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Damage Done

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After a little over a week of struggle, it’s clear to those with keen eyes that The Entity is wounded. Captains sound their rallying cries and banners wave before the city of Chrysanthos. It’s not much, but it’s a start.

The Entity’s HEALTH BAR is now visible!

Focus your attacks and do as much damage as you can! Each point of damage is absolutely critical, and you will reap what you sow in the Corruption Shop.

There are several exclusive items that can be unlocked through this event! I’ve heard rumors that if we manage to beat The Entity, an additional item will be unlocked for every extra 100 points of damage done past 300!

Due to technical reasons, the Corruption Shop is “view only” until June! After then you will be able to spend your Corruption Coins as the shop will officially open and will stay open indefinitely.

Good luck out there!

Corrupted Shop Entity

Chester and Mochi

You know them, you love them-- the Ursuki siblings are back in town with a fresh stock of Legendary Items!

This month they've brought the Crystal Runic Spell, Rift Eyes Spell and Vial/Glass Body Potion! All three items are available in both the Coin Shop and Cash Shop!

In addition, Rift Eyes have begun appearing in both Pouflons and Ursuki as well as Vespires. Perhaps a strange side effect of the cracked sky?

Very unusual! Be sure to grab your legendary items before May 20th!

May Raffle!

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Hello everylon! Every entry last month was super stunning and I'm always honored to look through each one! It's time for May - check out this cute firefly themed Pouf and other fun prizes! As a general reminder, raffles are now hosted completely on Lorekeeper in the raffle section of prompts. Have fun and get gifting!!

Prizes to be won:
Pouflon MYO Slot (x2)
Glowspeckle Spell (x2)
Affinity Add Scroll (x1)
Deadline: June 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries2 per user
Participation reward
4 coins (each)

Please head on over to May's raffle prompt to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

The Giant in Goldfair

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[ Read Part One? ] [ Read Part Two? ] [ Read Part Three? ] [ Read Part Four? ]

There’s a giant in Goldfair, and the denizens of Bellacoste could no longer afford to ignore it.

[ Recommended listening. ]

While the sky breaks, while the children cry, while the world tries and tries and tries to correct something terribly wrong, a monster wreaks havoc on the heart of Bellacoste. Pippet, pouflon, vespire and ursuki alike tremble as their peers fall to the corruption, turning on those that they love.

They try to heal them. They do. But it doesn’t always work. More fall, and behind them they leave corrupted ground. It’s spiraling. The crack in the sky glows a violent purple, malevolent. Stars no one has ever seen before populate the night. Nothing is right anymore. It’s all Ẅ̴̜́R̶̦̀̿͜O̶̤̝̒N̶̤̅ͅG̴̳̒.

“The plants are dying,” murmurs a farmer’s wife. “Will we have enough to eat in the winter?”

A father circles Goldfair for the hundredth time that day, searching, searching, searching. “Have you seen my daughter?” he asks, eyes puffy from tears. “Has anyone seen Avalon?”

Knights flood into Goldfair, evacuating who they can. Homes left abandoned, cold hearths where families once gathered with their loved ones. Children scream for their parents, parents reach for their children, but they’re so far, oh stars, it’s here, it’s here, it’s H̸E̸R̴E̴.

The Entity roars, echoing through the valleys. Onwards it creeps, threatening home, threatening life, destroying EVERYTHING. 

The tides are turning, and it’s not in our favor. Every passing day more fall. Every sunset more crops wither and die. Every sunrise The Entity is one step closer to Crysanthos.

Breathless messengers push on through their exhaustion, delivering the word from the Snowhurst summit. The call to arms is posted in every village, every town, every city. Raise your weapons. Rally your armies. It’s now or never. E̷V̷E̶R̸Y̵T̷H̴I̴N̵G̴ ̸I̶S̵ ̴A̵T̶ ̵S̴T̷A̷K̵E̶!̴







D̵O̷ ̵N̴O̴T̶ ̸T̶O̶U̷C̴H̴ ̸T̶H̸E̴ ̸C̶O̸R̶R̸U̷P̷T̸I̶O̵N̴

The time has come to defend your home! The Entiry looms and it threatens EVERYTHING as we now know it-- race to this month’s NEW QUEST and do everything you can for Bellacoste! For the entire month of May, a new quest will run alongside the existing Skyfall event quests: THE ENTITY, CONFRONTED.

All bonuses from the other prompts apply. For every coin your characters would have contributed, a point of DAMAGE will be done to The Entity. In addition, if you have any of your own Tier 3 Knights or Mages in your prompts, ALL DAMAGE WILL BE DOUBLED. Be sure to read the prompt closely to ensure that you understand before you submit!

This prompt can be completed multiple times! Do as much damage as you can, because you can WIN… or you can LOSE.

A new system to track event damage is now in place. Your damage will be rewarded as a currency, and damage from every user will be counted cumulatively against The Entity’s health pool total! The special coins you are granted from doing damage in this prompt are a currency-- you *may* see a use for them soon, so collect them while you can! Get out there and beat this thing!

In addition to our new event quest, two new monthly prompts have been added! Search the skies for familiar stars in Serene Skies, or get your poufs or claws dirty in the garden in The Root of the Problem.

It’s not all corruption and terror though! Ursuki everywhere emerge from their winter hibernations, feel the warm spring air on their fur, open their eyes and see the… well, you already know what’s up there.

Ursuki body types are now represented on our site! Bear has been renamed to Burly, badger has been renamed to Brawny, and introducing an ALL NEW TYPE: BRISTLY!

All three body types are now available to create with your MYO, or swap to with your existing Ursuki! And as with all body types, you can mix features from all three!

That’s not all! Please welcome SPROUTS to our lineup of babies!

Sprout MYO tickets are now available in both the cash and coin shops! In addition, we have added a unique Growth prompt for just Sprouts called Oh! This is New! Explore the world with your new Ursuki!


Whether you prefer to play it safe with your new Sprout or plan to dive straight into the fight against The Entity, we hope you enjoy yourself in May! There’s surprises lurking around every corner, so keep your eyes peeled!


Sky Fall

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[ Read Part One? ] [ Read Part Two? ] [ Read Part Three? ]

“Nouvel, you made it,” the ursuki says warmly, approaching the queen and her delegation. Guards stiffen as St. Veti comes closer, but with a flick of her wing Nouvel sets them at ease. She permits the ursuki to come right up to them, his arms wide. She leans into his brief embrace like an old friend would, sighing before she looks up at him.

“In one piece, Veti. Let’s hope we all stay that way. It’s been too long, hasn’t it?”

“Indeed it has, your highness. If you’ll come with me, I’ll take you to the others.”

“...They’re already here?” the queen couldn’t disguise her surprise.

“As of a few hours ago, yes. This way,” the ursuki beckons the pouflon delegation onward through snow already muddied by a number of different tracks. At the end of the trail, a vast number of ursuki and vespires already sit, waiting.

“Welcome,” St. Veti spreads his arms, beckoning the gathered pouflons, vespires and ursuki closer. “Thank you for joining me here-- I apologize for the accommodations, I know they’re unsuitable, but time is short.” 

Dignitaries share uneasy glances. An emergency meeting between the denizens of Bellacoste hadn’t been called in years. It had been so long that they’d forgotten how to talk to one another. Long, uncomfortable silence fills the spaces between, and finally one of the queen’s retainers speaks, “Her Majesty Queen Nouvel extends the olive branch. We seek peaceful discussion.”

Vespires stare impassively, the Arbiter looming behind them all. Her head tilts, mouth parting a bit as pneumir wafts out into the open air. After an unpleasant pause, she speaks, “We accept.”

Let the discussion begin.


[ Recommended listening. ]

Somelon was pounding on Amaryllis’ door. “Amaryllis! Open up!”

The plucky soothes her ichigato, who yowls and dives under the covers as the knocking grows louder. “Hold on, hold on! Goodness,” Amaryllis calls, staring hard at the shivering lump under her covers before she moves to her door, flinging the top half open.

Kit stood on the other side, glancing over his shoulder. He looks back, balking for a moment when he noticed Amaryllis looking back at him. “Oh, thank the stars! You’re okay.” The other pouflon audibly breathes a sigh of relief.

“...Yes?” Amaryllis murmurs, tilting her head. Her hair flops into her eyes. “Last I checked… Kit, what’s going on?”

“Nothing good. Listen, pack your things, quick. It isn’t safe here. I don’t have time to explain.” The other pouflon stamps his hoof before turning away from the door, looking over the surrounding fields. 

“...Kit?” the alchemist responds, brow furrowed.

“Now… please, Amaryllis, as fast as you can.”

The concern in Kit’s voice drives the urgency home. The other pouflon was always polite, but not one for house calls outside of work. The plucky turns from the door and rushes to gather her things. “Can you tell me anything?” she asks, furtively glancing at the door where Kit still stood.

“Something’s very wrong. Have you seen the sky?” the unicorn glances over his shoulder. “There’s something out there, I don’t know… I’m not sure what it is.” He shifts uneasily as Amaryllis hastily throws food into a knapsack. “Come out when you’re done. You’ll see.”

After some gentle coaxing, Amaryllis pries her ichigato from the bed, carefully nestling it between her wings. “The pippets are scared,” she comments with a frown.

“Yeah,” Kit responds. “They are.”

Something in his tone sparked urgency again, kickstarting Amaryllis out of her house. Knapsack packed and ichigato on her back, she steps out into the sun, allowing her eyes to adjust to the world outside.

Something was… no. This wasn’t right. This wasn’t right at all. “Kit?” asks Amaryllis, gazing out over the once lush fields of Goldfair, now swathed with a path of rot. “What…”

“We need to fly. Follow me.”

The plucky glances back at her pippet to make sure it was secure before trotting after Kit, wings unfurling to follow him up into the sky. The damage from above was clearer-- everywhere she looked the sickness spread, green and gold turned brown, black, red. It came so close to her home… too close. 

The land was dying. Everywhere she looked, crops had wilted. The path of destruction weaved this way and that, seemingly having neither rhyme nor reason-- “Kit, what did this? The sky?”

“No,” the other pouflon responds. “To our right-- look. Let’s land, but be careful.”

Something immense was moving below them, spearheading the trail. It’s form shifts under her gaze, hard to pinpoint. The plucky’s heart jumps into her throat again as she follows Kit’s direction, spiraling downward with gentle wingbeats as her ichigato digs claws into her back.

“Kit, are you…” the other pouflon lands lightly on an untouched knoll. “...Sure,” Amaryllis finishes, landing beside him and looking with horror at the seething path of rot to their left. It slips like oil under her vision. It hurt to look at. Worse still was the thing at the end of the trail, cresting the next hill over.

It was more massive than she could comprehend-- several times larger than herself or any other pouflon she’d ever seen. With each step the ground beneath it pulsed, corruption spreading in its wake. “What is that,” exhales Amaryllis.

“Bad news,” Kit responds. The form of the creature shifts before them, a cloud of smaller creatures swarming around it. But something was wrong-- they looked like little pieces, broken off, but... 

“Those are pippets,” Amaryllis gasps, taking a step back in horror. Dozens of them whirled around the giant in Goldfair, shifting uncomfortably over the eyes just like the corruption all around them.

“Look,” says Kit, indicating a patch of disturbed earth nearby. There a melodon lay, breathing labored as the rot creeped across its skin. “There are others like it all over the place… we need to get to Chrysanthos. They have to know about this.”

Amaryllis stares with horror as the melodon writhes, lifting its head to keen weakly at her. Her ichigato stiffens, bristling on her back as she takes a step towards the afflicted creatures. “Can’t we help it…”

“No,” Kit says firmly. “It harms us too.” He pauses. “I’m sorry Amaryllis.”

The plucky continues to stare at the corrupted pippet, eyes welling as it reached out for her before collapsing back down into the grass. It was too much. She forces herself to look away, eyes drawn again to the gargantuan creature on the other hill.

Then her ichigato digs its claws in hard, a fearful yowl stirring in its throat. The swarm around the creature breaks apart suddenly as its head whips around towards them. Amaryllis freezes as her pippet continues to scream.

“Fly, Amaryllis, go! GO NOW!” shouts Kit, ramming her with his head when she didn’t respond. “FLY NOW!”

Shaken, the plucky snaps around, and the pair launch back into the sky as the Entity roars, sound cut with static.

This was bad. Really bad.

The Skyfall event is now live! This is PART ONE of the event-- there will be more to come! A number of special quests are now available-- and they have special rewards. Be sure to read each carefully!

Players who participate in at least THREE PROMPTS from PART ONE will be eligible for a big prize in Part Two. No spoilers, but you want to get in on this!

There are a number of rewards associated with these quests that are unique and will never be handed out again-- introducing TITLES, a new system that will tag your character with a special title for participating in specific events. These are cosmetic, think of them as a badge of honor that says “I was here!”.

All over Bellacoste, it’s denizens are in need of help. Will you stand behind Perth in Chrysanthos? Is your mage already researching the crack in the sky? Perhaps you attended the diplomatic meeting between world leaders? Or maybe your calling is to help with the problem in Goldfair… but beware:

D̵O̷ ̵N̴O̴T̶ ̸T̶O̶U̷C̴H̴ ̸T̶H̸E̴ ̸C̶O̸R̶R̸U̷P̷T̸I̶O̵N̴

Characters that directly interact with the corrupted ground or the Entity will become CORRUPTED, and will remain so until they are CLEANSED by another party (an NPC, another player character, or another character of your own). CORRUPTED characters are unable to use their magic and for all intents and purposes lose their sense of self. TREAD CAREFULLY!

Bellacoste needs your help! The time is now! Get out there, everylon!

Stolen Sky

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“Hold,” instructs the Obrille barracks commander. A row of archers remain steely as vespires soar en masse over the town, arrows nocked and ready to fly. The Ancient, above them all, nearly obscured the crack, if only for a moment.
Nothing like this had happened since the great war-- an Ancient this close to Obrille was unheard of. Trained eyes follow the path, plan the trajectory-- hold… hold… hold… relax. The shadows pass over and continue on. A breath of relief passes through the crowd as the commander gives the all clear.
They’re only passing through.
“Hell above!” a Goldfair farmer exclaims, gesturing frantically at the crater in the middle of his field. “What am I supposed to do about this? It’s too late to sow another harvest, and this won’t yield nearly enough!”
The other farmers nod and murmur sympathetically. Avalon bumps shoulders with the afflicted pouflon companionably. “Now, we won’t let ya starve, so don’tcha worry. Let’s take a look at the big ol’ smoking thing, see if we can salvage anything.”
The group tentatively picks their way through the ruined field, closer to the smoldering crater at its center. The others chattered amongst themselves as Avalon rolled a bit of hay in her mouth, doing her best to smile. They’d take care of each other, alright, but that didn’t mean they were okay.
The crater was about the size of a barn. Heat still rolled off it as if impact had happened moments ago, when in reality it had been there for several hours. The farmers inch forward, peering down with trepidation at the contents…
...And there’s nothing there. Aside from charred dirt and smoke, nothing. Avalon’s brows furrow as the others stare. The chatter begins again, incredulous this time. What could have created a hole this size? Had it burned up already? What were they supposed to do now?
“I’ll check it out,” Avalon volunteers after a few minutes of bickering. “Go get a wheelbarrow, we’ll get what we can out and then fill this sucker up for ya.”
The headstrong plucky was already picking her way carefully down the crumbling slope as the group dispersed, each returning home for the necessary tools. It was hot as hell in the crater, and it stank too, like char and sulfur. “Be careful,” one of the others called before retreating from the lip.
“I’m always careful,” Avalon cheerfully shouts over her shoulder before delving into the smoke.
By the time the other farmers returned, the smoke had nearly cleared.
And Avalon was gone.
On the far coast of the Ebony Wreath, a treasure hunter follows the lines in the sky to their logical end. He’d been tracking it since the night before. Something had fallen here, he was absolutely sure of it.
Oh, others had gathered in Banelaire. They flocked as one because they were unsure, edgy, afraid. Not Axel. He’d be the one to solve this-- he was absolutely sure of it. Was it for glory? Prestige? Simply putting things back how he found them? Ha! It’s for the thrill of it, don’t you see? Ancient history was fascinating, but this moment would be history soon enough, and Axel planned to make sure he was part of it.
“It has to be around here somewhere,” the vespire mutters to himself, scanning the shore for what felt like the hundredth time. “I know it’s here…”
The vespire grumbles, rising on a gust of wind before angling himself down. Perhaps a closer look-- it should have created a crater, but he hadn’t seen anything of the sort. When stars fell, they always left a mess…
Wait! Something glimmering! He banks hard, circling the area as he descends. A part of the shore flashes intermittently, drawing him in like a lighthouse
He lands lightly on the sand, reorienting himself and searching for the object. It was right here, where…
“Ah, there you are…” the vespire almost purrs, tail coiling as he approaches a gleam on the sand. The closer he gets, the harder it is to perceive-- and it was no wonder he hadn’t recognized it before. Like a bit of glass, but so much flatter. It almost had no substance at all.
Axel stands over the piece of sky, looking deep into clouds where they didn’t belong. He can’t wrap his mind around it, something with depth but no mass. It reflects the weather above, seemingly so fragile that a breath might disturb it.
“Amazing…” the vespire exhales, craning his head up to look at the sky, then back down again. Like a mirror, but with no end. Hesitatingly, he reaches out a claw to grasp it…
And he disappears.
The tide rolls in, swallowing the prints he’d left on the sand.

The Night The Sky Fell

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[ Read Part One? ]

The night the sky fell, nobody could go back to sleep.

[ Recommended listening. ]

All over Bellacoste, eyes turned upwards. The crack spread from horizon to horizon, glittering like a spungus web heavy with dew. Awe, fear, confusion-- homes have emptied and streets have filled. Questions asked with no answer to be found. What happened? Who did this? Are we safe? What happens next? A cacophony without end.

Scholars gather in their studies, packed wall to wall.  Small families huddle in small towns, holding onto those that matter most. Farmers behold their crops washed in eerie light, banding together and journeying towards a smoldering crater in the middle of Goldfair’s acres. In the palace throne room, weary eyed guards recount to the queen what they saw, moment by moment.

St. Veti returns to his burrow and fumbles to light a lantern. By that flickering light he begins to write. One letter. Two letters. Many more, besides. The hours tick by and just before dawn, the ursuki bows his head, gathering up scrolls sealed with wax.

Back in the open air, he casts them up one by one. The scrolls spin as he throws them, winking out with a twinkle of blue magic.

Now all he could do was wait.

“A letter for you, your Majesty,” a steward bows before Queen Nouvel, just moments after dawn. The queen turns heavily lidded eyes towards the scroll presented to her, tied with ribbon. The seal was familiar.

“Thank you. Go get some rest,” Nouvel responds, taking the scroll and breaking the seal. She wouldn’t have expected it from him, not so fast. The sky fall had been so traumatic it had roused hibernating ursuki from their dens?

“To Her Majesty, Queen Nouvel--

Forgive me for speaking plainly, for you know I am a humble servant to Bellacoste.

Last night’s unprecedented events have left our home shaken. I believe there is much to discuss between your people and my own. I have invited delegates from all over Bellacoste to come to Snowhurst as quickly as possible.

I hope you will be among them. It’s been so long since we had time to catch up. I’m only sorry it’s for circumstances like these.



The Queen reads the letter once, twice. She shuts her eyes, takes a deep breath, and calls quietly, “Quincy? Prepare a response. Let St. Veti know we will be with him as soon as possible.”

The messenger was already pulling pen and paper out of her bag. “Yes, Queeny. Anything else?”

“Fly as fast as you can to his burrow. That will be all. Thank you, Quincy.”

The smaller pouflon nods, quickly taking down the Queen’s note before bundling the paper back into her bag. She bumps shoulders with the princess on her way out. “See ya soon, Fi.”

“Nouvel, you can’t be serious. I will not be staying here while you go halfway across the world!”

In the queen’s chambers, the captain of the royal guard paces from wall to wall. “What if something happens to you? I’m sorry, but I cannot follow this order. We have no idea what’s happening, please at least give the mages time to piece together if this was a spell, or--”

“Perth,” the queen says quietly, turning from her packing to smile wearily at the other pouflon. “That’s precisely why I need you here. You’re the only one I trust to do this in my stead.”

The knight moves closer, lowering her head and gritting her teeth. “Nouvel, one of my seconds could easily hold down the fort here. I cannot let you leave without me.”

Nouvel sighs, turning fully to face the irate Queensguard. “But you must. Please don’t make me say it again, Perth…”

“...I can’t,” the knight responds, staring at the curling corner of the rug. “I can’t let you do this Nouvel.”

“Perth.” the queen interjects, more firmly. “You are to remain here. I need you to organize the mage tower and get research started immediately. More importantly, I need you here to protect Fiorel.”


“That’s an order, Perth.”

“...Yes. Your Majesty.”


Deep beneath Banelaire, Azariah the Arbiter reads the missive before setting it delicately on the stairs leading to the Lucid Altar. She had led the morning song not long ago, soothing those that came to her in worry, in fear. “Winter’s saint wishes for diplomacy,” she reports to her attendants, running her claws over the scroll.

“Arbiter?” asks one of her attendants. The Ancient looks down at him, expression unreadable. “Do you trust him?”

The vespire ruminates, pneumir wisping around her mouth. “St. Veti has never made an enemy of us. We cannot say the same of those he would have us meet with. However…”

She pulls the scroll open again, delicately. “I do not think we have much of a choice. Call in the Stratas, I will want to speak with them as soon as I return.”

The attendant nods, turning and singing the order through the bowels of Banelaire. It spreads, resonating, throughout the city. Fliers dispatch into the Ebony Wreath to carry the message to the far flung reaches.

“Prepare a small group to accompany me,” the Arbiter instructs a smaller, auburn haired vespire. “We fly for Snowhurst as soon as we’re able.”


It's Three Past Midnight

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It's three past midnight.

[ Recommended listening. ]

Bellacoste is quiet. Fog rolls into Obrille from the Ebony Wreath. Small amphibians croak in Marshgrave. A storm brews off the coast of Citremery. Light snow falls in Snowhurst. The world sleeps.

And it dreams. It’s five past midnight.

Wall guards call the minutes in Chrysanthos. Five past midnight, all is well. A new family rests after a busy day in Fluorspar. Summer’s harvest has begun to sprout in Goldfair. Six past midnight, all is well.

Roseacre socialites retire for the evening. Night owls study their texts in Riddlelock. In Asterfall, a sleepy mage wipes his eyes before turning them back to the sky. It’s six and a half past midnight. The storm off Citremery’s coast rumbles. Obrille is swallowed by fog.

It’s seven past midnight. All over Bellacoste, it’s denizens sink into the quiet, a deep ache pulling at their teeth. Orphans in Chrysanthos, in Banelaire wake at once, alarmed, unable to go back to sleep. Caretakers rush to care for the fussy children, but they can feel the sensation as well. A building pressure.

It’s eight past midnight. The queen comforts her daughter. “Mom?” the princess asks. “I know, Fi, I feel it too,” Nouvel murmurs, pulling the child closer to her. Beyond their room the others living in the palace felt the same. Pressure, like static between their teeth.

It’s nine past midnight. Amaryllis’ Ichigato bounces off the walls of her cabin, eyes wide as it knocks over a kettle, so startled it bolts under her bed to hide. The sleepy pouflon opens her eyes, heart stuck in her throat.

Vespires all over Banelaire wake, disquieted, shuffling into the streets. Song starts with one, spreading throughout the city as more emerge, joining the chorus to comfort themselves and others. The wind whispers accompaniment, and almost as one, they turn their eyes to the sky peeking through the crags.

Deep in a Snowhurst den, the patron saint of winter awakens from his spring hibernation. The pressure builds, the static almost like a roar. Groggy, the ursuki braces himself against his burrow, emerging into the snow.

It’s ten past midnight. At once, the pressure abruptly stops. All across Bellacoste a sound like crackling ice or tinkling glass echoes. The sleepy mage watches from his tower, jolting back from his telescope as if bitten.

It’s eleven past midnight. The sky, clear, swallowed  by storm, obscured by fog, swirling with snow…

It fractures. A hairline crack works its way from the horizon upwards, splintery silk that shimmers only from the right angle. The pressure builds again and children cry all over the world as the fracture crackles and splits.

It’s twelve past midnight and Bellacoste no longer sleeps. The crack in the sky spreads rapidly, the looking glass shattered. Then, as abruptly as it began, it stops.

It’s ten past three past midnight. Guards shout to one another. The princess buries her head in the queen’s ruff. The vespires stop singing. St. Veti stares past the night’s colors into the beyond. Nothing was the same.

The sky was coming down.

April Raffle!

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Hello everylon! I was simply blown away by the amount of entries we got last month and can't thank everyone enough for such a gift-filled March. Let's move on to April with some fun new prizes! As a general reminder, raffles are now hosted completely on Lorekeeper in the raffle section of prompts. Have fun and get gifting!!

Prizes to be won:
Cherub Potion (x2)
Fairy Wings Potion (x1)
Deadline: May 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries2 per user
Participation reward
4 coins (each)

Please head on over to April's raffle prompt to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

An Unusual Discovery

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[Hesitantly peeks in] ...Is he gone? The ursilon? Oh thank goodness. That thing never blinked. I’ll be honest with you all, I was intimidated! I can’t believe I had to stop my presentation… well. To be honest with you, I lost the whole thing, but I hope we can start over! The cinnamon rolls were good at least, though there’s something a bit weird about them today… I knew they wouldn’t be quite as good on day two!!

Ahem! Anyway… you’re here for the *real* new content, aren’t you? Well, before we get into all that, why don’t we check in on Vespilet and Romulon? You may recall that several brave adventurers helped reunite these star-crossed lovers… I’ve heard they’ve since settled down in Fluorspar. Let’s see what they’re up to, shall we?


The vespire groans softly, rolling over and running their claws down their face. “A few more minutes, Romulon.”

The smell of breakfast wafts in from their small but serviceable kitchen. That was what life was like in Fluorspar-- small, but serviceable. The town of outcasts and pariahs was made large not by its size, but by the indomitable spirit and love of the people who inhabited it.

“Darling, please,” the underlying electricity in their beloved’s voice takes the vespire by the heart and they open their eyes. “I have your breakfast and… and Vespilet! The post came. There’s a letter for us… I was hoping we could open it together.”

“A letter?” the vespire asks groggily, tail curling up to wave lazily at the pouflon while they stretch, yawning. “For both of us?”

“Yes!” the pouflon answers excitedly. “It’s tied up with ribbon and sealed, see?” A tray of pastries settles daintily on their nightstand, the bound scroll whisked off it with a whiff of magic. “To the esteemed Vespilet & Romulon,” reads the pouflon before they flick the scroll, sending it to land lightly in Vespilet’s lap. “Love, I think it’s…” the pouflon swallows thickly, then smiles. “I think it’s a summoning! I think that I should go alone-- you stay here and set up, okay?” It would be safer that way.

“Romulon…” the vespire murmurs, frowning. They look down at the sealed scroll, picking anxiously at the wax seal that guarded the secrets within. “Shouldn’t we--”

“Vespilet, it’s far too dangerous for us both to go to the Capitol, I’ll be quick and safe, I promise. Our own bloom-- can you believe it?” The tap of Romulon’s hooves echoes through their modest bedroom. The pouflon flings their wardrobe open and whisks out a dark cape. “I’ll wear this, nobody will think twice. I’ll be fine!”

Romulon,” the vespire says again, holding up the scroll. “Can we open it, please?”

The pouflon freezes, cloak halfway across their shoulders. “...Open! Yes, right!”

[Open the letter? Continue reading…]
Recommended listening!

It seems that Romulon and Vespilet have welcomed a bundle of joy into the world-- the new NPC named by the community, Bread! Bread is a hybrid vespire known as a Cherub, an offspring of a pouflon and vespire that favors the vespire side of the family-- and is thus classified as a vespire! This type of hybrid is virtually unheard of…  among *pouflons*, anyway! Something strange is certainly going on here.

Sometimes, the union of a vespire and a pouflon will result in a Cherub vespire. These vespires are known for having rounder, softer features and one less digit on their hands. These hybrids are generally unknown beyond the Ebon Wreath. Whether they’re a new discovery or buried history is currently unknown.

Learn more about Cherub vespires here!

You may have noticed that several vespires on the masterlist are now classified as the Cherub subtype-- all vespires with traits now classified as Cherub have been grandfathered in! On that note, Double Wings is now a Cherub exclusive trait and signifies distant pouflon heritage-- and is no longer an optional free trait.

You can obtain a Cherub vespire using a Cherub Potion. The Double Horns spell has been reclassified as well-- it’s now called Cherub Horns, and will grant you access to any horn style from common - enchanted rarity!

There is a new event quest: Unconventional Calling. Check in with Romulon and Vespilet and meet their unusual offspring!

Perhaps you’ve been doing a bit of research instead. Come across a strange tome, and perhaps uncover some well kept secrets in this month’s monthly quest: Unusual Discovery! Dusty libraries not for you? Well, perhaps sunshine is more your speed-- participate in the Many Legged Race and try to stay standing!

Cherubs are certainly a momentous discovery-- and one that will have lasting impacts on the world. Tread lightly in April, everylon. You never know what you might run into next...

We Interupt This Message

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Good morning everylon! It’s a new month, and you know what that means… time to say goodbye to the shops and events of yestermonth and move on to the next great thing! It is with great anticipation and delight that I unveil the latest in cutting edge Pouflon Content… yes… you asked for it, and you got it!


[something large and green crashes through my powerpoint presentation... it's a bird... it's a bear... it's a ... goat?]

Uh… uhm… oh.. .. well.. I’m genuinely mortified to announce....URSILONS!

He's just a big teddy, what're you afraid of?

Ursilon are the hybrid offspring of a pouflon and an ursuki-- and this one is here to tell you, yes, specifically you... that he dropped off something nice for you at the Pippet shop!

Amaryllis is less enthusiastic, but the smell of fresh baked goods is undeniable-- and who can say no, when the sign in the window says you’re welcome to a sugary sweet for *free*? 

Be sure to stop by and grab a treat TODAY, nobody likes stale cinnamon rolls!