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January Raffle!

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January's raffle is HERE! As a general reminder, raffles are now hosted completely on Lorekeeper in the raffle section of prompts. Have fun and get gifting!!

Prizes to be won:
Pyropine (x2)
Albino Pyropine (x2)
Fireworks Potion

Deadline: February 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries2 per user
Participation reward
4 coins (each)

Please head on over to January's raffle prompt to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

High Above, Deep Below | January Announcement

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[ Recommended Listening. ]

Days before the equinox, the worst blizzard in years threatened to shutter the doors of Firsden. The storm consumed the southern mountain range, swallowing even the peaks around Snowhurst. As the snow continued to spiral down, it seemed that the Hibernal Equinox might be a quiet affair, after all. They couldn’t cast their illusions to the wind, not like this. In the white out, how would St. Veti find his way home?

Snowed in, the end of the world barely a breath away from your face. The celebrations turned quiet, the firelight dimming beyond frosted windows. The ursuki, unwilling to turn out guests into the cold, nevertheless would find themselves unable to press on. One by one, they would retire. The great sleep, and not a single shenanigan to show for it! At the heart of it all, the saints of Firsden whisper in each other’s embrace, “Don’t cry. We’ll see him next year.”

Well. That’s how the story could end. But you wouldn’t give in so easily, would you? Where, in every corner there is darkness, you have a choice. And Bellacoste has chosen life, again and again. Set your shoulders and turn the page.

This isn’t how the story ends.

When the blizzard rolls in, the ursuki don’t return to their dens. They draw their guests and each other close. Their breath freezes in the air and to each other they give the gift of warmth. Warmer still are the intrepid souls that venture into the rolling storm, prints in the snow vanishing behind them. They venture onward into the howling night and together they dig out St. Veti’s workshop.

As the brave conquer the storm, in Firsden a plan forms. What is a paltry storm in the face of everything they’ve seen, done, endured? Be it candles, lanterns, campfires or the rising inferno of a mother unwilling to be without her son, together they outlast and light up the way. The blizzard ebbs, bowing its head at last to the combined efforts of the many. With a parting flurry, the sky opens up at last.

The bitter cold remains, but it’s hard to feel it when surrounded by the warmth of those around you. The cheers, the smiles, the laughter. Oh, we’ve earned this reprieve! Take a moment to breathe, to drink, to laugh. At the gates, a groggy Veti reunites with his parents. A blaze envelops the three of them, melting a swath of snow but burning not a hair between them. It’s good to be home.

With a bang, the Hibernal Equinox starts in earnest. Chester and Mochi lead the charge with a shockingly bawdy advertisement for their wares, giggling and fleeing into the Heartswood soon thereafter. The ursuki paint the sky with color, some telling stories while others revel in the abstract. Their illusions drown out the stars and come to life all around Firsden. For one night only, spirits and fairy tales walk through the village, almost real.

The ursuki of Firsden aren’t the only ones celebrating. Look west, to Fluorspar, where Romulon and Vespilet take their cherub to the cliffside to look out into the sea. The stars twinkle and Bread reaches, waving out into the night. His parents exchange a look and a smile. Carefully they take stairs hewn into the cliff and join the others below. Where once there was a forest, the people of Fluorspar gather in the wreckage. Romulon urges their child to choose a seed packet of their own, and together the family sows the next generation of trees and plants. They could rebuild. They could outlast.

Travel east to Goldfair. The barns damaged by the rampaging beast have long since been patched. The trail still runs dark across the countryside, but in the spring the damage would start to heal. Like an old wound, some things leave a scar– but this one would be awash in wildflowers. The tables are set. The hearths are warm. Kit and Amaryllis sit together at a greater table, lost in conversation and good food.

Follow the winds northwest, where at long last the Arbiter returns to roost. The city of Banelaire greets her exuberantly, a chorus rippling through the city as the Ancient walks the cobbled streets. She joins their song, a deep note of longing. The refrains chase her through the tunnels, as comforting as one’s shadow. Into the depths she plunges until she comes to rest at the Lucid Altar. Here, she hums softly to the newly hatched geodes, reminding them that everything was fine. Everything would be alright, now.

Fly across the sound to Marshgrave. One sister knocks upon the door of the other, plaintive but hopeful. The door opens just a crack, a scrutinizing eye fills the void. Then it flies open and one embraces the other, silently. The third was already there. Together they take communion and enjoy one another’s company, sharing stories and putting the past behind them. If only for tonight.

Meander south of Obrille, just into the Ebony Wreath. Axel sits alone by the inlet shore, fidgeting with his claws. A boisterous greeting draws his attention, a smile brightening his face as Avalon joins him. They promised. Of course she came. The two embrace and lay out a blanket, watching the water together as the moon rises. Was it hours or only minutes? Did it really matter? One leans upon the other as the stars shine brighter. The pitter patter of hurried steps catches their attention just before something crashes into them. A flurry of laughter and limbs and Axel and Avalon disentangle themselves from Tiny and Titan. The woolyne siblings settle in with them on their blanket.

Jishui smiles at the water’s edge before bumping his shoulder against Tejat. Time to go.

Dive beneath the water, straight down into the darkest depths. Aequor celebrates with elaborate dances and costumes, glimmering brilliant bioluminescence. The rift remains open, the bridge quiet. The Nothing rests, but doesn’t forget. Aequor diligently keeps watch, as does Andras. The woolyne retreat to their homes, honoring their year by studying and preparing for the next.

King Ericius invites his daughter to dance, and together they pair put on a brilliant show. Naia laughs, and laughs, and laughs. Her father cracks a smile before he starts to laugh, too. It was infectious. They live another year.

At the heart of Bellacoste, townsfolk take a moment to rest. The walls were nearly rebuilt. Damaged roofs repaired. Queen Nouvel smiles wearily as Perth draws Fiorel away from the throne, joining her for just tonight to dance with the other nobles. Once the princess was engaged and dancing with others, the Queensguard returns to her post. The queen and guard share a long look and a smile.

The sky is whole. Illusions light up the night. A deep breath, a relieved exhale. We’re home. It’s peaceful.

But that’s not the end either. It can’t be.

Turn the page.

Beneath the city, down spiraling staircases, to places where the sun never shines, a cell awaits in the dark. With only sputtering torchlight to show the way, a voice rasps, rusty with disuse.

“I’m t– trying…”

Blood drips from the speaker's nose to a drying splatter on the floor.

A canted ear, the clink of a heavy chain.

“...Give me just… just a little more time.”

Just a little more time. That’s all it would take. Oh, to breathe the open air once more, so high above.

Just a little longer.

This past year sure was something, wasn’t it? Despite the ups and the downs, I’m so grateful that all of you chose to spend some of your precious time here with us. In early 2021 we embarked on this journey, not knowing where it would lead. Back then, I couldn’t imagine where the year would end. I’m so grateful to the excellent Pouflons team, who spent so much of their time this past year working to make this ARPG as fun as we possibly could.

And I’m grateful for you, the players. In 2021 we more than tripled our user base. We dove into the first major event in Pouflons history that spanned several months. In 2021 you submitted hundreds of new characters (555 pouflons, 107 vespires and 48 ursuki, to be exact!). You spent countless hours creating beautiful pieces of art and thousands of words of literature. In June, we raised $1000 for the Trevor Project. When I think of all the things we’ve achieved together, I can’t help but get a little emotional. Thank you.

Let’s make 2022 an even better year! Welcome, at last, to the Year of Bellacoste.

This year focuses on personal choice. As we start our next major storyline, your choices will directly impact the direction the story takes and the release schedule of upcoming lore, traits, and more. This month we released the first part of that journey, the new event quest [ Deep Below ]. 

How you– and your characters– approach this quest will directly impact the next part of the story. Think of it like a choose-your-own-adventure where the majority rule will dictate the next step of the story. The stakes are pretty high, but I have full confidence in you!

The rewards from these quests are pretty unusual. I think you should hang on to them, just in case.

The event quest isn’t all that’s new this month! Head on over to our [ Monthly Quests ] to participate in this year’s collaborative prompt, Equinox Celebration. The Asterfall Ball has returned this year as a solo prompt if ballrooms are more your style! Finally, New Year’s Wishes has seen some changes this year– it’s now a very fancy raffle where YOU choose what prize you want!

Our Winter [ Seasonal Prompts ] are still ongoing! That’s right, it’s not too late to grab your Heartwood Piece! Remember, it brings good luck!

Curious when the next Coin Auction might be? Wonder no more! Coin Auctions from here on out will happen in the last month of the current season. That means the schedule should always look like this:

Winter: February
Spring: May
Summer: August
Fall: November

Be sure to save those coins, the next sale is in February!

Hey there! Did you know we have our own [ Ko-fi ]? Ko-fi members get access to a lot of cool perks, including on site rewards, monthly streams, and sneak peaks at what’s coming! Your support directly helps us continue making updates like this one, as well as creating new merch to sell in…

Our [ Etsy Shop ]! Our stock is currently limited, but we’re always hard at work concepting and getting new items made.

Your support means everything to us! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Did you know we have our own [ Discord ]? Stop by to receive updates as they happen, not to mention hang with the coolest community around!

One last thing-- if you’re looking for a new Bellacoste character, why not commission [ Cake ] or [ Rhiow ] for a custom?

As always, I have a few reminders for you!

The annual [ Secret Santa ] ends on January 7th, please make sure to submit your entries before time is up! If you’re unable to finish your entry for any reason, please reach out to Pixdoodles, Cake or Rhiow to let us know.

The [ December Raffle ] also ends on January 7th, don’t forget!

Last but certainly not least, the [ NPC Contest ] will run through January 31st. You still have time to enter and forever impact the direction of upcoming characters critical to the Knight and Mage Quest update coming this year!

We know that some of you aren’t in our Discord, and that’s okay! Moving forward, we’ll be including important notes from our #changelog channel at the end of our monthly updates.

December Change Log:

Dec 1st: All new ursuki traits have been uploaded to the site and masterlist entries have been updated. The following traits had their names tweaked after our initial update: Cub Ears -> Teddy Ears, Bat Ears -> Sonar Ears, Patches Eye Patches -> Cheeky Eye Patches, Tufted Tail -> Dandy Tail, No Tail -> Bare Tail, Dino Tail -> Paleo Tail.

A Capricorn and Royal subtype have been added for ursuki. Kelp Wings have been added for Capricorn ursuki.

The ursuki runic locations have been updated. Now the eyes and tongue are required runic spots.

Dec 7th: Several legacy items have been updated to tweak or add uses! The following items have been tweaked: Cool Sunglasses, Enchanted Holly and Enchanted Bow.

All amulets have been updated with the new affinity names! Royal Amulet has had ursuki with Rootsinger or Frostbound affinities added!

Dec 9th: Starting now, all loot tables with a chance to reward nothing have had the "nothing" odds replaced with a new currency, the Gambit Token. I advise hanging onto these, you never know when they might become useful in the future! Unfortunately, we can't retroactively grant these tokens, but moving forward where you would have otherwise gotten nothing, you'll get a Gambit Token instead!

Dec 13th: Starting now, all new submissions to the site's Gallery will reward the submitter a shiny COIN! Already submitted? Don't worry-- we didn't forget about you. All current submissions are currently being worked to backlog coins, from us to you!

There's a new Gallery category as well-- Recolored Bases. Recolored Bases are the only thing not eligible for the extra gallery coin, but we'd still love to see them, so please share with us!

Additionally, a new moderator role has been added: Curator. Our Curators (Ellusively for art and Lawlie for writing) are on the lookout for art and literature that we can share on our Lorekeeper and Weebly site to showcase YOUR amazing work! Be on the lookout for our Curators reaching out! Never fear-- nobody's art or writing will be used without permission.

Dec 15th: If you received a Glass Horn Spell from your December Appreciation Gift we are offering you 1 reroll on the loot table. Glass Horn is a defunct item and was added to the loot table in error! You can either keep it and apply Vial Runic with it or submit a claim for a loot table reroll. To get the reroll follow these steps:

-Open a general claim via "Submit" -> "Submit Claim"
-Put whatever you like for the url and comment section
-Attach the glass horn spell via the "add-ons" section of the claim
-Submit claim!

Dec 21st: Leaf Wings have been updated on site to specify that they have simpler shapes and must not comprise of a greater plant system (multiple leaves creating one "wing").

Palm Wings have been changed to "Intricate Leaf Wings". The description has been updated to include types that have naturally occurring holes (ie: palm, monstera) or can be comprised of multiple leaves (ie: fern).

Dec 31st: There's been some confusion about the Ornament Horns trait and whether it grants horns or not. It doesn't-- but it can modify your character's existing horns or add the Vial Runic effect to their other runic locations, so horns or not, you can make use of this item! If you ever ADD horns in the future, the Vial Runic effect can carry over to them.

The Candle Horns spell was also in nebulous territory, so we made a change to it as well. This spell can modify your character's existing horns (any style) to the candle type, - OR - grant (or upgrade) your character's horns to the "Wreath" style. The second option will still be candle style horns, but now there's an option to add horns to characters that don't currently have them!

December Raffle!

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December's raffle is HERE! As a general reminder, raffles are now hosted completely on Lorekeeper in the raffle section of prompts. Have fun and get gifting!!

Prizes to be won:
Enchanted Holly
Ornament Horn
Winter Crown (x3)

Deadline: January 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries2 per user
Participation reward
4 coins (each)

Please head on over to December's raffle prompt to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

The Hibernal Equinox | December Announcement

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As harvest feasts come to an end and graveside candles turn to smoke, lights flicker within the forests of Bellacoste. The deep places come to life. The forgotten groves are remembered. Like fireflies the lights spin and beckon.

All but one.

Deep in the mountain range sheltering Snowhurst, the patron Saint of Winter is not in his workshop adding the final touches on trinkets and baubles. The hearth is dark and cold. As the first snowfall blows across central Bellacoste, the saint sinks deeper and deeper into impenetrable sleep.

As the equinox draws closer, St. Veti hibernates alone.

[ Recommended Listening. ]

The lights glimmer and dance, casting their glow on old forgotten stones. Frostbitten and cold, they show you the way. The path that’s been forgotten. The memory reignites. The way is long and the road is cold, but the reward for a journey well taken is worth it. All over Bellacoste, pouflons and vespires suit up to make the trek. They remember it now.


For those brave enough to take the road south, the ancestral home of the ursuki waits with open gates and welcoming arms. The days grow ever shorter, this window in time whittles away with each sunset. But the ursuki fill the night with spectacle and good food. The darkness is not to be feared, not here.

Deep in the Heartwood, an enormous ursuki sits before an unfathomably large tree. The elder from which all else sprouted. Snow falls between the branches, though the cold does not seem to trouble him. Gently, the giant places a heavily clawed paw against the trunk of the ancient tree, a glimmer of magic passing between them.

“My Hart..?” she calls from beyond the copse. The ursuki squeezes his eyes shut and clutches his cloak around his shoulders, claws withdrawing from the tree. He turns to look to the light in the dark.

“Elidi,” Hart beckons, his voice worn. “Firelight, I’ve nearly found him. The roots only stretch so far, but…”

Elidi places a paw on Hart’s back, looking up into the boughs above. “I know you’re worried, love, but it’s only been two days. Perhaps the letter is late?” Concern creases her brow. “Visitors have begun to arrive, don’t you want to greet them?”

Her warmth always soothed his weariness. The visitors. Of course. “Perhaps you’re right,” he sighs, running his claws through his fur. “But… just once more, then I will come out.”

Elidi smiles, bumping her forehead against his arm. “Then I’ll wait here with you until you’re ready.”

Before she could prepare herself, Hart sweeps her into a warm hug. The fire on her back licks along his arms but leaves him unburnt. The two embrace beneath the heart of Firsden for time immeasurable before he unwinds an arm.

Holding Elidi to his chest, Hart once more reaches for the tree, their communion lighting up in lines around his face. She watches, as mesmerized as if it were the first time. With his mate at his heart, Hart reaches into the soul of the world.

And he searches. The roots were miles long, the filaments even more so. Where they touched others, he could jump from the world tree to its children, and so he hopped across the mountains of Snowhurst, looking, peering, hoping.

The evergreens whisper of the sky that cracked, a choice that was made, and upon their branches he can finally see his son. He reaches into the darkness before he races back along the veins of the world. With a gasp the saint returns to himself.

“Hart?” Elidi asks, reaching to gently touch his face.

“Come,” Hart stands, carrying her with him. “We have work to do.”

“...Dear?” Elidi questions, thumping him lightly on the chest with her claws. “What did you see? Is he alright?”

“Veti is… hibernating,” Hart murmurs, eyes set ahead.

“If we want to see him by the equinox, we best hurry, then!” Elidi squirms, looking towards the path ahead. “This isn’t like him.”

“Indeed,” Hart agrees, pressing his nose to the top of her head. “He’s growing up, firelight.”

Just before forest’s end, he gently sets her down. Paw in paw, the saints of Firsden walk into the raucous light of town. The sights and sounds swim around them as they stand apart from it all.

“Send the helpful sorts my way, would you?” Hart glances down at Elidi and smiles warmly.

“With a spring to their step, my Hart.” His firelight smiles back at him.

Briefly he squeezes her paw, then they both meld into their roles. The equinox would stop for no one, not even them.

Even so, Veti would not be forgotten this winter.

Welcome one and welcome all! The Hibernal Equinox is finally here! It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? Why not end it with a bang? Go on a journey with us throughout Bellacoste to find hidden ursuki villages and enjoy an end of year spectacle unlike anything else!

There’s a lot of new content this month for you to enjoy! The patron saint of Winter seems to be struggling to stay awake-- the leaders of Firsden are looking for the brave and helpful to make things right. Are you ready to jump to St. Veti’s aid in our brand new [ Event Quests ]?

It’s time, at long last, to explore the ursuki settlement of Firsden! Outsiders are welcomed at this time of year only, so make the most of the opportunity in December’s [ Monthly Quests ].

Take the time this winter to explore the Heartwood in our brand new [ Seasonal Quest ]. Said to be the oldest forest on Bellacoste, the trees have stories to tell to those that are willing to listen. If you take a piece of the forest with you, be sure to hang on to it. Gifts are seldomly given, but said to bring the owner good fortune in the year to come.

Be sure to visit the [ Pippet Shop ] to pick up the winter seasonal pippets! The [ December Shop ] is in town with wintery favorites, including two NEW traits this year: Flickering Pupils and Shed Horns. All December traits are now available in the [ Cash Shop ] as well!

Ursuki traits have had a complete rehaul! Take a look at their various [ Trait Pages ] to see all the new and reworked traits, including an all new legendary Royal subtype!

As with the vespire update, these traits will take a few days to properly roll out on our Lorekeeper site. They should all be added and attributed to current ursuki by the end of this week! Thank you for your patience.

That’s not all the ursuki news-- far from it! Alongside their traits I’m happy to share the first ursuki lore expansion! You can read all of the new stuff now on their [ Information ] page. Be sure to click through the tabs!

Two new [ Festivals ] have been added: The Hibernal Equinox and The Wild Hunt.

Take a peek this month at our new [ NPC Entries ] for St. Elidi, St. Hart and St. Veti!

Are you as excited about Firsden as we are? Take a look at our [ Destinations ] page to learn more about the ursuki’s most well known village. It’s not quite ready yet, but I’m excited to announce that Firsden will be the first location to come with custom music! When that’s added we’ll announce it in our [ Discord ].

Ursuki aren’t the only ones getting new content this month! Their attunement to nature is unmatched, and with their update we would also like to introduce our updated Affinities.

Each affinity has gone through a rehaul, including names, powers granted, and the way they impact specific species. Several new abilities have been added to each affinity for both training and seasoned Mages and Knights, rewarding those that have fought their way to Tier Three with powerful new skills.

In addition to that, I’m excited to share the all new Greater Affinities with you! Greater Affinities are for those that have already mastered their chosen affinity and want to push it further-- embark on a set of two new quests to obtain a greater understanding of the elements.

Those that obtain a Greater Affinity will be rewarded with an Affinity Aspect and will be able to add one of the following to their character with the Greater Affinity: Affinity Runic, Affinity Wings, Affinity Tail or Affinity Limbs. Additional traits can be added by repeating the quests or purchasing more Affinity Aspects from the [ Trait Shop ]. Affinity Runic can still be added to characters with standard Affinities using this item!

Affinities will be moving to a new launch page sometime in the new year-- until then, you can continue to access them [ here ]. Curious about more update information? Until the launch page update, you can access that [ here ].

Did you see our [ December Advent ]? The first design will be for sale later today at 12PM EST! We hope to see you there!

It’s time for our seasonal feedback! This Fall we concluded our Skyfall event and returned home from The Bridge in September. We introduced the Lamentation as well as the new questing system for Blessings and Curses in October. In November, we took a month of quiet remembrance during the Fete Passing.

How are we doing? You can let us know on our [ Feedback Form ].

Hey there! Did you know we have our own [ Ko-fi ]? Ko-fi members get access to a lot of cool perks, including on site rewards, monthly streams, and sneak peaks at what’s coming! Your support directly helps us continue making updates like this one, as well as creating new merch to sell in…

Our [ Etsy Shop ]! Our stock is currently limited, but we’re always hard at work concepting and getting new items made. There’s something new coming soon this month that I’d like to give you a sneak preview of-- we’ll announce when they’re available in our Discord!

Your support means everything to us! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

One last thing-- if you’re looking for a new Bellacoste character, why not commission [ Cake ] or [ Rhiow ] for a custom?

Just a couple more reminders before we part ways! Ko-fi subscribers, please be aware that [ The Crown Cafe ] stock will cycle on December 7th. Be sure to spend your noble coins on anything you want before they’re gone!

Don’t forget to enter [ November’s Raffle ] before it ends on December 7th!

Did you see the [ NPC Contest ]? You still have time to enter and forever impact the direction of upcoming characters critical to the Knight and Mage Quest update coming next year!

Finally, the [ Corrupted Shop ] will be closing for good on December 31st at 11:59PM EST. All Corrupted items will be removed from the [ Cash Shop ] at this time as well. Most will enter the Legend Shop and Crown Cafe pools and may appear again, however, if you would like a Lycore Cub or Woolyne Form MYO you MUST purchase them by the end of the year. After that, they’re gone for good.

Additionally, the [ New Healing ] quest will be going away at the same time-- this is the ONLY way to get the “Cleansed” title for your character, so be sure to complete it before time’s up! If your character is still “Corrupted” once the quest is removed, you can freely remove it with a regular Design Update, but it won’t grant the “Cleansed” title.

Woolyne Form MYOs will be able to be used as long as you have the item in your inventory. Thank you again for participating in Skyfall and the other events throughout the year. We’re so grateful to have you here!

We hope you enjoyed this update. See you next time for the Year of Bellacoste!

December 2021 Advent

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Hello everylon, the month of November is almost over and we're happy to announce our December Advent! 12 lovely artists and 12 STUNNING designs will be going up for auction every odd day this December starting on 12/01 and running through 12/23.

Each design will be capless auction, many have bid incentives and come with bonus art so be sure to read each sale carefully to know exactly what you might be going for! There will be no previews before the sales go live so at 12pm EST on the alloted date the sale will fully go live for bidding and end 48 hours after the final bid. With all that said lets get into these amazing designs!



Dec 1st - Gingerbread Snack by ducclord
A sprinkle of sugar, a dash of cinnamon and a lot of love, this pouflon runs their own little travelling bakery!

Dec 3rd - Penguin March by reiitan
A cheerful pouflon who has the gift of bringing snow sculptures to life. They can be seen marching alongside their newfound friend.

Dec 5th - Mistletoe Prince by bearwithglasses
A handsome, elegant prince from a snowy mountain kingdom, this pouflon is known for throwing enchanting parties when winter rolls around.  They're exellent at ballroom dancing, and with mistletoe strung up around their antlers for the holidays, they seem to charm and woo everyone who comes their way. Single and very ready to mingle.

Dec 7th - Revelation by arboret
After the truth comes revelation. Be not afraid.

Dec 9th - Aurora Borealis by kyurikai
This mysterious old pouflon wanders the frosty winter forest helping those in need, using their big fluffy body to keep others warm. Don't worry they don't bite.

Dec 11th - Frosted Embers by lurkwoods
This kind pouflon wanders the snowy south, hoping to help any wayward traveller a bit of respite in their warmth. Helping everylon they can brings them great joy and they can often be found telling wondorous stories filled with hearty laughter to anylon willing to listen. They do look forward to the warmer spring and summer months when they shed the heavy weight of their horns, though.

Dec 13th - Northern Moon by goatr
Without horns or fur, come whiskers and purrs; you may even hear a strange meow! When it's late at night, and the moon's shining bright, this pouf is the happiest around.

Dec 15th - Angel of Light by lusomnia
A small Pouflon who owns a candlemaking shop, where they spend most of their year making candles. During the cold and dark winter months, they walk around all of Bellacoste, donating and gifting the candles to those who need a little more light in these times. 

Dec 17th - Hart-Warming by lynstrommr
This pouflon loves the cold, but struggles to find others who feel the same way. They try to warm up those around them, but keep getting told that they're even colder than the chilly air. Easygoing and genuine, their warm personality makes up for their cold nose.

Dec 19th - Krampus by ponkochi
While there are rumors of a demonic being who punishes bad children during the winter months, this pouflon is anything but that. Despite their somewhat startling appearance, they’re actually a big softie at heart and deliver coal to those that need to warm up during the cold winters.

Dec 21st - Boughs of Holly by jaywalkings
Reticient and reserved, this pouflon shares little about their past. Their broken antler? A souvenir from a scuffle. Their wreaths of holly? In remembrance (but of who?). Their aura illuminates their path on their neverending quest, and they take solace in their solitude... or does it bring them loneliness?

Dec 23rd - Snowshoe by onioned
Among the snowy mountains, a solitary pouflon walks lightly over the fresh snow. The rising sun shines on them, reflecting off the ice of their horns in a prism of light. This pouflon is at home in the cold, and has an uncanny way of traveling easily through the snowdrifts.


Each design has a SB of $100 and a MI of $5
Bidding begins at 12pm EST on their alloted day
Bidding ends 48 hours after the final bid
These are capless auctions with no auto-buy values


Pouflon Secret Santa 2021

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Despite the fact that we are just into the month of November we're getting an early kick start on this year's Secret Santa! Below is all the information you'll need to know about this year's exchange and signup form! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask here or in the discord!



- Sign-ups start from today (Nov 8th) and are open until November 22nd!
-Characters submitted must be from the Pouflons ARPG
- You can only enter with characters available to receive gift art! You can offer up more than one of your characters, but only one will be drawn.
- Please let us know when you're signing up if you'd like to be a back-up artist in case someone doesn't receive their gift!
- If you'd like to join in, please fill out the survey linked below:

[2021 Secret Santa Sign Up]

If you realize that you're unable to finish your gift in time, please let us know, it's perfectly understandable and we won't be mad! But please let us know as early as you can, so we can find a back-up artist to cover your giftee.



- You can upload your gift at any point between December 20th and January 7th.
-This time period is also when the claim prompt will go live on the lorekeeper site to claim your prize!
- Gifts must be clean and colored! Sketches are not allowed. Backgrounds are not required, but encouraged for maximum gift giving fun!
- Pixel art entries must be at least 100x100 in their original (non-scaled) size.
- If the person that you are assigned has more than one registered character volunteered, you can only draw one of them for the Secret Santa.
- Please upload your finished entry to the Secret Santa group folder on lorekeeper or deviantart (or both)!
- You can claim your secret Santa on the lorekeeper for coins as well as an Enchanted Silver Bell. You can claim this only once.


If you have any questions, feel free to comment or ask in the discord!

November Raffle!

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November's raffle is HERE! As a general reminder, raffles are now hosted completely on Lorekeeper in the raffle section of prompts. Have fun and get gifting!!

Prizes to be won:
Pouflon MYO Slot
Vespire MYO Slot
Deadline: December 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries2 per user
Participation reward
4 coins (each)

Please head on over to November's raffle prompt to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

The Fete Passing | November Announcement

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Happy November, everylon! Did you get everything you wanted from the October Shop? The Maizard has moved on to the [ Pippet Shop ] for the rest of the season. The shop may have moved on for the year, but Blessings and Curses have not! The [ Blessing and Curses Quests ] will remain active always as a permanent way to alter your character! Additionally, the Blessed Idol and Cursed Effigy will be available in the [ Cash Shop ] year round!

As the Lamentation comes to a close and the vespires emerge from their subterranean song, we ease into the Fete Passing, a somber, bittersweet holiday for pouflons. The air is getting a bit chilly, time to bundle up with our [ monthly quests ], Sweater Weather and Bellacoste Bake Off! Perhaps you prepare for the feast by visiting departed loved ones in an all-new event quest, [ Time of Remembrance ]?

Are you curious about holidays on Bellacoste? A brand new lore page just dropped on our Weebly all about yearly festivals, check it out [ here ].

A couple of months ago we started our revamp of vespire traits. That’s now complete! You can view all of the changes and new traits in each trait subsection for vespires on our Weebly site. Several traits have changed rarity and many more have been added! In the next week, we will be updating all current vespires on site to reflect these changes! Any downgraded traits WILL be compensated accordingly.

Many exciting things are going on behind the scenes on the dev team! In advance of an exciting knight/mage quest addition that will be coming next year we need a little help from you, our lovely community, to help design the new npcs for these quest lines! The Knight/Mage addon will include 6 new subtypes, 3 for each, that will allow for a little more variety in how you do your knight/mage questing. The six new subtypes are as follows:

  • Knight Scout
  • Rogue Knight
  • Royal Knight
  • Potion Mage
  • Druidic Mage
  • Seeker Mage

You can read more about them [ here ].

You may submit a design ONCE for each path. Submissions will be open from Nov 1st - Jan 31st. Rules and prizes are listed in the google form which doubles as your submission! If you have any questions regarding the competition feel free to ask!

[ NPC Design Contest Information and Entries. ]

Did you guys know that we have an [ Etsy ]? We have some new and interesting items coming soon, but for now, remember to get your holiday shopping done early!

Interested in in-game goodies, streams with the queens and exciting looks behind the scenes at upcoming content? Join our [ Ko-fi ] for all this and more!

Rhiow has Bellacoste customs and redesigns open! Find out more information [ here ].

Don’t forget! Our [ October Raffle ] ends on November 7th! Get your entries in [ now ]!

See you next month for the mysterious Hibernal Equinox!

October Raffle!

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A winged shadow can be seen in the light of the moon as this bat-themed raffle flies in! As a general reminder, raffles are now hosted completely on Lorekeeper in the raffle section of prompts. Have fun and get gifting!!

Prizes to be won:
Imp Tail Spell
Imp Wings Spell
Imp Potion
Deadline: November 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries2 per user
Participation reward
4 coins (each)

Please head on over to October's raffle prompt to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

The Sickle Sisters | Lamentation Announcement

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“And that, little buds, is how Nouvel became Queen.” the elder concludes, nodding decisively as if to punctuate it. The end.

The blooms murmur amongst themselves as the sun sets. The stars rise-- and there’s a couple of new ones, not that anyone’s enjoyed stargazing lately. A chill settles into the night as the matron stokes the fire. They huddle closer together and one requests, “Ma’am, another story? A scary one this time!”

“A scary one?” the grandmother responds incredulously. “That one wasn’t spooky enough for you?” She snorts at their imploring faces before she settles back down. “Alright, alright. Your parents will have told you to stay out of Marshgrave, I imagine, but have they ever told you who’s really out there in that swamp?”

The blooms chatter, jostling around her before settling. “The Sickle Sister!” they all chime, little tails wagging. Who didn’t love a good Bogeyman story? 

“Ah yes, that old witch! Did you wee things know there used to be two of them? They owned that old wood, and they ruled it with sharp hooves! Back in the old days, we dared not venture into the swamp, the sisters’ll curse you!” The old pouflon grins wryly. “But wouldn’t you know it, one day, one of the sisters withered. The other, bitter in her grief, turned her back on the world. You could creep the swamp, if you weren’t too loud…”

She rustles her tail, causing a couple of the kids to jump. The matron laughs before continuing, quieter than before. “There the old witch stayed, shut deep in Marshgrave, curse upon whoever should bother her. Some say they’ve seen her, always different. A hag. A blossoming young lady. A bloom!” She blows a puff of air at the nearest child.

“The Sickle Sister is a shapeshifter, you see! A form changer! Some say she’s even passed herself as her lost sister, if you believe the stories.” She grins as the shadows creep closer. “Some say she’s the only one in the world… but they’re wrong.”

Her audience blinks and she smiles knowingly. “Another bloomed, the sweet first daughter of a noble family. Proud and with a strong heritage, they were aghast when their firstborn shed her petals and… her shape as well. Before them hulked not their daughter, but a vespire! In fear, they cast her away…”

The blooms shifted, whispering amongst themselves. A vespire? How could that be true?

“Lost and confused, the little noble girl was abandoned in the swamp, and that night the old witch found her. Surely she was done for! But in that weedy thing, the Sickle Sister found kin. For the first time since her departed sister, she’d found another shifter.”

The blooms murmured then. Their parents had never said anything about this!

“Now they rule the forest as they once did, blighting those that cross them!” the old pouflon cries, eyes twinkling as the young’uns startle. “The Sickle Sisters live on, trust me on that. Remember, little blooms, tread carefully in Marshgrave!”

The matron reclines as the bloom animatedly discussed the story, debating its merits and how true they thought it was. The older ones assured they weren’t scared and the young ones startled at their own shadows.

As the moon rises, the elder smiles.


As the harvest moon rises and the pouflons tend to their fields, the vespires of the Ebon Wreath descend deep down into the earth. In the months of plenty in Bellacoste, the vespires recall those they have lost.

They travel further down than usual, into the deep cavernous caves formed when the world was still new. Some bring momentos, but they all bring a song. Together the Stratas sing the lifesong of those who sang before them, the threads of so many lives lived forming a deep, resonating tapestry.

The song could carry for days, and at its strongest it could be felt far above the caverns, soaring straight to the surface.

They had a word for this, too difficult for those above ground to pronounce, and so it became known as The Lamentation.

As our heroes return from the Bridge, life gradually returns to normal. The crack in the sky mends, but the rifts at the end of it remain. The Nothing is quiet, but not defeated.

Corrupted Coins can now be traded with other players! The [ Corrupted Shop ] will remain open for the rest of the year, but it will close its doors and the Skyfall event items will vanish from the [ Cash Shop ] on January 1st, 2022.

Event items may return for limited releases in the future, but some of them will be going away forever-- be sure to get your Woolyne Form Tickets, as that will be gone for good in January!

The “New Healing” quest will remain active through January 1st. All characters that have not been cleansed by this time can have their corruption removed via a Design Update-- however, characters cleansed this way will not receive the “Cleansed” title.

Thank you again for participating in our biggest event yet! The team hopes you had a great time-- we learned a lot, and can’t wait to share the next big thing with you!

Oh, bloom, are you brave enough to venture to Marshgrave after what the elder told you? Perhaps you don’t believe in ghosts, and scary stories are just that: stories.

I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong.

Once you go into that swamp, you don’t come out the same. Everybody that goes into that place? They come out BLESSED… or CURSED. But if you ask me, there’s no real difference, is there?

This Lamentation, we’re ecstatic to announce an all new, PERMANENT questing system for [ BLESSINGS AND CURSES ]. Similar to affinities, these quests are more involved than most seasonal quests, and as a result they permanently alter your character.

These quests are available year round, and some traits may only appear seasonally! But beware-- if you apply a Blessing or Curse to your character, you CANNOT remove it with a normal Design Update! To remove a Blessing or Curse, you must embark on a third quest chain, ABSOLUTION.

This update includes a number of new traits, which you can read about [ here ].

As the leaves begin to change and a chill creeps into the air, all of Bellacoste lets out a relieved sigh. Autumn is here, and things return to normal just in time for the harvest! Whether your character is hard at work in the fields or enjoying the feast that follows, there’s a ton to do!

In fact, there’s a bit of trouble in Goldfair! The harvest is imperiled by yet ANOTHER batch of pippets! Oh, Amaryllis, get that cauldron of yours under control! Do you think you could help out with the Run of the Pippets?

Beyond the glimmering lights and sparkling conversation at the harvest feasts, an expanse of forest beckons. Ghosts flicker amongst the trees of Redwick. Why not help St. Asphodel out in Giving Up the Ghost?

Just feel like dressing up? Show us your best duds in Costume Party!

Our Lamentation [ Event Quests ] have returned! Additionally, check out this month’s new [ Monthly Quest ], Treats and Trickery!

The [ October Shop ] is now open for business! Be sure to read over what the potions do, as several of them have been tweaked this year!

Did you spy the new pippet? Maizards have been found all over the fields during harvest, and they desperately need new homes!

A little short on coins after the coin sale? Don’t worry! All of the October potions and spells are stocked in the [ Cash Shop ] as well.

An October Advent will begin in the second week, with the first designs previewing on October 7th, going live on October 8th. There will be more designs each week!

Don’t forget! September’s [ raffle ] ends on October 7th! Be sure to get your entries in before it closes!