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March Advent Preview 2022

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Good afternoon everylon! We have a special Cradle of Crocus / March Advent for you! All designs are previewing today and the auction starts tomorrow! The advent will be split between three batches starting tomorrow (March 25th) and final batch going up on the 27th!

Batch One: Order of the Spring Rose - March 25th

Batch Two: Cradle of Crocus Parade - March 26th

Batch Three: Jousting Tourney Champions - March 27th

Auction Rules/Info

Auctions ends 24 hours after the final bid.
Bid times are rounded down to their whole minute and do not factor in seconds.
One hour Snipe Guard takes place on the 23rd hour of the most recent bid. Bids after this time will only extend the auction by another hour until no further bids are made.
Be nice and have fun!

New to Pouflons? Check out our [ Newbie Guide ]!

Site Rules ] | [ Ownership Rules ]

March Raffle!

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March's raffle is HERE! As a general reminder, raffles are now hosted completely on Lorekeeper in the raffle section of prompts. Have fun and get gifting!!

Prizes to be won:
Luck Potion
Rainbow Aura Potion
Spring Crown (x3)

Deadline: April 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries2 per user
Participation reward
4 coins (each)

Please head on over to March's raffle prompt to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

Sins of the Father | March Announcement

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[ Recommended Listening. ]

The memories of that summer were some of the happiest in his life.

“Darling,” called the lilting voice of his mother. He knew he should come when called, but the petals of the bud he’d been watching were beginning to unfurl. He so desperately wanted to see who would emerge. He’d been waiting all day, after all.

“Hang on!” he calls back, creeping slowly towards the bud in bloom. Soon a newborn would emerge, their legs still clumsy and their name unsaid. Beyond the petals lay secrets, a new life that could perhaps become a fri–

–”Now, little prince,” the voice no longer lilted. With a sigh, the bloom rose from his vigil, sulking away from the bud as the first curl of fur revealed itself. Peach! He smiles, a skip to his step as he caught up to his mother. He’d come back later to greet the newborn bloom himself!

“Come along, darling,” his mother lowered her head to blow a kiss into his hair. “There’s someone I’d like you to meet.”

He saw the noble then at the end of the row, his great curling horns a sight to behold. A moment of nervousness seizes him. “...Who?”

“A friend,” his mother assures him.

A girl sat at the end of the lane, sheltering behind the noble’s hooves. The adults spoke of things he neither cared about nor understood.

“What’s your name?” he asked as the sun began to set, cascading rays filtering through the reds, pinks, greens and blues.

“...Nouvel,” the girl answered.

That was then, a far off glance through the looking glass. Let’s return to now.

Across reality, dozens of guards face uncomfortable odds. Tenuous threads, weak and fraying, come together. They weave through the depths of space and time, carrying in their fibers the answer to a question no person alone should have ever been asked. Together they tow their burden, sewing fracturing pieces back together. A choice is made– the alternative spirals away.

It’s not too late. You can still reach. You can still dream. Fate is malleable.

Yet, you bet on compassion. How could that ever be wrong?

You made the right choice. You’re absolutely sure of it.

Sink back into the reds, pinks, greens and blues.

You give the prisoner water. They drink long and deep, shuffling in the darkness. The longer you look, the clearer they become. The first bell has yet to toll. The night stretches on, threatening to be uncomfortably long.

“...Thank you,” the voice beyond the bars echoes. “You’re kind.” It sounds stronger than before. “...I won’t forget this.”

The choice rests in the silence between captive and jailer. In the quiet the torches crackle and the runes on the bars hum with the arcane. The prisoner comes nearer, the clink and scrape of a chain a reminder of the gulf between.

“...No one has been kind to me, not for many years,” the voice laments, the whites of their eyes catching the dim light. They swim with stars. “You have good in you… please… no one has spoken to me in so long, I–...”

With a rattle, they withdraw again, the slope of their shoulders downtrod. Low hangs the head bearing such a strange horn– proud, with three points. “Do you… remember me?” they inquire at last, approaching the door once more. Close, but not too close.

“No… you wouldn’t, would you,” bitterness creeps in with an unexpected bite. “They will have made sure of that. Please, I beg you– just. You don’t have to speak, if only you’ll listen. You’re kind. I have nearly forgotten how that feels…”

The door crackles the nearer they draw. A warning. “You care for this city, don’t you? It’s in terrible danger– I beg you… just listen a moment longer, kind stranger!”

The chain rattles and the prisoner coughs, spitting up something terrible, a miasma compounding upon an unclean floor.

“...I care about it too. I’ve been forgotten, but I care… I do… I do…” they mumble to themselves. “You may have forgotten too, but it’s alright… it’s alright… I’ll tell you…”

Once again they come close, the firelight washing over their face as the door sizzles, a torturous magic burn sweeping across the room. The chain pulls taut. You can see it, secured to a runed collar around the prisoner’s neck. They lift their head as high as they can, dingy fur curling unbrushed across a tarnished golden runic.

“I am…” this part seems challenging, but they set their jaw and fight the forces pulling tightly at their throat. Between clenched teeth, they hiss, “P.. puh… Prince Terryn… Prince Terryn!”

With a gasp, the prince stumbles back from the door, chain coiling like a snake around his hooves. His chest heaves as he lowers his head once more. “Please…” he puffs. “Please believe me. I shouldn’t… I shouldn’t be here.”

Silence rises once more, painfully punctuated by his shaky breathing. His ribs jut from beneath his pelt. It’s clear, now, how frail the person confined truly is. 

“...Help me,” he begs at last, his head held low. “Chry…Chrysanthos was mine once, I love her– ruin will come, help me stop it.” A plip, from the far side of the chasm. Golden blood trickles from the prince’s nose. “I did not deserve this,” he asserts quietly. “Are the sins of my father my own? Do you remember them?”

A challenging question, without an easy answer.

“...The queen has put me here to protect herself. Ask yourself… is this… justice?” He coughs again, heaving himself to the far corner of the cell. The star at the tip of his tail drags behind him. “...I will not deny… that King Vieux was wrong. I will carry… the burden of his misdeeds my whole life! Is that just? Is that fair?”

It clings to him like a stain. The war. The murder. The terrors inflicted. A memory hangs just out of reach. How terrible, how cruel, that the prince should look so much like his father.

“Your queen was my betrothed… she betrayed me. You may… ask her yourself. Has she ever…” he laughs, the sound harsh and bitter. “...Has… has she ever come clean about who her precious child is?”

The implication hangs heavy.

“...Ask her… ask her yourself. But, please… I beg of you. Open this dreadful door. I fear… something terrible will happen to the city before dawn. Please. I am no threat.”

He pauses. “I can show you how to disarm the runes… I cannot do it from this side. Please.”

The choice yawns before you once more. The door lies ahead, the stairwell behind.

The votes are in: you’ve chosen to Break Protocol. The next part of our event quest is live, [ Sins of the Father ]! This quest, once again, presents you with a choice: Open the Door or Sound the Alarm. Your choice matters and will directly impact the future of this storyline… and Bellacoste. Choose wisely.

Your choice in Deep Below has revealed the true nature of Chrysanthos’ captive– that is, if you believe him, of course! Our masterlist has been updated with an entry for [ Prince Terryn ].

Sins of the Father will run through April 30th (11:59:59PM EST) and can be completed once per character, just like Deep Below. The next part of the story– whatever it may be!-- will be released in May. The time table will depend on how clear the choice is in the weeks leading up to May!

The first quest, Deep Below, is still active! If you were unable to complete it for whatever reason or would like to return to it with another character as the storyline unravels, you may do so for the duration of this event! However, votes will no longer be counted and the quest will ONLY reward coins moving forward.

Spring has sprung and so has one BIG party! Our spring seasonal event, The [ Cradle of Crocus ], has returned! There’s a plethora of returning event, monthly and seasonal prompts to get into! I hope you brought a blanket and picnic basket– let’s dive in!

Are you ready to celebrate the Cradle of Crocus? Visit our [ Event Quests ] to frolic through central Bellacoste in our returning event prompts St Ambrose Sighting, Jousting Tourney and Merry Maypole!

Renew vows to your loved one in our returning [ Monthly Quests ], Hornfasting– or find a special, seasonal flower in Blossoms-O-Plenty!

Spring means it’s time for new [ Seasonal Prompts ]! Rain or shine, there’s something for everylon between April Showers and Pippet Picnic!

The Cradle of Crocus has ushered in it’s own special [ Shop ] where a plethora of seasonal items are now available! Did you spend all your coins in the Winter Coin Auction? Never fear– all March seasonal items are now available in our [ Cash Shop ] as well.

Take a peek in the [ Pippet Shop ] before you spend what coins you have! Spring seasonal pippets have returned until summer!

The events aren’t the only things new this month! The team has been working hard for months to bring a massive update to Knight and Mage Quests to life. This update includes new NPCs, new paths, new quests and new callings!

This update is far too big to go into here– to learn about all the new and exciting things, please continue reading [ here ].

A huge thank you to Pix for spearheading this update, and the rest of the Pouflons team for their help along the way!

Hey, has anyone looked at their [ Heartwood Piece ] lately? Since leaving Firsden, its sprouted fresh branches and needles... this calls for extra study!

There’s more in store for us down the pipeline, including some much needed site updates. Starting in April the team will be working hard on implementing a new trait system! This process is very intensive and will require a lot of hours, so for the duration of this work submissions will be temporarily closed. We estimate that this update will be done in 2 - 3 weeks. Trust me when I say it will be worth it! Don’t worry– your favorite traits aren’t going away. We’re going to improve our current system as well as really flesh out the Lorekeeper encyclopedia. I can’t wait for you to see the end result!

There will be more information about this update as we get closer to April.

After much ado, we've added a number of new artists to our team! Please welcome our new Guest Artists: Hev, Kamodo030, Heavendeluxe, LunaEden, Buffbears, Peregyr, Teadino, puppysmooch and CrystalGryphon!

Thank you to everyone that applied! There were so many wonderful artists! Never fear if you weren't selected this time, there will be more opportunities! Applications will open again in 2023.

I'm happy to announce that there WILL be a Cradle of Crocus advent later this month! See you then!

This winter we expanded ursuki lore and traits, explored Firsden and embarked on a new adventure in Deep Below. It's time for our seasonal feedback form! [ Let us know how we did this winter! ]

Hey there! Did you know we have our own [ Ko-fi ]? Ko-fi members get access to a lot of cool perks, including on site rewards, monthly streams, and sneak peaks at what’s coming! Your support directly helps us continue making updates like this one, as well as creating new merch to sell in…

Our [ Etsy Shop ]! Our stock is currently limited, but we’re always hard at work concepting and getting new items made.

Your support means everything to us! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Did you know we have our own [ Discord ]? Stop by to receive updates as they happen, not to mention hang with the coolest community around!

One last thing-- if you’re looking for a new Bellacoste character, why not commission [ Cake ] or [ Rhiow ] for a custom?

There aren’t too many reminders this month!

The [ February Raffle ] ends on March 7th, make sure to get your entries in!

The [ Crown Cafe ] will be cycling it’s stock on March 7th, be sure to make any purchases you’ve been waiting on before then!

The Legend Shop will not be opening this month in lieu of the [ March Shop ]. Chester and Mochi need a breaaaaak, let them sleep! The Legend Shop will return in April.

Want to keep up with changes in real time? Join our [ Discord ] and select the changelog role!

February Change Log:

Feb 1st: Minimum requirements for the Mini Prompt prompt have been lowered for both drawing and writing, as such the coin payout has ALSO lowered!

Feb 8th: Wings have been updated on to distinguish between Legendary and Event rarity!

Feb 18th: As a heads up, you might see some traits moving and shifting around starting today. We'll be giving a comprehensive changelog update once we get everything settled!

Knight/Mage Questing Update + Contest Winners!

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Hello everylon, gather round for some exciting announcements regarding Knight and Mage quests. As you may have noticed, the knight/mage prompt categories look a little different now, a little emptier than before. That’s because Knight and Mage quests now live on their own pages on the lorekeeper site!

This is due, in large part, to the fact that there are 44 new quests across 6 new “specializations” for knight and mage questing. With so many quests it would have become a hassle to scroll and scroll and scroll for the individual quests in the category. This will also make it easier to expand on these questing chains again in the future! Now each category has a singular turn-in prompt per tier.

I won’t get too far into the woodwork of it all for now, but PLEASE be sure to re-read the Knight/Mage Questing Guide as it has changed with this new system! In addition, read the new quest turn-in carefully because that has changed as well!

I also quickly want to get some important questions out of the way regarding this new system and the new quests!

<a href=

Q: Do we have to do all the quests of the specialty in order to complete the knight or mage tier?
A: No. You can, like before, mix and match quests as you see fit to achieve your XP goals, this includes repeating quests!

Q: When we reach tier 3 do we get a special title for our specialty path?
A: No, you’ll still be granted the Tier 3 Knight or Mage title upon finishing your final achievement, but it will not specify a specialty.

Q: My character is already a tier 3 knight/mage, can I go back and do more questing with the new prompts?
A: You sure can (and it might be helpful to have some spare XP laying around here pretty soon). Achievements, as always, can only be completed once and do not reward XP.

<a href=

Knight Quests Knight/Mage Quest GuideMage Quests

Badgedivider-knight by pixdoodles

New Knight and Mage quests aren’t the only new things that you can do though, along with the new quests; knight and mage callings are returning! These can be found in the respective Knight and Mage prompt categories, the same place you can find the turn-in prompts.

These will remain separate from regular callings because they all share one special restriction: your character MUST be a Tier 1 Knight or Mage (with the title) to acquire these callings. Other than that, they work the same as the callings you know and love!

Knight Callings: Captain, City Guard, Hired Sword, Instructor, Royal Messenger, Scout, Squire, Templar, Village Guard

Mage Callings: Air, Candle, Earth, Fire, Ice, Nature, Potion, Seeker, Water

Badgedivider-mage by pixdoodles

And last but not least, the winners of our NPC design contest! Each new Knight and Mage specialty needed an npc in Bellacoste to represent them, and to serve as mentors for the next generation of knights and mages. You all stepped up and submitted some INCREDIBLE designs and you all voted for who you wanted to become npcs in Bellacoste! These npcs will be available immediately to be mentors for knight and mage questing characters! Without further ado, your selections;

Km Winners by pixdoodles

Pictured: Dr. Kavolsky, Pixie, Isjbrand, Niahm, South, and Lucrezia

Royal Knight:

1st - Isjbrand by onioned
2nd - Royal knight by pigeonary
3rd - Royal knight by owenstardust

Knight Scout:

1st - South by rookruff
2nd - Courser by onioned
3rd - Tali by keydemon

Rogue Knight:

1st - Lucrezia by puppysmooch
2nd - Seb by teadino
3rd - Theron by piecuddlie

Seeker mage:

1st - Niahm by sharky
2nd - Grandmother by onioned
3rd - Eydis by rookruff

Drudic mage:

1st - Pixie by sadbloom
2nd - Drudic mage by owenstardust
3rd - Winnie by cattacon

Potion mage:

1st - Dr. Kavolsky by teadino
2nd - Potion mage by remmy
3rd - Potion mage by pigeonary

To the winners, congratulations, we’ll be reaching out to you soon to sort out your prizes!

All of this news is very exciting so be sure to read all about it and if you have any questions reach out to us through the discord server help channel so we can get you out and questing!

Temporary Site Downtime - Resolved

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Hi everyone! Site functions such as notifications, submissions, and other facets of the site may not work properly today. We are currently running a database upgrade to solve this issue and will notify you all when it's complete! Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Edit 5:30pm - We think that the site is good to go and should be functioning normally again! Let us know if you run into any more problems and thank you for your patience!

February Raffle!

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February's raffle is HERE! As a general reminder, raffles are now hosted completely on Lorekeeper in the raffle section of prompts. Have fun and get gifting!!

Prizes to be won:
Lovepine (x2)
St. Amare's Crown (x2)
St. Florrie's Crown (x2)

Deadline: March 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries2 per user
Participation reward
4 coins (each)

Please head on over to February's raffle prompt to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

Happy VaLONtines!: February Announcement

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Happy VaLONtines everyone! This month is a relatively quiet one while we prepare for what’s coming in March. That said, there’s still some new and continuing content this month, so let’s get into it!

Our [ Event Quests ] from last year focusing on bringing together Romulon and Vespilet have returned! If you didn’t get a chance to participate in 2021, now’s your chance! This year, our loving couple is eager for a break from their sweet little cherub. Do you think you have what it takes to keep an eye on Bread for their parent’s date night? I warn you– they can talk now!

While many of the rewards for quests this month are familiar, there are some new things as well… think you can find them all?

Or, if you don’t want to try your luck against the loot boxes, you might find something special in our [ Cash Shop ] instead!

Happy Lunar New Year! There’s a special gift in the [ Pippet Shop ] for all users… the box is shaking rather violently, I think you better go claim it before it gets ripped to shreds!

The seasonal favorite, Pink Puppea, has returned to the shop for the month of February as well!

Our [ Poufiversary ] is over! I hope you enjoyed the scavenger hunt, raffles and games! Rhiow was moving this month so games will continue on our [ Discord ] for a while in February– she’s not done with you guys yet! The extra raffles and scavenger hunt have now ended.

The Poufiversary sale on all items in our [ Cash Shop ] has ended, but a NEW 15% off sale on all Coin Bundles has begun for the month of February! The seasonal Coin Auction will start later this month, so there’s no time like the present to start stocking up!

The New Year’s Wishes raffle has ended! Results will be drawn live on our [ Discord ] and all prizes will be distributed within the next day!

The NPC contest has officially ended! Voting for that will open up very soon, keep an eye out for an additional announcement within the next day!

Hey there! Did you know we have our own [ Ko-fi ]? Ko-fi members get access to a lot of cool perks, including on site rewards, monthly streams, and sneak peaks at what’s coming! Your support directly helps us continue making updates like this one, as well as creating new merch to sell in…

Our [ Etsy Shop ]! Our stock is currently limited, but we’re always hard at work concepting and getting new items made.

Your support means everything to us! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Did you know we have our own [ Discord ]? Stop by to receive updates as they happen, not to mention hang with the coolest community around!

One last thing-- if you’re looking for a new Bellacoste character, why not commission [ Cake ] or [ Rhiow ] for a custom?

You know what time it is? It’s reminders time!

The [ January Raffle ] ends on February 7th, make sure to get your entries in!

Did you see that we have [ Guest Artist Applications ] open? If you’d like to join our team of guest artists, applications will be open through February 11th.

The start of our yearly adventure is still available to be completed! If you haven’t fit in the first part of [ Deep Below ] quite yet, never fear! You have until February 28th at 11:59:59PM to complete the quest! The next part will start between March 1st-15th, depending on several factors. Your choice matters– and it may change the release date, depending on how it sways towards the end.

Have you gotten your Heartwood Piece yet? There’s still time to complete [ A Piece of the Heart ] to get your souvenir. Gifts like this are rarely given, so be sure to grab one while you can before the seasonal prompts change over! You have until February 28th to complete this quest as well.

Want to keep up with changes in real time? Join our [ Discord ] and select the changelog role!

January Change Log:

Jan 3rd: The trait description for Tusks has been updated on the site to include means of acquiring it and examples of how it can present itself!

Jan 5th: DRACO POTIONS can no longer be used on Vespires. This was always kind of a weird one, and we moved most of the traits it grants to lower rarity levels for vespires in our initial update. There were a few outliers and I want to address those now!

  • Sulfury and Spade style horns are moving to ENCHANTED rarity for vespires only.
  • Crystal Runic is remaining a vespire royal subtype trait, but is moving to being a secondary (so it can be applied by Little Legends as well, but only to vespires).
  • Why the change? Because the Draco Potion/Amulet is for "dragon hybrids"... vespires are the source of these traits, so why shouldn't they be able to access them naturally? It would be like using Cherub potions on pouflons! No more, no more I SAY!!!!

Moving forward, we would like hybrid potions to be used SPECIFICALLY for hybrid characters. Unfortunately, this means the Draco Potion is currently off the table for use on Ursuki. Never fear, all hybrids are planned to eventually make it into the game. No existing traits will be removed from characters, but future additions of these traits are being put on pause until the full release of the hybrid style they originate from. I promise it will be worth the wait!

Jan 8th: Baby character can now have ANY TRAIT and are no longer restricted! All that we ask is that the traits are not huge or exaggerated as babies are still growing. Additionally, they are able to have affinities but the power must be latent until they’re fully grown.

Jan 10th: Small change but Bloom, Sprout, and Geode tickets are now tradeable amongst users! FTO tickets still remain account bound!

Similarly, all Bloom, Sprout and Geode characters can be traded to other users with the exception of FTO Blooms– those remain trade locked to their original creator.

A new extension was added today! Navigate to the Home dropdown and you’ll see “My Wishlists”! 

You can now create Wishlists on the site and see other's wishlists as a link on their profile pages! You can also make MULTIPLE wishlists so... fear not, you can organize as much as you like!

Only things classified as "items" in the game can be added to wishlists!

Jan 12th: Have you been on recently? Mage and Knights have their very own info page now with lots of info about what each badge means for each tier as well as all the mage/knight potential interactions with affinities!

As always, the things listed are just guidelines and suggestions and by no means hard rules to what you can and can't do with your own characters!

You can ALSO find information about the affinities effect on mage and knights directly on the affinities encyclopedia entries on the play.pouflons lorekeeper!

Jan 18th: Unfortunately, characters based on copyrighted characters (ex: Spiderman) are no longer permitted.

From this point on, characters can NOT be obviously based on copyrighted characters. Characters with designs that meet this criteria that have already been accepted before this announcement are grandfathered in, but from this point on we will be more strict.

The reason for this change is legality issues. Pouflons is a small brand and does not want to run into copyright problems in the future. Thank you for understanding!

Jan 19th: The site was updated to only allow logged in users to view characters on the masterlist. This is to protect your characters from bots or other unscrupulous people!

Jan 20th: Light Pupil has been added as a secondary dragon trait, meaning that it can be applied with Draco Potion, Draco Amulet or a Little Legends Potion!

Knights & Mages NPC Contest - Round 1 Voting

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The time has come and submissions for the Knight & Mage NPC contest have closed! That means we're moving on to the first round of voting. As laid out in the original submissions form voting will occur today (Feb 1st) through the 15th of this month. If needed a second, Tiebreaker, poll will be accessible to Ko-fi supporters of Blossom rank or higher to make final votes on the top ranking designs! After the 15th we'll go quiet for a while and the winners will be announced at the beginning of March, so be sure to keep an ear out!

[Knight & Mage Submissions]

You are only permitted to vote ONCE for each category so choose carefully. You CANNOT edit your vote after submitting so consider your choices carefully. To see more info about each character and category refer to this google slide document linked above.


Prizes for winning are as follows and are rewarded PER K/M path!

1st Place - Your design will become the main NPC for that path! You will also receive a MYO ticket for the species of your choice and a 20xp Boost to one character that belongs to you (knight or mage xp)
2nd Place - 10xp Boost (K/M xp)
3rd Place - 5xp Boost (K/M xp)
XP Boosts will not allow you to bypass Achievement quests, you will still need to complete those to move on to the next tier of questing.

If you submit multiple designs and are voted for multiple path winners you will only be permitted to choose one design to become the npc. Any other paths will be passed on to the next highest voted design and so on until each path as a different artist as the winner.

Disclaimer: If your npc design is selected to become part of the ARPG some aspects may be changed in order to better fit into the ARPG! This could include but it not limited to the appearance, name, and description. However you will ALWAYS be credited for its creation.

If your design is voted as the winner, ownership of it and its distribution is transferred to Pouflons LLC

Guest Applications: Open!

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Good morning poufam!
We are opening up guest artist applications for the new year. If you're interested in applying, please apply in this form below.
Some information to be aware of prior to applying:
- Guest artists need to be 18+ and must have a paypal account
- Guest adopt profit is split 75% / 25% with guest artists receiving 75% of the profit from an adopt UNLESS the total sale is under $200, in which you receive 100% of the profit.
The deadline for applications is February 11th at 11:59 EST!

Happy Poufiversary!

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Good evening everylon! It’s a very special day today, did you know? One year ago today, Cake and Rhiow bought Pouflons! It’s our… POUFIVERSARY!

We thought we would mark this special occasion with a celebration! Starting today and carrying on for the rest of the month you can look forward to some fun activities, savings, and surprises!

To kick off our celebration, we have a special [ Scavenger Hunt ] that will run through January 31st. There are seven hidden prizes, can you find them all?

We’re running a sale for the rest of the month in the [ Cash Shop ]! ALL normal stock items (coins excluded) are discounted by 15%! This is the biggest shop sale we’ve had to date, so stock up while you can!

This month we’ll be running more [ Discord ] raffles and games than usual, so be sure to join us!

We added two new items to our [ Etsy Shop ]! Stop on by and claim a Puppea or Ichigato Charm!

Thank you for being here with us to celebrate! We’re so thankful for all of you every single day. You make our community such a wonderful place.. We love you! Happy Poufiversary!