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Don't Panic | Skyfall ♊︎ Introduction

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“There is a moment in every dawn when light floats, there is a possibility of magic. Creation holds its breath.”

-- Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Smoke spirals up from the small camp of refugees hitchhiking on the back of another world. From this far away, they really looked quite small.

Little pieces of ash float. The light filters hazily down from hundreds of skies, held together like so many pieces of broken glass. Bellacoste and Andras were up there, too, if you only looked hard enough.

Time ticks backwards. How many weeks has it been now?

They’ve lost count.

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It was Avalon’s turn to guard their camp. Every night-- or what they decided was night in the perplexing twilight-- they took shifts. In all of the pendulous days they had not run into another living soul, but Axel complained intermittently of apparitions. She wasn’t sure if she believed in all that, but their young charge Tiny seemed to believe the vespire, so begrudgingly she sets up for another lonely watch.

Axel’s ghosts, as always, fail to appear. The Old King and spectres on two legs he complained of never came for her. The vespire would bump his head against Tiny’s, and late at night they would talk of Andras’ villains. The vespire said he’d seen them, too. The farmer listened with mild interest, but whatever foe they saw she was blind to. Nothing haunted her peripheral vision.

Perhaps it was for the best. One of them needed to retain their sanity and strength, right? Whatever had happened to Axel and Tiny had left them seeming shockingly frail to the plucky. Perhaps that’s what the corruption did to you, even once it healed? Thank the stars she’d held her own back.

Someone has to keep them safe was the last thought Avalon had before her fatigue caught up with her. Heavy eyelids close and the plucky drifts off to sleep.

“FALL BACK!” King Ericius shouts, a lance of magic spearing another creature as it slips from the rift. “WE HAVE TO DO IT NOW! GIVE IT EVERYTHING!”

Dozens of capricorns swarm the rift, their collective magic sweeping over the pulsing wound and strangling it. It burns, the water bubbling as the ocean boils. The heat washes towards them even as the king forces them back. It was now or never.

“FOR AEQUOR!” Naia rallies, the crowd echoes her roar. The rift fights back, cooking the water around it and pushing out unbearable heat, even at a distance. Together, through sheer power of will, the denizens of Bellacoste face fate and tell it No, I don’t think so. Not today.

As their souls rush towards the rift, the collective will of Bellacoste constricts in a dizzying array of color. Together they stare down the barrel of the heat death of everything they love and they tell it again, No.

This isn’t how our story ends.

In that moment, their souls shone so bright, like scattered stars on the backdrop of the infinite universe.

The rift stabilizes.

The water cools down.

“Did we do it?” somelon asks breathlessly.

We certainly did.

A guard hurries along the halls of Andras’ highest security prison, stopping to huff and puff and wipe his brow before taking off again at a sprint. He slaps the lockdown alarm as he runs, sending Arcton into high alert. Alarms blast as doors lock and gates come crashing down.

“WHAT THE HELLS IS HAPPENING?” bellows a lookout as the guard sprints past.

“THEY’VE ESCAPED,” the guard calls back, doubling over and wheezing. “All, all three,”

“A-... Arcanum’s dogs,” spits the guard after a moment. The lookout stares breathlessly before she smashes her fist down on her own alarm.

The news gets out, despite their efforts to stop it.

Tooth, Tail and Nail were nowhere to be found.

Far to the north, an expedition pushes forward through the snow. The news travels fast, but not fast enough to catch the intrepid explorers. Nikyaks carve paths through the drifts, but the most treasured cargo is held by Queen Asajj herself-- a single Lunar Flower. The flowers had proven effective against the strange swarm destroying their crops and their livelihoods.

Sadly, it was rare-- and with precious few blooms, they had thus far been unable to turn the tide. The logical next step was to find the source-- something she trusted few to do, and so with a determined set to her jaw she set out herself. 

A small contingency forges their way through the mountains far north of Ur-Bahn, the fire licking along the queen’s horns and lighting the way. Her guard Kilau sticks close by, eyes shifting towards the small woolyne riding upon the nearest nikyak.

Titan had insisted on coming, despite their protests. The child had gone so far as to stow away in their supplies, and when discovered, it was far too late to send him away. It couldn’t be helped, Asajj sighed. Of course the boy was distraught, with Tiny missing. They’d all seen the posters.

“Getting close to Myrrka,” two tagalongs murmur to one another. “Surely she wouldn’t take us all the way there?” whispers one. “Those lands are cursed,” scoffs another.

“I didn’t take you all for being so superstitious! Don’t believe those fairy tales,” the Queen calls back. “Eyes on the prize,” Kilau grunts, gesturing at the crack shooting through the sky before them. 

It shouldn’t have an end, but the lights play against the flurries, golden and violet.

The rift almost sneaks up on them, shrouded as it was in the snow. The expedition gathers in its glow, just south of the deadlands its members had so feared. 

Titan nearly slips past them, diving for the glittering jewel-- if he’d been a little quicker, he would have certainly made it, but Kilau sweeps the child up, holding him in her arms as he begins to sob.

“Tiny’s in there,” Titan wails, “I know it, I know it, I just know it.”

“Shhh,” the guard whispers. “We’ll go. But you can’t go without us.”

The kitten curls his fingers in the heavy fur of the queensguard and nods his head silently.

The rift beckons, unflinchingly.

A hand closing over Avalon’s mouth wakes her with a start. A husky, feminine voice warns, “Don’t scream,” as the pouflon realizes she’s restrained. The plucky thrashes and a lighter, masculine voice chides, “Did you have to be so threatening about it, Tejat?”

Avalon’s eyes roll wildly, trying to see beyond the violet arm holding her head down. Her captor grunts with annoyance at the second voice, and after a moment a hoof hits her periphery. A dark unicorn lowers his head, glittering eyes sizing her up for a moment before he smiles, assumedly to calm her down. What a shame it wasn’t working!

“Don’t be afraid,” the masculine voice-- so this was him-- soothes. “We just didn’t want you alarming your friends before we could talk to you. Fell asleep on watch, huh? I get it, it’s really boring out here.”

Avalon glares, struggling under the impossible weight of the accomplice on top of her. The unicorn sighs, looking past her. “Tejat, could you let her go? It’s not like she can hurt us.” He pauses. “Look, we’re here by accident just like you! We already have something in common. No need to treat each other like enemies, is there--”

“AH!,” Tejat shouts, pulling her hand away. Avalon spits and bucks, throwing the second assailant off her back. “IT BIT ME,” she hisses. The unicorn’s ears lay back and he reaches a hoof out as if to soothe Avalon. “...We really don’t mean you any harm, I’m sorry, Tejat can be kind of…”

Avalon snorts and lowers her head, ramming full force into the unicorn and bowling him over. So much for diplomacy! “AXEL! TINY!” the plucky cries, bucking her legs before running full tilt back towards the camp. There she found a similar scene-- a two legged creature like Tiny, a woolyne, and another unicorn.

Their colors were swapped.

“Shit,” the woolyne with the masculine voice swipes his hand down his face. “Tejat, I *told* you this was a stupid idea.”

The violet unicorn tosses her head and stares defiantly across the smothered campfire at Avalon. Then, she shrugs. “Fine, do it your way.”

The black and teal woolyne immediately plops on his butt, right between a startled Tiny and Axel. He snaps his fingers and the magical gags holding their tongues dissipates. “This looks bad, doesn’t it. Look, I’m defenseless, so you don’t have to worry.” He holds his hands out, palms empty. “No weapons. We just want to talk.”

He looks sidelong at the violet pouflon before very purposefully patting the ground beside him, sending up a puff of ash. “Why don’t we all just… sit down and relax, have a little chat? Okay? Okay.”

Bewildered, Tiny and Axel look at Avalon-- and not at her, but behind her. The unusual woolyne beckons. “You, too. All three of you.”

Avalon startles, looking behind her. There were the other two-- mirror images of the ones at the fire. What the hell was going on?!

“You must be confused-- listen, I get it. It’s really confusing! I’m Jishui…” the woolyne jerks a thumb at the violet pouflon. “That’s Tejat…” he points at the violet woolyne, “THAT’S Tejat… and…” finally he shrugs helplessly at the black and teal unicorn, “That’s Jishui.”

“What the heck,” Tiny mouths. Axel shrugs at him as Avalon begrudgingly joins them at the remains of the fire. She remains standing, stamping a hoof and flicking her tail nervously.

“I was surprised, when I saw your fire,” the pouflon Jishui says just behind her right shoulder. “It was very helpful, actually, led us right to you. We didn’t think anyone else was here.”

Woolyne Jishui nods, stroking his chin. “Maybe they’re locals, I said to Tejat. But of course, nothing lives here anymore.” The violet woolyne-- Tejat-- inspects her bite wound before crossing her arms with a huff. “So I was wondering, actually, just how the three of you got here?”

“Why should we tell you?” Avalon snips back. “Appearing in the middle of the night and accosting us, why would we--”

“Avalon,” Axel says quietly, eyes averted. The pouflon immediately stops, looking at the vespire. His claws fiddle with a piece of charcoal. “I think…” he says, slow, ponderous, like he’s pulling the words out of his throat, “...I think it’s okay.”

The plucky huffs before she slowly sits down, staring hard at the strangers. Jishui sits next to her, and Jishui smiles at her from across the firepit. Why did they have the same name? What was going on?!

“You’re wondering what’s going on!” the woolyne Jishui claps his hands together. “So are we, actually! How long have you three been here?”

Tiny pipes up, cradling Teeny in their hands, “...A few weeks? We aren’t totally sure…”

At Avalon’s shoulder, the pouflon Jishui nods, peering intently across at woolyne Jishui. “...Are you from the same world?”

“Are we… what?” Avalon grumbles. “No, we’re from Bellacoste, Tiny’s from…”

“...Andras,” Tiny adds, brows furrowing. “Are you from…?”

“Interesting! Interesting. No, we’re from--” pouflon Jishui starts, but before he can finish he winces in pain, glaring sidelong at woolyne Tejat who had unceremoniously stomped on his tail. “Is that necessary?” he hisses, and she waves a hand at him.

“Is this necessary?” she replies. “They clearly don’t know anything, so I’m not sure how this little interrogation of yours is meant to help.”

“It’s not an interrogation! It’s like… an interview, at best,” the woolyne Jishui sighs. “So you were pulled here somehow from two different worlds. Tejat, don’t you see? It’s happening again.”

Both Tejats glare, malevolence wafting from them in spades. Jishui’s ears fold back against his head and he spreads his arms plaintively. “What Tejat doesn’t want me to tell you is that we’re in danger here-- and so are your worlds. See, Tejat? This involves them too, why shouldn’t they know?”

“Do what you want,” the violet pouflon flicks her tail impatiently. “I hope your little pets are able to help you.”

Avalon whips her head towards the woolyne Tejat and snaps her teeth again, pointedly. “Run along then!” She looks back to Jishui-- well, between the Jishuis. “What do you mean we’re in danger? Is Bellacoste…”

Jishui arcs his eyebrows, shrugging his shoulders at Tejat before flicking his hand in a wave. “Still there, so far as we can tell. There’s a rift about…” the pouflon Jishui squints before finishing the thought, “40 clicks west. And another to the east, that must be yours?”

Tiny sits up straighter. “There’s a way back?”

“Yes and no,” Tejat mutters.

“...What she means is that… well, there is, but they aren’t stable. We could use your help, you should be able to attune yourself to them-- it’s, well,” he waves his hands, “...complicated. I could explain, or we could set out now. If we hurry we could get it done by morning, and who knows, maybe you can all go home.”

Tiny leaps to their feet as Avalon protests to deaf ears, “What do you mean maybe!”

“Magic, I’ve found, if we can call it that, is never a sure thing,” the Jishui by her side says quietly, and when she looks over at him she was surprised to see kindness in his eyes. “Let’s split up in groups then, shall we? Bellacoste and Andras?”

“Bellacoste and Andras,” Axel agrees.

They take a chance, trusting their strange new companions. The trio ventures with Jishui and Tejat into the night, and just before dawn they arrive at the edge of the universe. Avalon and Axel stand at the eastern precipice, Tiny at the western. 

“You’re the keys,” Jishui explained on the way. “If we use you as a conduit, I believe we can bridge the gap between the worlds, and if we’re lucky, that means you can go home.”

It didn’t feel real. None of this did. As they stood at the end of everything, Axel looks into the abyss. This world was crumbling. It had always felt dead, but here on the edge they could see that all that was left of this place was the husk, and even the husk was deteriorating. Avalon calls to him, and though the vespire hesitates for a moment, he comes away from the rim.

“This may sting,” Jishui warns. “But it won’t kill you. Are you ready?”

At opposite ends of the deadlands, Avalon, Axel and Tiny nod.

The twins join hands, and together their power flows through the conduits. Jishui had been right. It did sting. It hurt as the corruption had, tearing through their insides and robbing them of their voice.

It doesn’t last long, their bleary eyes clearing as the pain ebbs. The rifts, once jagged and obscure, now looked like smooth mirrors. Avalon and Axel look on in awe as Aequor appears to them.

Tiny, on the other hand…

“TITAN,” the woolyne cries, holding their hands out as Andras reaches back for them. Titan, hearing his name, squirms free of Kilau and sprints for the portal, jumping through and straight into Tiny.

The pair fall to the ground, embracing each other as tears wet their cheeks. Jishui looks down at them before commenting to Tejat, “Looks like it worked.”

The way was open.

SKYFALL ♊︎ BEGINS N̵O̴W̷.̵ BEWARE-- D̷O̶ ̵N̴O̵T̴ ̸T̷O̸U̶C̴H̴ ̵T̸H̵E̵ ̵C̵O̸R̸R̷U̴P̸T̶I̸O̸N̸.̴

Purgatory | Skyfall Intermission

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Axel was determined to find the cause of Bellacoste’s misfortune. He knew if he could source it, he could solve it. The adventurer would go down in the history books for his work-- but not for the reasons he’d hoped.

Icarus reaches for the sky, fire licking at his wings. Oh, stars, how success burned.

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TW: Emetophobia.

The fire rages through him, inflaming his joints and charring his nerves. It takes him by the throat and pins him to the sand, white hot glass bubbling and spreading from his jaws, wide open but soundless. The ocean swallows Axel’s tracks, and the sky takes him somewhere else.

The fire doesn’t stop, tendrils reaching deep, deeper, grasping his heart and choking out his sobs. The corruption envelops the vespire who silently weeps for endless possibilities in endless realms colliding together.

Axel doesn’t move for a long time, the sea of possibility swimming in the corners of his eyes. It hurt. It hurt more than anything else he’d felt in his entire life.

The things he saw didn’t make sense. The things he saw weren’t real. Yet they were, weren’t they? There was the Arbiter in Banelaire-- the day she was crowned? There were his people, piled upon each other, a mountain insurmountable. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no…

But that wasn’t real, was it? Or was it? It didn’t matter-- the uneasy threads of fate whip past, gone, forgotten. The vespire reaches, clawing, struggling, lurching to his feet. A light lunch burbles in his stomach before he loses it, corruption slopping from his mouth.

This wasn’t--

Vertigo washes over him and he shuts his eyes, flashes of what was and what would be still assaulting his mind. It was wrong. All of it. Where was the beach? Where were the mountains? Where was…


The vespire collapses again, a splintered sky swirling above. Glimpses of a hundred different realities, there for the taking, but so, so far out of reach.

Avalon didn’t know where she was, but she knew that no matter what, she had to keep going.

One moment she’d been in the smoking crater at the center of Goldfair, a concerned neighbor doing everything she could to keep her own safe and happy. Now she was here-- and where that was, well, she was just a humble farmer, so how could she say? 

What she did know was that there was nowhere like this on Bellacoste. At least nowhere she’d ever seen. It wasn’t how it looked, exactly-- but how it felt. Eerie, ominous, still-- nothing growing, nothing breathing. Fine ash stirs around her hooves as she runs, billowing into dark clouds only to cascade again.

Old, rusty weapons were everywhere, dull blades laying openly or jammed deep into the ground. Something happened here. Something awful happened here. She could feel it in her teeth, the same dull ache that they’d all felt the night the sky shattered. 

And the sky-- oh, the sky. It was shattered alright, and no piece of it felt like home.

Limbs churn as the pouflon runs, the burn licking at her heels. She’d seen the corruption at work and was doing her best to fight it back, magic searing through her veins. She wouldn’t last forever, but if she just kept running, maybe she could find help before it overtook her.

Everything looked the same, here. Everything felt the same. Musty and stale. A plume of smoke rises on the horizon, and with a tearful cry of hope, Avalon runs for the only lifeline she can find in this desolate place.

The premonitions keep coming through rolling blackouts. He couldn’t think. Couldn’t move. Ash settles on Axel, dark tendrils bent on drawing him down further. He coughs, sticky inky black. How long had it been? Minutes? Hours? Days? He couldn’t tell anymore. He’d seen it all. His demise. His rescue. The day he hatched. The vespire he could have been on another path. The world, revolving, and around it a million more. 

The only thing he couldn’t seem to see was how to get up. How to help himself. 

In the growing darkness, an apparition appears before him. It was like so many of the other visions, indistinct and formless. None of it was real. It would be gone soon, replaced with something else. His mother, perhaps? That would be nice. He missed her.

But it doesn’t. The visions roll on, colorful renditions of how things would end for him here in this alien place. The darkness creeps closer, its shape shifting as he looks through bleary eyes. Four legs. Four wings. A single, prominent horn.

No, Axel tries to say. No, no no no no no no no no no--

The Old King smiles at him as the vespire tries to drag himself away, a jaw full of far too many teeth reaching for him.

“Don’t be afraid. Poor little creature.

It’ll be over soon.”

Axel curls in on himself, away away away, a desperate mewl of pneumir all he can muster. No. No, not like this. He fell long ago, how could--

As the jaws, so cold, close around his neck, he squeezes his eyes shut. Would the pain end? Would the deluge of sights stop? Would… would they remember him?

He can feel sharp points all around his neck, squeezing tightly. Then, as soon as it started, it stops, dull vibrations pulsing through his body as the apparition blows away like smoke. Slowly he opens an eye, light blocked by something with… four legs… four wings…

HEY,” Avalon huffs, lowering her head and sucking in a breath through her nose. “Oh, stars… you’re alive… thank goodness, I thought I was alone…”

Axel opens his mouth to speak but no sound comes out. It wasn’t real. It couldn’t be. 

But it was. A moment later her magic envelopes him, and with it comes sweet, blessed relief. The corruption melts away. Oh, he felt small, he felt frail, but the pain, at last, comes to an end. Tears wet his eyes as he looks up at the pouflon, gasping softly. Avalon stares at him with self satisfaction as the corruption clears before glancing back and swearing.

“Quick, help me out, it’s catchin’ up to me,” the pouflon urges as corruption licks up her legs. She’d stopped focusing on it for just a second

When Axel doesn’t respond she snorts and tosses her head. “HURRY! Please!”

With his remaining strength, Axel scurries to his feet and reaches for the pouflon. He envelopes them both in a cool mist in a panic, claws burying themselves in her mane and proving, at last, that she was completely, totally real. 

And right there with him.

“I’m Axel,” he mumbles around the pneumir spilling from his mouth. “...Thank you.”

“Avalon,” the pouflon sighs as the corruption recedes. “Didn’t think anylon was out here… thought I was on m’ own.”

As the mist fades the plucky takes a step back, looking past them. “But then I saw the smoke. Y’see it over there?”

Axel blinks, hard, pulling his claws towards his chest to straighten the fur there. “...Yeah. I see it.”

The closer they got, the more obvious it became that the source of the smoke was a fire. Closer still, and they could see a figure curled by it.

“Corrupted,” Avalon says after a moment of squinting at the distant figure. “Come’n, Axel, let’s go see who it is. See if we can help’m.”

“...Yeah.” the vespire scratches absentmindedly at his throat. It still hurt. Did it happen? He really couldn’t tell.

The pair approach the fire and the vespire takes a moment to really take in his surroundings. All of these weapons-- the splintered sky-- what did it mean? “We aren’t on Bellacoste… at least, I don’t think,” he murmurs, glancing over at the pouflon.

“Nope,” Avalon snorts, “I don’t think we are.”

“...You’re real, aren’t you?” Axel responds quietly.

“...Well, yeah, I sure hope I am,” Avalon laughs softly. “Shh, though-- we’re gettin’ close now.”

The vespire lowers his eyes for a moment, wings settling uneasily on his back. The pouflon forges ahead, though more carefully now, squinting at the figure bathed by the light of a modest fire. 

They weren’t on Bellacoste, and whatever this was certainly was not of Bellacoste. The unusual figure twitches and convulses as they reach the fire light’s edge. Axel frowns and glances at Avalon. It looked like a cherub, would the pouflon be upset?

“Poor thing,” exhales the farmer, and Axel sighs with relief. “Come’n, let’s help them.”

The two step into the firelight, and together their magic sweeps over the figure. As they cleanse it, something small escapes its clutches. A little creature, not unlike a pippet, chatters and dances around the cherub.

“...Teeny?” croaks the figure, green eyes opening slowly. “Teeny, it’s okay, I have you… don’t worry, they won’t--”

The cherub gasps and claws themself backwards, sitting up abruptly. Avalon and Axel look on, the latter glancing at Avalon before clearing his throat. “...We won’t hurt you. Are you…”

Avalon cuts in, brows furrowed. “Sugar, where are your wings?”

“...Wings???” the cherub asks, sinking into their own shoulders. The little creature squeaks and leaps into their arms. Actually, the longer they looked, the less the figure looked like a cherub.

“...Are you an ursuki?” Avalon asks, head tilting. 

The figure swallows uncertainly. “...No?”

“Wait…” Axel mutters under his breath. “That’s…”

“I’m Tiny,” the figure says quietly. They hold out their hands and reveal the small creature again. “...This is Teeny.”

July Raffle!

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Let's dive into another Capri-themed raffle! This time we have some summer crowns and a whole Capric amulet to give away as well. As a general reminder, raffles are now hosted completely on Lorekeeper in the raffle section of prompts. Have fun and get gifting!!

Prizes to be won:
Summer Crown (x2)
Capric Amulet (x1)
Deadline: August 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries2 per user
Participation reward
4 coins (each)

Please head on over to July's raffle prompt to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

Pippets for Pride | Donation and Wrapup

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Good evening everylon! Cake and I are here tonight with a really exciting announcement! Going through our donations took less time than anticipated and I have the final amount prepared and double checked for you today!

Ready for some numbers?

In the 30 days of June, there were 47 donation receipts. Totaled together after Paypal's cut, those donations came to...


I'm not making this up-- we really made it to that threshold and it couldn't have been more perfect!

We made our donation in full tonight live on Discord. I promised transparency, so all the screenshots (with sensitive information omitted) are available in the Announcements channel to view in full, but here's a couple pertinent ones:

Thank you, everyone. Because of you we were able to make this generous donation to a charity whose work really matters. I can not overstate how absolutely full of emotion this charity drive has been-- I am so proud of each and every one of you, and I'm looking forward to supporting charity again next June.

Our community is really a special one! Thank you again for making this possible. We really could not have done it without you.

Out of our Depth | July Announcement

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The tremors kept coming, even days later. Small but not insignificant, an undercurrent of worry infects Bellacoste.

Naia stands on the Citremery boardwalk, watching the sun’s reflection on a receding sea.

The golden embers flicker, almost looking molten.

[ Recommended Listening. ]

Summer washes over the land, warming even the coldest reaches of Bellacoste. Flowers were blooming all around the scar on the land. Repairing Chrysanthos was well underway. A little levity on the boardwalk and things felt nearly okay, didn’t they?

But things are not okay. The sky remains cloven. The mages in their towers try to stitch the tear back together, but all of their efforts have failed. The earth shakes beneath them. The oceans pull in on themselves. Windows and doors close against the heat as families become insular, afraid.

Perhaps things weren’t getting better. Perhaps they were getting worse.

They could no longer afford to ignore it.

The dramoth flutter around the wayward princess, her eyes focused, flinty. Dust spirals down from their frantic wings as they cluster towards her light, landing all over her body before growing still. 

“I know,” the princess says quietly to her cloak of wings. “It’s time to tell them, isn’t it?”

With one last long look at the embers on the sea, Naia turns from the boardwalk and its treats, its games and its screams of delight. Summer was wonderful, wasn’t it?

She had to make sure they’d have more summers to look forward to.

“I would like to request an audience with the Queen.”

The palace guards share a sidelong look. The one with fresh scars takes the lead with a frown, “Would you? May I inquire as to why? She is very busy with the rebuilding as you might imagine.”

Brusque, dismissive. The princess sighs from her nose. She had anticipated this, but the guarded nature was unfortunate. Chrysanthos had been so recently hurt, the devastation still clear all around her. Its citizens shutter themselves inside and distrust strangers. Had it always been like this, or only since the Wound? Something to ponder another time-- regardless, the roadblock existed and she couldn’t afford to wait out their hurts.

“I’m sure she is,” Naia responds, “Tell her Princess Naia of Aequor is here to speak with her. Please. It’s urgent.”

The guards exchange a look again, longer this time. The quiet one snorts. “Aequor?” then, under their breath, “Capricorns.” The one with fresh scars sucks in a breath through their teeth, giving the quiet one a sharp look.

“We’ve never heard of any Aequor, miss. Now, if you head around the corner, there’s a clerk that will take your request and will contact you when the Queen is free.”

“It really can’t wait,” Naia insists, brow furrowing. “Tell her that I’m here, I’m sure she’ll--”

“Little miss, everyone thinks their problems can’t wait,” interjects the quiet guard. “They can, and they’re gonna have to-- go see the clerk.”

Naia’s words die in her mouth, sharp teeth flashing for a moment before she snaps her jaws shut. The scarred guard looks sidelong at the quiet guard, frowning. Too far? They’d been swarmed with petitioners over the past month, desperate for a second of Queen Nouvel’s time. This was no different. Wasn’t it?

“Sorry,” Naia says quietly, mouth set. “It really can’t wait.”

The scarred guard opens their mouth to protest, but before they can the princess has pushed into them both, eyes shining brightly. Sharp spines jut from her fins, digging into vulnerable places between their armor plates. Before the quiet guard can react, their legs freeze up.

Both guards fall as the princess pushes past them, frozen. She trots a few steps before she looks back at the jumbled mess, sighing. “It’ll wear off in about an hour! Sorry! But it really can’t wait!”

All the guards could do was watch in rictorous horror as the self-proclaimed princess breaches the castle.

“...She took out *how* many guards?”

“At least ten, Ser Perth.”

“...Show her in. With a guard detail.” The Queensguard sighs, muzzle wrinkling. “I know we’re all tired, but this is unacceptable. Call the rest together after mess hall tonight.”

The page balks, taking a step back. Then they nod and hurry out. The riot act that Perth would read would be a sight to behold-- but not one they wanted  to witness.

Moments later, Naia is ushered brusquely in, the captain of her expansive guard detail exchanging a curt nod with Perth before averting his eyes. Magic flickers dimly around the hilt of Perth’s sword as she looks the capricorn over grimly. At length, the knight drawls, “So you’re the one that’s been causing all this trouble?” A pause, “...Why?”

“Listen to me,” the princess cries, the sharp desperation in her voice taking Perth aback, “I have to see the Queen now! Aequor cannot fall! We’ll ALL die!”

The guards shift uneasily, the captain looking at Naia in disapproval before turning his attention to Perth. “I’ve readied a room in the dungeon, ser, if you’ve heard enough..?”

The magic fizzles from around Perth’s sword. Had the lines under her eyes deepened, or was it a trick of the light? Abruptly she turns, heels clicking on the tile. “You’re dismissed. Leave her with me.”

“Ser?” the captain bleats. The princess kicks a leg out, shooing the cloud of guards away like one would deter gnats. “You heard her,” Naia threatens. “Get away from me.”

The guards do as they’re bid, confused and rumbling their discontent. The door shuts behind them, pitching the room into uncomfortable silence. Perth is the first to break it, casting a harrowed glance over her shoulder at the cause of all this… ruckus. Trouble brought in by the tide, wasn’t it? As if Chrysanthos had not suffered enough… “...Naia, is it? Forgive us. Aequor has not approached the throne for a long, long time.”

“Princess,” the capricorn corrects, breathing a sigh of relief. “You know. You believe me.” The knight nods, turning and gesturing with a wing.

“Princess. Of course. Follow me. We’ll talk while we walk.” Perth doesn’t wait, sweeping them through a small side corridor. Her metallic leg clicks in step. “Is... King Ericius still well?” the knight asks, molars grinding as they traverse the castle’s halls.

“He will be better soon. Please, listen to me-- Aequor is in trouble and we need--”

“Save it. I’m taking you to see the Queen.”

The landwalkers so loved interrupting! Naia’s brows furrow but she carries on with determination, following Perth through the twists and turns of Chyrstanthos’ veins, spiraling up and upwards until they exit, at last, into a lush field of verdant green. It spirals, too, away and away and away, blanketed with bright, vibrant flowers. Light motes filter through the glass, blinding the princess for just a moment as Perth ushers her into the Dawn Garden.

An attendant startles, hurrying over to hushedly admonish, “Ser Perth! You aren’t supposed to be here, what--”

“I wouldn’t have come if it weren’t urgent,” Perth says quietly, weary weighing on her shoulders. “Please fetch the Queen for me.”

“Oh… oh. Yes, ser.”

The attendant flees, nearly tripping over their own hooves in their rush. Perth shuts her eyes and lowers her head as Naia looks on in awe. Here lay the heart of life itself, the ever expanding core of society… above water, anyway. Oh, wait until they heard about this back home…

“Perth?” asks a soft, gentle voice, and both Naia and the knight look up at the queen. Nouvel frowns, grass trimmings trapped in her fur. “What’s so urgent that you’ve come here? And who’s…”

“Princess Naia of Aequor,” Naia has learned, leaping into the conversation midstep. “Please, Queen Nouvel, I need your help.”

“Aequor?” Nouvel’s ears flick back. “You’re Ericius’ daughter? Oh dear. Come, we’ll sit, you must be tired having come all this way.”

The three sit in the shade and the princess tells them of the trail of stardust that stains the sky. How the devastation flies far, goes deep. The ruin runs west, past the border, further still. Oh, she apologizes for coming under pretense. She only wanted to see if the land could be trusted, to see if they were kind and just. There was no more time to test the waters, no. Not with the earthquakes, not with the tremors.

“It’s pierced the sea,” she tells her rapt audience. “The scar. It came for us, a spear into Aequor’s heart. Please-- these earthquakes mean we’re losing. There’s a… tear. It’s making the city unstable. These… monsters have besieged us, and we can’t fight both fronts. King Ericius sent me to fetch help. We need it now.”

The Queen and her knight confer, the setting sun dancing splintering colors across the garden. The night runs indigo as a tremor rattles the glass. They plan by candle light, the princess looking west. 

“We’ll send what we can in the morning,” the Queen promises. “No more than you can handle. If you can send more guides, there will be more in a week.”

The princess breathes a sigh of relief, “Thank you.”

Aequor wept. If it bled, the world would die. Naia had to hope, hope for them all, that they would be in time.

Good evening everylon! Are you surviving the heat? I hope so! Let’s dive into July’s update together, shall we? This year will be our first ever MERSUMMER, a July event that promises a lot of fintastic things!

So, let’s get the big news out of the way first-- yes, you read correctly: Aequor! What’s Aequor? Aequor is an all new Capital city out in the Obsidian Sea-- an ancient bastion of capricorns! A sovereign nation, Aequor has long been regarded as a myth by your everyday Bellacostian. Aequor has been added to our overworld map and has two distinct locations that you can read about now on our [ Weebly ].

Aequor, normally a prosperous and relatively peaceful city, is under siege by strange creatures unlike anything anylon has ever seen before! At Princess Naia’s request, Bellacostians are rallying behind the capricorn princess to help her save her home! For the duration of Mersummer, your characters may enter Aequor using a temporary capricorn form OR other method of water breathing (ie: a powerful spell). Whether you accept the temporary enchantment from the princess or explore the city under your own power is up to you!

Traverse Aequor in whatever form you choose and help save it in this month’s three event quests. It seems the crack in the sky doesn’t end at the horizon but instead lances deep into the ocean-- and it’s causing all sorts of problems for our capricorn friends. Without our help, it seems Aequor may erupt-- and that spells trouble for all of us.

[ Event Quests ]  |  [ Monthly Quests ]

With the arrival of Aequor, I’m happy to announce Royal Capricorns of the Pennon of Marée. We’ve already met Princess Naia, of course, but have you spotted her father, King Ericius? Both NPCs now have entries on our [ Weebly ].

Royal Capricorns come with a new set of traits that you can apply to your character (of ANY species) using the brand new Royal Capricorn potion available in the July shop! Have an idea later in the year and missed out on the potion? No worries-- you can also get Royal Capricorn traits by layering Royal and Capricorn potions.

Learn more about the new Royal Capricorn traits on the [ Legendary Traits ] page-- they’re under regular Capricorns!

Our event shop is now live with some returning favorites as well as the trait contest winners! Don’t see something you expected to see in the shop? Don’t worry-- you may want to keep your eye on our Legend shop opening this month!

You may spy a couple of new things-- the Royal Capricorn Potion, of course, but did you spot the Lotta? The Lotta is an all new aquatic pippet who fits in perfectly amongst the sea life in Aequor! 

The Deep Sea Potion has returned this year, now in the summer instead of the fall-- and it’s gone through some exciting changes, much like the potions from June!

The Deepsea Potion still has the Angler Lure and Tentacles (which can be applied anywhere on the body, the world is your, ahem, oyster). We’ve replaced “Alien Eyes” with “Eyes of the Deep”. Eyes of the Deep must be dark in color with a small runic pupil. You may have two or four Eyes of the Deep! The pupils and Angler Lure glow in the dark.

We’ve added Tentacle Tail to the potion-- this and the tentacles on the body can be any style (octopus, jellyfish, squid, etc) but there must be only one tail unless you layer it with the Double Tail (two tentacle tails) or Kitsune trait (which will allow up to 9 tentacle tails!).

In the shop as well this year are our three Trait Contest winners! It’s actually more than three: we combined some of the traits together! 

First up is the PICNIC BASKET, a trait combination suggested by goatr, remmy and danielle-chan!

The Picnic Basket applies as many of the following traits as you’d like to your character:

  • Ribbons in the mane and tail
  • "Snack" shedding (cookies, pretzels, popcorn, etc)
  • Flower shaped pupils
  • Ice cream cone horns (note: for a unicorn horn, you will need to layer a unicorn potion/amulet)

Next up is the FIREWORKS POTION, a trait combination suggested by onioned and gyr!

The Fireworks Potion can apply one or both of the following ot your character:

  • Sparkler Horns
  • Sparkler Tail

Finally, we have the Palm Tree Spell, a trait combination suggested by lurkwoods!

The Palm Tree Spell applies palm frond-like traits to your character:

  • Palm Tree Ears
  • Palm Tree Tail

Both the ears and tail can optionally have "holes" in them, like a monstera plant!

All of these traits and more are available for the month of July in our [ Summer Shop ]! Don't have the coins? Don't worry, they're in our [ Cash Shop ] as well!

The trait contest wasn’t the only one pending results, was it? The Pippet Contest has also been decided! I’m happy to announce our first place winner now:

The Paponi by hev!

Our second place was the Flootsnute by woodes!

Finally, in third place was the Jellycat by goatr!

That’s not all! We will also be deciding on a moderator pick to feature alongside the Paponi, so don’t shelve those concepts just yet! Both pippets should be released by the end of July or early August in the pippet shop once assets are done. Congratulations to all the winners!

Whew, there’s a lot of announcements, huh? No worries, we’re almost done. Just a couple more things to go over. First of all, I would like to personally thank all of you for your participation and the love you shared in June. The Baby Boon recruitment was a massive success, boosting our member numbers by a significant amount! Did you manage to get a Sugar Dramoth? If not, never fear-- the moth variant will return later this year.

More importantly though, I wanted to thank each and every one of you that donated to Pippets for Pride from the bottom of my heart. We raised a massive amount of money in June for The Trevor Project, and while I’m still finalizing the numbers and shuffling the paperwork, I can tell you that the amount is over $900!

Sometime early in July I will make an announcement again about the donation process. For transparency, I will include as much information as I can. Our charity drive will return again next year if you missed it this year. Thank you once again for everything! It means so much to me and the entire team that you reached out and made a difference this year. My heart is sincerely warm and full-- thank you.

Just a couple more things-- the [ June Raffle ] will end in a week on July 7th, be sure to get your raffle entries in!

[ The Wanderer Summer DTA ] will end on July 15th-- do you want to take this unusual pouflon home? Be sure to enter before it closes!

Finally, are you participating in Art Fight this year? If you’ve uploaded a pouflon, vespire or ursuki be sure to tag them so people looking for raffle victims can find you! Then you can reap the benefits of Art Fight points AND raffle tickets! Nothing wrong with a little double dip, eh?

That’s all for now! Thanks for going through this massive announcement with me!


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It’s the dead of night on the boardwalk. Golden light filters from posted lamps, luring dramoth from the beach. They cluster around the soft glow, wings fluttering. It was warm. 

Humid. Dew beads on silken wings. The dramoth cluster and grow still.

A massive wave swells off the coast of the Ebony Wreath.

[ Recommended listening. ]

The tidal wave roars, racing across the ocean-- but not faster than the shocks that hit the shore first, sand and shells leaping from the ground as windworn dunes crumble, ancient sentinels fallen. The empty beach vibrates as the earthquake rips through it, tremors rippling far beyond the Wreath.

Fluorspar feels it the worst. Bread wakes in the embrace of their parents, startled by books as they fly off the shelves. The cherub tugs on Vespilet’s fur, staring out the window at the broken sky. Before the vespire wakes, the shock has passed them by. One of many. Once again the sleepy town wakes, bracing themselves in doorways and weathering the oncoming storm.

The wave pounds the coast, racing over fallen dunes and into the forest around Fluorspar. It hits the woods like cement, toppling trees and crumpling wildflowers. It rushes right up against the mountain town, battering the stone upon which the city of misfits sat. Then it recedes, claiming the wood as its own and taking stick and stone with it. The city stands. Another tremor rips through the land, cracking stone.

Splinters of wood litter the beach. The city stands, but the forest was gone.

The aftershocks are felt everywhere, from Marshgrave to Asterfall. The ocean roils, and one by one the Citremery boardwalk lights flicker, then go out. The dramoth huddle closer. Thunder rumbles, the smell of ozone clinging to their wings.

There is one light left in the darkness. The flanks of the princess glow, the colors shifting almost before they can be perceived, turbulent. Naia stands where the sand meets sea, tide rolling over her hooves as she gazes out into the water. Another shock trembles beneath her and she takes a step out into the surf.

Seafoam and dew gather around her like a cloak, masking her in the dark. The light winks out. Dark eyes look towards the crack lancing across the sky, leading west. The surf rocks against her, water choppy, discontent. It drags at her ankles and beckons her further. A song. But not a happy one. Sad, tormented.

She listens, then follows the receding surf. The ocean pulls away from her, fast, faster. Hermyte scuttle and crowd around her feet before racing back to shore as fast as they can. The sea rumbles as the trading port slumbers. Boats rock against each other and fight their moorings as the water dips underneath them, pulling further out to sea.

The tide pulls past coral and old forgotten ubra traps, flotsam littered bare before her. The princess keeps up, glancing furtively at the sky as the building storm gives up the ghost. The clouds open up and rain pelts her face. She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath.

Lightning flickers, illuminating the building wave before her. Thunder chases the lightning across the sky as the aquamarine light fades from the depths of death. She faces it alone, so small in the face of the wall of water. A tidal wave of this size would decimate Citremery, putting the port city out of commission for months at best, and… well… the worst was best not to think about.

The capricorn princess stands before the end of it all and grits her teeth. She reaches deep inside of herself as the sea recedes, building, building. The wellspring was within her. It was within all of them. Salt and flame. Harness it. Take it between your teeth and--

Her eyes light up with a fierce inner fire and her color explodes through the cloak of dew and foam. Reds, blues, greens. The wave rumbles and she rumbles back, screaming so far off the shore nobody could hear her anymore.

Thunder cracks as Naia faces the ocean alone, blowing the tidal wave back. The sea sprays her and fights, but she fights *harder*. The cold bites like teeth as the wave swells impossibly large before her, challenging, fighting just as she did for the right to exist.

The wave defies her, arcing high above her head before crashing down. In the end she was just another living thing, one of many, and the sea that brought life to them all had cold hands. They reach for her throat now, caring not if she lived or died. The capricorn screams, bubbles cascading in a spiral towards the surface as the wave engulfs her.

It reaches for shore. It reaches for the boardwalk with it’s darkened lights. It reaches for the ships straining against their lashings. It reaches for the clustered dramoth. It reaches for sleepy merchants in their beds. But she can’t-- no, she won’t let it.

The water swells around her, steam wafting off the surface as a blinding light envelops one small, frail capricorn. The wave circles back, whirling around her, power rushing through the salt as the sea begins to boil.

Then, without a sound, it explodes into a million molten tears.

The brine rains down on her, indistinguishable from the storm. The wave-- what was left of it-- settles, rocking against her and racing back towards shore at a safe, manageable level. Citremery would wake to a lower than average sea level, some of the larger ships grounded. But they survived, none the wiser.

If she had to be a part of their world, there needed to be a world to be a part of.

Image by the lovely pixdoodles!

June Legend Shop Opening

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It's that time of month again! Our favorite ursuki duo is back in town and after all the hubbub last month they're ready to move some stock! Let's take a look at what they have this month!

Chester and Mochi have brought the Nudibranch Potion, the Sea Dragon Spell and the Leviathan Potion this month! You can purchase them in the coin shop and the cash shop.

I'd like to tell you a bit more about the individual traits, too!

The Nudibranch Potion is much as it was before, but it now has a pouflon example image. The potion comes with three possible traits, Nudibranch Antenna, Nudibranch Nubs and Nudibranch Tail! It can be applied to all three species.

The Sea Dragon Spell has returned as well with a minor change! It now grants three possible traits, Sea Dragon Fins, Sea Dragon Tail, and the all new Sea Dragon Whiskers! These traits can be applied to any species.

Finally, the Leviathan Potion has returned this year but will not be available as a quest reward in July, so get it now! Leviathan has seen some big changes to set it apart from Capricorn, so I'd like to go a little more in depth about it.

The Leviathan Ears, Leviathan Wings and Leviathan Tail are still available much as they were before! Leviathan Fins has been slightly modified to now include an optional spur on each leg.

New to Leviathans this year are elongated Capricon Tusks that can point up, down, or outwards. The Leviathan Frill trait adds a frilled fin around the neck. Leviathan Gills appear along your character's ribs instead of on their neck. Finally, you can now add a Leviathan Sail that runs down your character's spine and tail!

The Leviathan Potion, like the others, can be used on all species! Additionally, sometimes a Leviathan will be... noticeably larger than their peers. Could be from their heritage?

...That's actually not all. The shop opened on my special day, so I'd like to share one other thing with you, because it's special!

Available now, VESPIRES have a Whiskers trait! The rare variety can be short or medium in length, reaching your vespire's chest. The Whiskers can be smooth or tufted!

There are Enchanted whiskers too! There are two varieties-- Multiple Whiskers, so more than one pair of any style whisker, or Extra Long Whiskers for your extra long needs!

...And who could forget Dragon Pouflons? These hybrids can now apply the new secondary Dragon trait, Dragon Whiskers with a Draco Potion, Draco Amulet, or Little Legend Potion.

That's all for now! Sorry for the late cross-post. The Legend Shop will be open through June 20th!

June Raffle!

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ITS JUNE TIME!! For this month, we're giving away a summery capricorn pouflon, complete with nudibranch traits, designed by owenstardust! As a general reminder, raffles are now hosted completely on Lorekeeper in the raffle section of prompts. Have fun and get gifting!!

Prizes to be won:
Baby MYO Slot (Bloom, Geode or Sprout) (x3)
Sugar Dramoth Carrier (x2)

Deadline: July 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries2 per user
Participation reward
4 coins (each)

Please head on over to June's raffle prompt to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

Beach Episode

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In the dark hours of night, the heroes of Bellacoste flooded from their homes for one. last. push.

The Entity is dead. The sky is open.

...Time to go to the BEACH!

To start things off with a splash, we have some new summer prompts that take you to our very own Pouflon Beach Episode! What kinds of things does your character enjoy doing during the summertime? Whether it's swimming, lazing in the sun, or eating all the ice cream they possibly can, you can explore all of this and more in our new monthly and seasonal prompts!

Emerging from the depths for the very first time is an all new capricorn NPC, Naia! Why don’t you show her how the landwalkers do it in our June event quest, Part of Your World?

A new pippet has been discovered! Found fluttering around boardwalk lights, the Dramoth can be a difficult tame, but it’s worth it! The Dramoth is now available for the season of summer in the Pippet Shop!

Additionally, we’re celebrating the start of summer with BABY BOON JUNE!

For the entire month of June, all baby tickets (bloom, geode, sprout), growth potions, and anything BABY will be 15% off in the cash shop! Not only that, but we’re going to have a 10% off sale on some cute little bundles of coins for your new bundle of joy! 

To celebrate Baby Boon June, every Friday, we will be releasing a batch of 5 babies from our amazing guest artists and mods, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those!

[ Baby Boon June Advent ]

The best way to celebrate Baby Boon June? With friends, of course! Recruit your best pals, and for every new person you bring to Pouflons in the month of June, we will gift a Boon Chest to both you AND your friend!

To claim your recruitment chests, have your friend submit a request to our form. Make sure they include both their Lorekeeper username and your own so you can both reap the rewards!

[ Baby Boon Recruitment Form ]

FINALLY! This one we’re all really excited for…! 

Introducing… Pippets for Pride!

This month, we will be doing a donation drive for THE TREVOR PROJECT, an organization that provides crisis intervention and relief to LGBTQA+ youths. For the entire month of June, the Albino Pyropine, Rainbow Aura and all-new item, Rainbow Runic will be available in the cash shop! 100% of the proceeds from these items will be donated to The Trevor Project at the end of the month. Everyone who purchases one or more of these items will receive a special badge made by our very own Sadbloom!

Additionally, if you would like to donate but aren’t interested in the items, just the badge, there’s a special “item”: Prideful Thanks!

Learn more about The Trevor Project [ here ].

For those of you who make the donation, please go to this google form and submit your proof of donation (even a pic of your paypal payment) as well as your username and we’ll send your sweet badge over to you!

[ Pride Badge Submission Form ]

Hope you’re as excited as we are for Summer!

An End, At Last | Skyfall Part One Conclusion

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[ Read Part One? ] [ Read Part Two? ] [ Read Part Three? ] [ Read Part Four? ] [ Read Part Five? ] [ Read Part Six? ]

Chrysanthos, for all of its winding narrow streets and anxious history, was nevertheless a beacon of hope and the future.

Even the Entity knew that.

[ Recommended Listening. ]

Shingles fall to the ground, roof beams shattered beneath the weight of the creature. Ancient history crumbles before it, old paving stones turned dark. Civilians hide in their homes as the beast cries, a rumbling, keening sound. It ignores all the attacks thrown at it, arcane singing and burning fur, swords cutting through the muck right to the quick.

The Entity carries on, scrabbling over top the city, ever forward. The glare of the crack in the sky bathes its face as it climbs onward, upwards. They try to hold it back, but the entire world crumbles around it. There’s only one thing left. There’s only the castle on the hill. There’s only the pieces of another sky. 

The creature roars and shoves its way past its breaking point, feverish eye glued to the spiraling towers on the horizon. It should have fallen long ago. It should fall now. But there was a promise behind those high, high walls. There was power unimaginable, a fountain of it. If it could only get there. If it could only climb higher.

STOP IT, the voices cry all around it, cacophony of foreign words on foreign tongues. The power sheltered deep in Nouvel’s hold sings above it all, the runic flowers of every living pouflon calling, calling, calling. Below it all, silk on honey, whispers something else, keep going.

Don’t stop or they’ll kill you.

Trust me.

The words mean nothing. But the feeling is everything. There’s safety, if only it could get over the last hurdle, this would all end. The pain. The suffering. The misery. Every fiber felt like it was being torn asunder, cells vibrating beneath unwanted stars. 

Fires light all along the walls, little embers barring the way. There was only one path to salvation, corruption slopping from its open jaws as it leaps from the nearest building, reaching, hoping, straining--

It’s too far. It’s tail, torn to shreds, rotates wildly to course correct. Arrows fire from on high as the Entity falls. It crashes to ground, cobbled stone cracking beneath its weight. It tries to rise again. It tries to find its footing. The castle was right there.

Just beyond those gates was freedom, the way back, the way home. The magic sings. The life of every pouflon on the entire planet calls to it, a beacon. The creature wails and drags itself to the walls, clawing at them, tearing at the bricks with its teeth. If it could only… if it could only get through…

*Kill them before they kill you*, whispers the voice again, a snake slithering down the Entity’s spine. It spits and turns, too slow, too late. A net drops down as the opposing forces close in, trap set, prizes won. The noose tightens and the Entity falls to ground again, eye rolling up to look once more at the sky.

Beyond the pieces there’s a yellow field. A kitten dances in circles, anxiously looking for its mother. Home. Home. It just wants to go home.

“Hold it down,” commands a voice, a metallic leg obscuring the last view of a world gone by. Perth raises her sword.

There was nothing after that.

The Entity’s head lowers, the last blow dealt. Its light winks out and before the eyes of everyone present, the corruption begins to seep away.

When all was said and done, the monster was just an animal of tawny fur and battle scars. Gone, now, but nothing any of them had ever seen before. They whisper to one another as the moon filters through the clouds, its rays illuminating the castle.

Though Chrysanthos's vaunted walls were breached, through all their efforts, all their sacrifice, the keep stood unabated. A chime rings out, then another, and another until twelve tolls ring through the air. It's midnight once more, and Bellacoste is quiet.

In the wake of the breaching of Chrysanthos, life slowly returns to what it once was. The battle against the corruption the Entity wrought will take time, but the denizens of Bellacoste are up to the task. Families reunite and begin the heavy duty of putting their homes and lives back together.

Everything is normal. I̷s̸n̴'̷t̴ ̵i̶t̵?̴

The sky is still cracked. In the right light, it looks almost golden.

Skyfall part one will come to an end tonight at midnight EST. We were blown away by your enthusiastic participation! All is quiet now, but maybe not exactly normal.

Let’s take a brief look at the stats! You dealt over 1000 points of damage. You unlocked all of the base goals as well as every single stretch goal milestone! That’s incredible! The most damage was dealt by Cas, who did over 400 points of damage. As the top damage dealer we will be delivering you a special prize in the next few days!

Didn’t get a chance to participate in part one? No problem! The Corrupted Shop will remain open indefinitely, and Corrupted Coins will be available in part two of the event. Don’t want to wait? Corrupted Coins are now tradeable up until the start of part two of the event. Additionally, several Corrupted Shop items have been made available in the cash shop!

Skyfall will return in August and September of this year.

As the land slowly heals, the Sunsine re-emerges in Goldfair. Whew! Thought they were in trouble for a minute there! The Sunsine, a pippet envisioned by Ellusively is now available in the Pippet Shop year round!

Speaking of pippets, have you seen the pippet contest? Do you have a great idea for a new summery pippet design? Show us what you’ve got in our Pippet Design Contest!

How did we do this spring? It went by so quickly, didn’t it? From the Cradle of Crocus to the release of cherub vespires, delightful sprouts and a world-changing event-- now’s your time to tell us what you think in our quarterly feedback.

Thank you so much for romping in the world of Bellacoste with us! We’ll be back tomorrow to tell you all about what’s coming up next for us in June!