then be raffled off to the community at a later date. Scroll to the bottom of the general prompts page to find the "Character turn-ins" prompt and read about the entire process :happy:

Learn more here here!

March Raffle!

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Hello everylon! I hope you all had a lovely February. I sure enjoyed seeing all the beautiful raffle entries throughout the month! As a reminder from the last news post, raffles are now hosted completely on Lorekeeper in the raffle section of prompts. Have fun and get gifting!

Prizes to be won:
Bloom MYO Slot
Geode MYO Slot
Spring Crown (x2)
Carousel Saddle (x1)
Deadline: April 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries2 per user
Participation reward
4 coins (each)

Please head on over to March's raffle prompt to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

March Update

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Hello Poufam! Happy month of March! The birds are chirping, the flowers seem to be blooming... speaking of blooming, it appears we have some new prompts available! The Cradle of Crocus festivities have begun, heralding the beginning of Spring!

This month we have several new prompts centered around the festivities, from a jousting tournament, to renewing vows, to hunting for the elusive St. Ambrose! Maybe you'd like to enjoy a rainy day at home? I've heard there's even a special activity for pippets...

We have new items available in the March and Cash Shop! Be sure to pick up a couple of spring cuties, Bundelion and Chexen, in the Pippet Shop!

Later this month there will be an advent celebrating the coming of Spring! There will be more information about that later.


Geode Update

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Hello everylon! It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for! GEODES ARE HERE!

Geodes are baby vespires! They are named as such due to hatching from rocks, leaving a beautiful crystal in the shells that match their runics. One of these crystals is carefully extracted by the Strata of Ebenshir and painstakingly added to the harmony of the Lucid Altar. Each vespire’s crystal remains as part of the Altar until their death.

You can read about Geode design rules here:


Geodes are available NOW in the coin and cash shops!

In addition to Geodes, we welcome a new vespire NPC to Bellacoste: Azariah the Arbiter. Azariah is the leader of a duty-bound order of Vespires known as the Strata of Ebenshir. With Azariah, a whole new line of ROYAL traits have been added to Vespires! These traits can be added with the Royal Potion. You can read more about them here:

Be sure to click around the Vespire information after you check out the Royal traits! There is a lot of new lore waiting for you to discover it! Learn about Vespire family structure, geodes, lifespans, and more! Be sure to read closely, I hear there might be a trivia game later!

Oh! Looks like Axel has an announcement of his own! While rustling through the husks of hatched geodes, our local treasure hunter discovered a New Pippet! Please welcome SNOCK, a pippet designed by our very own Neat-Cat! Snock is available in the pippet shop now!


We hope you love this update! As a reminder, February advent sales begin on the 20th and Mod designs will be posted the following week on February 27th! I have a couple of previews for you!

The guest artist advent will have 6 GA designs, with a design by both Cake and Rhiow to cap it off!

The mod advent will start the following week:

February Raffle!

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Hello everylon! I was awed by all the gorgeous entries we received last month! Each one was utterly amazing and I'm super excited to see what everyone creates for the lovely month of February. We're changing things up this month and raffles will now be hosted completely on Lorekeeper in the raffle section of prompts!

Prizes to be won:
St. Amare's Crown (x1)
St. Florrie's Crown (x1)
Deadline: March 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries: 2 per user
Participation reward:
4 coins (each)

Please head on over to February's raffle prompt to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

Bloom Event

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Hello and welcome to a very excited update for Pouflons! As mentioned earlier this month we're excited to announce the release of Blooms!

What are blooms? They're baby pouflons! And they are also a new, less expensive way to get into the pouflons ARPG.  Starting at a lower pricepoint you can get a bloom and paticipate in a special group of prompts. After completeing 3 Bloom prompts you can grow your pouflon and enjoy the wide world of Bellacoste!

[Bloom information here] | [Bloom Quests Here]

Just to give a quick rundown on blooms:

  • You can get your bloom myo ticket from the [MYO Shop].
  • Much like normal MYO tickets, bloom tickets will create a slot on the ML.
  • Bloom designs are very simple, comprising of 2 colors (not including knee and cheek spots) and a runic color which shows up on the horns, eyes, nose, and hooves (optional tail tip)
    • Bloom horns are always very nubby and rounded
  • Bloom MYOs are ONLY able to do the bloom quests, found [here].
    • Blooms may be included in other prompts but must be accompanied by a fully grown character that YOU own.

After you complete 3 Bloom quests you can submit a design update on your masterlist slot and make a fully grown pouflon. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you link the 3 completed quests for your bloom in the comment of your design update! All masterlist slots are common rarity by default, if you want the grown up version to have different traits you must provide those traits yourself!

As always if you have any pressing questions or need help! The pouflons mod team is there for you and you can ask for help in the #help channel of this discord!

February Event and More!

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Happy February, everylon! 'tis the season of love! Who are you thinking about this month, hmmm?

Whether there's a special 'lon in your life yet or not, we all can appreciate new love! Take, for example, the forbidden love story of Romulon and Vespilet, soul mates forbidden from being together... well, we'll just see about THAT!

In a brand new set of event quests, aid St. Amare and St. Florentine in bringing star-crossed lovers together-- regardless of what society has to say about it! Be warned-- this kind of union is frowned upon, so the journey may be perilous! However, seeing Romulon and Vespilet together, safe at last-- that is it's own reward.

But not the only reward. Several new items are obtainable should you choose to accept this dangerous mission... and how could you not? It's in the name of true love, after all!


Additionally, there's a ton of stuff coming up this month!

  • Geodes (baby vespires) will be releasing mid-month!
  • Vespire lore is coming mid-month!
  • The legendary shop will be back starting February 10th with all new stock!
  • Official designs will be up for sale later this month! Including mod designs!

As a reminder, a few deadlines are coming up or have just passed:

  • The final migration from Ranebopets is now complete! No items or characters will be moved between the sites moving forward. Exception: if your migration form has not yet been worked, it will be soon!
  • The January raffle will be ending soon! Be sure to get your entries in before February 7th!
  • The Asterfall Ball collab prompt has had it's deadline extended to the end of February.