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Bloom Event

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Hello and welcome to a very excited update for Pouflons! As mentioned earlier this month we're excited to announce the release of Blooms!

What are blooms? They're baby pouflons! And they are also a new, less expensive way to get into the pouflons ARPG.  Starting at a lower pricepoint you can get a bloom and paticipate in a special group of prompts. After completeing 3 Bloom prompts you can grow your pouflon and enjoy the wide world of Bellacoste!

[Bloom information here] | [Bloom Quests Here]

Just to give a quick rundown on blooms:

  • You can get your bloom myo ticket from the [MYO Shop].
  • Much like normal MYO tickets, bloom tickets will create a slot on the ML.
  • Bloom designs are very simple, comprising of 2 colors (not including knee and cheek spots) and a runic color which shows up on the horns, eyes, nose, and hooves (optional tail tip)
    • Bloom horns are always very nubby and rounded
  • Bloom MYOs are ONLY able to do the bloom quests, found [here].
    • Blooms may be included in other prompts but must be accompanied by a fully grown character that YOU own.

After you complete 3 Bloom quests you can submit a design update on your masterlist slot and make a fully grown pouflon. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you link the 3 completed quests for your bloom in the comment of your design update! All masterlist slots are common rarity by default, if you want the grown up version to have different traits you must provide those traits yourself!

As always if you have any pressing questions or need help! The pouflons mod team is there for you and you can ask for help in the #help channel of this discord!

February Event and More!

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Happy February, everylon! 'tis the season of love! Who are you thinking about this month, hmmm?

Whether there's a special 'lon in your life yet or not, we all can appreciate new love! Take, for example, the forbidden love story of Romulon and Vespilet, soul mates forbidden from being together... well, we'll just see about THAT!

In a brand new set of event quests, aid St. Amare and St. Florentine in bringing star-crossed lovers together-- regardless of what society has to say about it! Be warned-- this kind of union is frowned upon, so the journey may be perilous! However, seeing Romulon and Vespilet together, safe at last-- that is it's own reward.

But not the only reward. Several new items are obtainable should you choose to accept this dangerous mission... and how could you not? It's in the name of true love, after all!


Additionally, there's a ton of stuff coming up this month!

  • Geodes (baby vespires) will be releasing mid-month!
  • Vespire lore is coming mid-month!
  • The legendary shop will be back starting February 10th with all new stock!
  • Official designs will be up for sale later this month! Including mod designs!

As a reminder, a few deadlines are coming up or have just passed:

  • The final migration from Ranebopets is now complete! No items or characters will be moved between the sites moving forward. Exception: if your migration form has not yet been worked, it will be soon!
  • The January raffle will be ending soon! Be sure to get your entries in before February 7th!
  • The Asterfall Ball collab prompt has had it's deadline extended to the end of February.

FINAL Ranebo Migration!

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Hello Everylon! The final deadline for the unmerge with Ranebopets is coming up at the end of January! If you're already here and have moved your inventory then you're fine, but be advised that if you haven't done that yet, it needs to be done before February 1st!

You can read more about the options available to you on Ranebopets here.

Additionally, I wanted to go over a couple of other changes that are coming due to the unmerge and species sale! Because of our contractual obligations, some things are no longer available or will have their names changed in the future:

The following Familiars are on loan from Ranebopets and only the ones that currently exist are in circulation, NO more will be created:

  • Luckolotl and all variants (Luckolotl, Golden Luckolotl, Dark Golden Luckolotl)
  • Hermyte
  • Ubra and all variants (Yellow Ubra, Blue Ubra, Deep Ubra)

Similarly, all pippets that were obtained by Ranebopets members will remain in circulation on their Lorekeeper but no new ones will be created. In lore, a portal between the two worlds opened up for a brief moment in time, allowing the pippets and familiars to escape into the other world, before closing again!

Similarly, some seasonal events will have their names changed (and stories, as well):

  • Cloventines (March)
  • Sunnyfest (July)
  • Hattowen (October)

The following names/concepts may be tweaked, but are considered on loan to Pouflons for the time being:

  • All affinities and their corresponding names

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process! We're so happy you're here and look forward to exploring the new year with all of you! There's a LOT of new stuff coming next month... see you then!

- Rhiow & Cake

Welcome back!

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Hello everylon! We really really appreciate your patience as we moved the site around and were infact down for a few days! As we get the site back together there's a few things to address!

Several things have been extended:
-The banner contest will run until the 25th!
-The legendary shop (coin and cash) will be open until the 25th!
-The Asterfall Ball collab quest has been extended to end on 02/28!

In addition to that, as a thank you for your patience we have a small gift that you can get by going to the Pippet Shop! The special gift will be there to claim! Limit 1 per user!

As we get the site going again, please let us know if anything is off or missing from your inventory! The rollback was small but we want to make sure everyone has everything!

January Raffle!

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Hello everylon! I was COMPLETELY floored by the participation in December's raffle-- reaching nearly three times as many entries as the month before. You all are amazing, thank you! This month, I'm trying something new! Along the normal prizes, there is also something special planned for first time owners only! If you have never had a pouflon or you currently do not have any, you are eligible! PLEASE let me know if you're a FTO!

Prizes to be won:
Winter Crown (x2)
Traits for your FTO Bloom (once grown)! (x2)(trait spells available: uncommon, rare, enchanted)
February 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries: 2 per user
Participation reward:
4 coins (each)

Please go the the deviantart journal to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

January Update

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Hello everylon! Oh the things I've got to talk about this month! We've brought so many new and exciting things (and some still to come this month).

  • A new section of Rule #9 has been added and updated. Please read it as it is vital to your interaction with the game! [HERE]
  • New Monthly Quests [here]
  • Event Quests start January 10th and will be [here]
  • Most all quests can be completed with writing, you can find guidelines [here].
  • RP submissions are also applicable for coin claims now. More info can also be found at the guidelines linked above.
  • Until the 15th of this month a super special [Legendary Trait Shop] will be open
  • The [December Shop] will be open until the 9th!
  • Introduction of a whole new species on Bellacoste!
  • A new site banner contest is open now until January 16th for entries! It's called "New Years Wishes."
  • We have a community collaboration prompt this month called "Asterfall Ball" in the Monthly Quests tab, you can read more about it there.

Coming later this month on the 10th is the beginning of the Bloom Event! What does this mean? It means little pouflons will start making themselves known. This will be a new way to get a pouflon as the price of a bloom ticket will be roughly half of a myo slot! There will be more information on this event as it becomes available.

As mentioned above we also have a Legendary Trait Shop! It will be open for 15 days this month and will return every month for 10 days at a time. The stock will rotate and will be more limited in the future, but as this month is the special launch it is both open longer and has more stock.

The last major announcement is about a new species that's waving "hello" in Bellacoste, [Ursuki]! 

"Ursuki are magic beings who resemble tanuki and bears. Their magic specialty is Illusion – they possess unparalleled abilities to create illusive tricks to fool other creatures, which also aid them in fishing and trapping. Their diet consists of fish and insects as well as plants and berries. "

Their myo tickets are available now in shops and we're so excited to see what everyone comes up with!

As a final point of business the December Raffle is wrapping up on January 7th. Lot's of fantastic prizes for the raffle are available. You can find more info on that [here].

St Veti's Gift Hunt

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Looks like St Veti has hidden some small gifts for the good lons and vesps of Bellacoste! This scavenger hunt will last from 12/21 to 12/31!

Check in places where the holidays are near! These moments are fleeting but are meant to bring cheer!


December Update

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Hey there! We're entering the home stretch of this year (how exciting!) and with it we've got a lot of great stuff going on this month!

  • Winter Seasonal Quests have begun! Find them [here]
  • New Monthly prompts are available right [here]
  • The December Shop is open!
  • December Advent will run from Dec 17-25th, look forward to more info on this soon
  • New event quests are live, help an elusive friend to Bellacoste prepare for the holiday season [here]
  • We will have a fun little scavenger hunt later this month as well so stay tuned for an announcement on that!

Now that it's December that means participants of the Secret Santa can begin sharing and claiming their secret santa assignments. You have until the 21st to claim your art for coins through the correstponding event prompt! This is how we will be tracking who finishes their entry so please do not wait! 

If you find yourself unable to finish your assignment by the 21st PLEASE contact us and do not wait so we can find someone to sub in!

In addition to the great things happening this month, we also have a few things ending!

  • The November Raffle will be ending December 7th so make sure to get your 2 entries done before then to win some great prizes!
    • For more info on that you can go [here]
  • Fall Seasonal Quests have ended and won't return till next year.
  • The Cash Shop Cyber Monday Sale ends today (December 1st) at 5PM so take advantage of the deals [here]

As always, the mod team is happy to answer your questions so please reach out to us if need be! Happy December everylon!

NEW cash shop

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I'm so happy to announce we have a NEW on-site cash shop!

– You no longer have to leave the site to purchase items
– All items are now automatically delivered to your inventory on purchase
– We are moving to a restock system for some items in both cash and coin shops. We are near the end of the month so stocks are low currently and we will put a 0/10 number there to tell users how many stocks to expect next time.
Restocks will occur on the 1st of the month, and restock amts may change monthly as we balance the system. 

– Some prices are different to what they were in the old cash shop
– Please let us know if you are experiencing any issues with the shops or a purchase via the discord or Info > Bug reports in your navbar!

Pouflon Secret Santa 2020

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We're nearing the gift giving season rapidly which means it's time to open sign ups for the 2020 Secret Santa!


- Sign-ups start today (November 16th) and are open until November 23rd!

- You can only enter with pouflons and vespires available to receive gift art!

For a guide on how to turn on gift art go here: [link]

- Please let us know when you're signing up if you'd like to be a back-up artist in case someone doesn't receive their gift!

- If you'd like to join in, please fill out the survey here: [link]


If you realize that you're unable to finish your gift in time, please let us know, it's perfectly understandable and we won't be mad! But please let us know as early as you can, so we can find a back-up artist to cover your giftee.



- You can upload your gift at any point between December 1st and December 21st. (This gives us a little bit of time to contact back-up artists if needed!)

- Gifts must be clean and colored! Sketches are not allowed. Backgrounds are not required, but encouraged for maximum gift giving fun!

- Pixel art entries must be at least 100x100 in their original (non-scaled) size.

- If the person that you are assigned has more than one registered pouflon volunteered, you can only draw one of them for the Secret Santa.

- Please upload your finished entry to the Secret Santa group folder!

- You can claim your secret Santa on the lorekeeper for coins as well as a Jingle Bell prize. You can claim this only once. (Submissions for claims will open on December 1st and no sooner)


If you have any questions, feel free to comment on the dA journal or ask in the discord!


Fill out the Secret Santa Survey here!