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Fluorspar Foundlings

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Vespilet, Romulon and Bread embrace, happy to announce the grand opening of their orphanage

It started with a single child, lost and alone on the streets of Fluorspar.

One might think this was a strange place for a lonely orphan to find themselves, secluded in the southern reaches of the Ebony Wreath. Yet, the remote town had a reputation that, as tenacious as its residents, had reached the farthest corners of Bellacoste.

If you don’t have a home, you’ll find one in Fluorspar. It didn’t matter who you were. What you’d done. Who you loved. Fluorspar welcomed the poor, the broken, the lonely, the downtrodden. The orphans that the rest of Bellacoste forgot.

What was one became many, a city of foundlings that prided themselves on finding worth in everyone. Even the most tarnished could shine once more, if only given the effort.

With hammer and with sweat, the misfits made a house a home. Come what may, give us your worst! We’ll take it with a smile on our faces.

It started with a single child. Now there were many. This was not the family they were born into, but the one that they chose. And, you know what? They couldn’t be happier.

Walk Fluorspar’s winding streets. Immerse yourself in the sights, the sounds, the smells. Enjoy the mountain views. Drink in the scent of the ocean.

And, before you go, consider visiting the city’s orphanage. Pay it forward.

Colorful bunting with yellow, blue and red flags.

Not too long ago, we helped star-crossed lovers Romulon and Vespilet escape the shackles of their unaccepting families. Over hills and broken roads we raced, leading them to Fluorspar– and each other.

The pair never forgot our kindness. Pay it forward. That’s the law Fluorspar lives by. Through stone and mortar, they’ve given their all to give back. The city shines brighter because of us, because of them. 

Introducing [ 𝔽𝕃𝕌𝕆ℝ𝕊ℙ𝔸ℝ 𝔽𝕆𝕌ℕ𝔻𝕃𝕀ℕ𝔾𝕊 ], home to anylon without one of their own.

Colorful bunting with yellow, blue and red flags.

As part of our ongoing initiative to improve the experience of players new to Bellacoste, we have opened an adoption center with ready-made designs ready to go for those who are unable to or would prefer not to design their own first character for the game.

A NEW option has been added to the [ FTO Box ], the [ Foundling’s Seal ]. By accepting this option, you will forego a FTO myo ticket and will instead gain a single currency to spend at Fluorspar Foundlings. Make sure there’s a design you want before taking this option– once you’ve obtained a seal, you will not be able to get another FTO Box.

Foundling's Seal, a wax seal that allows you to adopt a single character from Fluorspar Foundlings.

Where do the designs come from? When a baby (bloom, geode or sprout) design is surrendered to us, they’ll be put into Fluorspar Foundlings. But that doesn’t happen all that often!

That’s where donating designs comes in. Do you enjoy designing characters, but don’t want to use them yourself? Why not donate them to Fluorspar Foundlings?

What’s in it for you? Well, for each donated design, you will be granted a single [ Golden Rhyo ], a brand new currency that I think you’ll find very interesting, very soon.

You can earn up to three Golden Rhyo a month by designing a bloom, a geode and a sprout for Fluorspar Foundlings.

A Golden Rhyo, a mysterious new currency with a heart shaped hole in it. Said to bring good luck to the bearer.

Be sure to read the paperwork before you get started!

Colorful bunting with yellow, blue and red flags.

To all newcomers who have accepted a FTO myo ticket but have yet to make a character: you now have the option to exchange your ticket for a Foundling’s Seal! Our FTO Moderators (the Royal Gardeners in our Discord) are ready to help you.

To exchange your FTO ticket, either comment in the #newbie-help channel on our [ Discord ] or submit a [ Claim ] with “Foundling’s Seal” in the URL section of the Claim.

We hope you enjoy this update! We’ll see you later this month with Lorekeeper Lessons, a brand new set of quests that will help you through your first few weeks playing Pouflons.

June Raffle!

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Inhale the sweet salty air and dive into this new raffle! As a general reminder, raffles are now hosted completely on Lorekeeper in the raffle section of prompts. Have fun and get gifting!!

Prizes to be won:
Summer Crown (x4)
Sea Dragon Spell

Deadline: July 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries2 per user
Participation reward
4 coins (each)

Please head on over to June's raffle prompt to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

Pippets for Pride | June Announcement

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Hello everylon! It’s summer in Bellacoste, who’s ready for some sun?

We’ve officially changed seasons, and that means that [ Summer Seasonal Prompts ] are back in style! We also have a new [ Monthly Prompt ] this June… it's time for a summer exchange program! All aspiring knights and mages get ready for a swim, we’re going to Aequor for extra credit!

Curious! When was the last time you checked on your Heartwood Piece? Mine seems to have wandered off, so you may want to look in on yours, just in case.

[ Heartwood Piece ] can now be opened up, revealing its true nature at long last. Introducing… the Heartwood Wanderoot! Wanderoots have long been a part of Bellacoste’s lore and are an important endemic form of life within the world. Hunted to near extinction by those desiring their berries, it seems Wanderoot are finally starting to bounce back through the diligent efforts of ursuki… and you.

Your new Heartwood Wanderoot isn’t like other pippets– you have to earn their trust! Wanderoots can be bonded to a single character via an all new perpetual quest Wander No More. Once bonded, your Wanderoot will give you its berries willingly– and you’ll reap rewards on all prompts involving your bonded pair! You can read all about these bonuses on the [ Wander Berry Badge ].

Holy moly, it’s June! You know what that means– Baby Boon June is back! Last year we invited you to recruit your friends to Pouflons to earn rewards for you AND your friend. I’m happy to announce that starting TODAY, the Baby Boon recruitment bonus will be active FOREVER.

That’s right– starting right now, every time your recruited friends obtain their first character, they can claim a [ Boon Chest ] for both of you! Oh, and no more reporting your recruitments to Google Docs– the [ Boon Chest Claim ] is now hosted fully on site.

The Boon Chest has been adjusted to offer a different set of rewards, including a chance to receive an adult MYO ticket for any of our current species. Because of this, your friend will have to either create their starter MYO or obtain a character in another way before they can claim a Boon Chest for both of you.

That’s not all! For the duration of June, Bloom, Geode and Sprout Tickets as well as Growth Potions are 15% off in our [ Cash Shop ]!

Later this month we will be hosting our very first gacha full of baby designs! More information will be released as we get closer to that time.

Oh, and one more thing– later this June, we will be releasing a NEW set of quests designed towards familiarizing newcomers with our game and teaching the fundamentals of navigating a Lorekeeper site. This series of quests will be available to complete one time by every member (yes, even you!) and will reward a new profile badge (not to mention a bunch of coins!) upon completion. We can’t wait to tell you all about it later this month!

It’s time for what we’ve all been waiting for… Pippets for Pride is back!

Pippets for Pride is our annual charity drive in support of an LGBTQA+ charity. This year we will once again be donating to [ The Trevor Project ], a charity that focuses on helping LGBTQA+ children and teens in trouble. I strongly encourage you to look into their mission statement and all the good work they do!

Last year, our community raised just over $1000 in the month of June. This year, we’re hoping to more than double that, and I have great news: at the time of writing this, we are already more than 25% of the way there.

Ready to donate? There are multiple ways for you to support Pippets for Pride this year! Did you know that if you donate, you’ll receive a shiny badge for your profile? Oh, and did I mention that our badge is all new for this year?

Our Pippets for Pride donation items have returned! We’ve also added FIVE NEW EXCITING ITEMS this year! Our donation items are hosted on our [ Ko-fi Shop ] this year. Why? To put it plainly, last year we had to comb through our PayPal and rely on donation reports on a Google Form in order to compile our donation total. This year we have chosen to host it on Ko-fi as each purchase links directly to its PayPal receipt, which means there’s zero chance of a single donation slipping through the cracks.

This does mean that you will have to wait up to 24 hours to receive your items, but Cake and Rhiow will be delivering them every day, multiple times a day– so hopefully you won’t be waiting long!

When purchasing from our shop, please include your Lorekeeper username to ensure that your items and donation badge are delivered to you as quickly as possible.

Alright, enough of that! Ready to see the new items?

New to the line up are three new pippets: the silly but personable Wackywirm! The caring and supportive ally, Proud Gnut! And finally… the ever-effervescent Maripeito!

We have also added two new accessories to our donation lineup this year: the Rainbow Bandana that grants your character rainbow hoof/pawprints and the Ribbon Wand that will grant your character an unusual new set of wings!

Our shop isn’t the only way to donate this year! We are running a [ Charity Auction ] starting TODAY and running through June 20th. Our guest artists pulled all the stops creating these amazing designs, and all proceeds will be donated with the rest of the Pippets for Pride donations at the end of the month!

Some of our amazing, generous members are donating YCH and other commission proceeds this year as well. Throughout the month, [ Leek/Onioned ] will be offering couple YCHs in our [ Discord ] where all proceeds will be donated at the end of the month.

Interested in doing something similar? Reach out to either owner or any moderator and we will gladly assist!

Before we move on– from the very bottom of our hearts– thank you. Pippets for Pride is the favorite event of many of our staff, and it’s not hard to see why. This makes a difference… and we couldn’t do this without all of you.

All proceeds from Pippets for Pride will be donated LIVE early in July.

Did you see our announcement mid-May, [ Starlit ]? This year’s event quest chain continues with you escaping Chrysanthos with Prince Terryn. 

The [ Starfall Shop ] opened with this update and will remain open for the remainder of the event! Psst.. have you peeked at it yet? Looks like there's something... new!

The legacy event quests, Deep Below and Sins of the Father now grant a Crown Coin upon completion!

The Starlit quest will run through July 19th at 11:59:59 PM EST.


Hey there! Did you know we have our own [ Ko-fi ]? Ko-fi members get access to a lot of cool perks, including on site rewards, monthly streams, and sneak peeks at what’s coming! Your support directly helps us continue making updates like this one, as well as creating new merch to sell in…

Our [ Etsy Shop ]! Our stock is currently limited, but we’re always hard at work concepting and getting new items made.

Your support means everything to us! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Did you know we have our own [ Discord ]? Stop by to receive updates as they happen, not to mention hang with the coolest community around!

One last thing-- if you’re looking for a new Bellacoste character, why not commission Cake or Rhiow for a [ Custom Design or Redesign ]?

The [ May Raffle ] ends on June 7th, be sure to get your entries in!

It’s summer! That means the [ Crown Cafe ] will get new stock on June 7th! Spend or save, but decide before then!

The next Coin Auction will be in the last month of summer, August.

Did you see the [ Animated Icon Contest ]? Your work could be our next Discord icon!

The [ Endemic Life Survey ] is ongoing and will be open indefinitely. Have great ideas for Bellacoste? Tell us all about them!

Chester and Mochi will be opening the Legend Shop from June 10th - 20th! Be there or be square!

Want to keep up with changes in real time? Join our [ Discord ] and select the changelog role!

May Change Log:

May 1st: All Eye, Eye Patches, Ears, Horns and Tails traits now have completed descriptions and flavor text! Check them out in the Encyclopedia! Some of these traits still need some example image work, but they're otherwise totally done!

All Leviathan and Sea Dragon subtypes have now been properly deleted and should no longer appear in the subtype dropdown menus.

May 2nd: All Wings, Runics, Affinities and Titles now have completed descriptions and flavor text! You can see what's new in the Encyclopedia right now! Some of these traits still need some example image work, but they're otherwise totally done!

Vial Runic now allows you to have empty vials as well.. Glass Horns, anyone?

May 4th: I have some exciting news for you regarding our trait update today! I promised some new traits in the news, and the wait is now over!

First up, I'd like to direct your attention to our [ Legendary Traits ] weebly page.

All examples have been redone to become uniform! Examples have been added to Vespires for Capricorn and Royal Capricorn, Royal Capricorn has been added to the Ursuki lineup as well. Take a second to poke around!

Now, for what's new:
CAPRICORNS! All capricorns already got a new trait, Capricorn Form, but we've added two new unique traits to our lineup as well! Capricorn Ursuki have had a unique Capricorn trait for a while, so it was time for Pouflons and Vespires to catch up.

Capricorn POUFLONS now have access to the new trait, Seahorse Tail! (no example image yet for this one, but it's exactly what you think)

Capricorn VESPIRES now have access to Axolotl Gills, a new trait that replaces their ears!

Now, for an even bigger update: Royal Vespires. These guys fell behind a bit. Every other royal subtype has 4-5 unique traits just for them! So we decided to revisit Royal Vespires and give them some love. Here are the changes:

The following traits have been removed from the Royal Vespire kit:
- Corona Horns (still available as a standalone trait)
- Translucent Wings (available as an enchanted upgrade to any wing type)
- Shedding (available using an enchanted spell)
- Elemental Breath (any affinity can make your vespire's breath attack elemental - this felt extraneous and is being removed entirely. Anyone with this trait will be compensated with a Little Legends Potion!)

That's a lot of cuts! We made one other quick change. Raptor Claws are now a secondary trait.

Without further ado, here are the NEW, unique Royal Vespire traits:
- Furnace (pneumir is visible as it moves through your vespire's chest and throat. it glows!)
- Crowned Horns (your vespire can have up to 9 horns on their head in various styles and sizes)
- Cheek Spines (spines jut from your vespire's cheeks)

All of these traits are available RIGHT NOW to use on future characters!

Users were compensated for the Raptor Claw downgrade as well.

May 5th: After some talk between the mod team and queens we've decided you can now choose to bundle your Callings submissions if you like! Meaning that you can submit up to 3 callings prompts (of the same calling) at a time to get up to all three badges in one go, rather than submitting them separately.

Please Note: Each piece in the submission still must meet the minimum requirement as if they were separate submissions. Meaning that submitting all three callings at once means you need at LEAST 3 fullbodies total across the three pieces!

May 9th: Good afternoon! The trait update is going well! I have an update for you about Unicorns today!

I went over this in the news post, but wanted to reiterate it in context of this update: Unicorn, or the Pennon of Aventre, is a special set of pouflon-only traits that can only be accessed by vespire and ursuki by combining Cherub and Unicorn potions or spells. In the future, we'll have similar species-specific subtypes for vespire and ursuki that will have similar restrictions for hybrids.

With that in mind... Feathered Fetlocks! This is a special legendary trait for Pouflons, but there's no corresponding Cherub trait other than hooves that could be tied to. We've decided that, as for most things outside of a couple traits, fur length or texture will not be traited on vespires or ursuki for long fur on the "fetlock" area!

TL;DR: Long fur at your vespire or ursuki's feet is now free to use without needing the Feathered Fetlocks trait, that trait is pouflon-specific for their unique subtype.

There aren't many vespires with this trait and no ursuki, but it will be removed this afternoon and all people owning a vespire with Feathered Fetlocks will be compensated with a Little Legends potion!

ALL trait descriptions and flavor texts have now been completed! Join The Lorekeeper in the [ Encyclopedia ] to learn what traits do, where to get them, what species can use them and get a little lore on the side!

Example images are still a work in progress, but if you notice any discrepancies or typos in the trait descriptions, please let the team know and we'll fix them!

A lot of traits got swapped around for the update, or were replaced with something else! If your character is missing a trait you think they should have, please let us know!

Thank you for your patience during this update!

May 17th: The prompt formerly known as Mini Diorama (general prompt) has been changed to Mini Crafts and now encompasses a way to claim higher intensity crafts like needlefelting, 3d model making, sculpey, etc. The requirement of having to be in an environment has been removed and is instead a bonus reward now!

May 19th: For the time being Corrupted Coins have been turned off as they are not in use! If you have CC they are not gone, just hidden until a time where we might need them again!

May 23rd: A reaction role for "ask me for my pronouns" has been added to the pronoun reaction role selection in #rules-roles!

May 26th: The Skyfall Badge Claim and Woolyne MYO Claim have been removed from our Badges & Reward Claims prompt section. If you still need to claim your badge, submit a claim on site linking any Skyfall quest completed by September 2021.

To claim a Woolyne Form MYO, follow the new instructions on the Woolyne Form Ticket item!

Pippets for Pride Charity Auction

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Im here to greet you on this, the last day of may to say we have a lot of exciting things coming up for the month of June! As some may know last June we raised $1000 in benefit to the Trevor Project as part of our Pippets for Pride event! This year we'd love to double that amount, which you'll hear more about in the coming days! But in order to help with that goal our guest artists have created a batch of designs to celebrate Pride this month.

All proceeds from these auctions will go towards the Trevor Project! The dates of when each design will go up is listed below the previews. See you tomorrow for the start of our celebration!

This advent features the talents of: peregyr, kamodo030, lynstrommr, teadino, onioned (leek), lord-starryface, crystalgryphon, bearwithglasses, and heavendeluxe!

Starlit | Event Quest Announcement

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“Look!” cries the prince, his eyes alight as he leads Nouvel along the winding lanes of the Dawn Garden. “They’ve only just bloomed, I was watching them all day before you got here!”

They sift through the reds, the pinks, the greens, the blues. Here, the peach bud freshly unfurled, its petals still soft and fragile. Terryn slows his step, glancing back at his companion, barely controlling an excited smile.

The bloom, so fresh, so new, lays still upon the petals, curling fur still dewy. The older children approach slowly, taking in this brand new miracle. Terryn’s excitement catches and they both hover expectantly as the bloom opens their eyes.

“They’re so pretty,” Terryn exhales. “Nouvel, what should we name them?”

The noble’s daughter frowns. “Shouldn’t their parents name them..?”

Terryn rolls his eyes. “Well, yes, of course! But we can call them something until they get here!”

Nouvel shuffles nervously. The bloom looks between the two of them before yawning wide and tucking their head between their legs.

“Their horns are pretty,” Nouvel starts, hesitating. “Like roses. We could name them Rose?”

Terryn quirks his mouth to the side, considering. “Yeah, but we don’t want the other blooms to pick on them when we aren’t around! So they need a tough name too. Like Thorn.”

Nouvel paws at the dirt, humming thoughtfully. “...Okay… Thorn is a good name.”

Terryn grins and dances a circle around the bud excitedly. “We’ll call them Rosethorn! We named them together!”

The noble blinks, a shy smile finally breaking through like the sun escaping the clouds. Yeah, they did, didn’t they? She stands a little straighter, and when Terryn invites her to prance around the sleeping bloom, she joins him.

The prancing becomes a game of tag, the raucous game becomes fervent wrestling, and by the end of it they both lay breathless and giggling on the grass, blissfully unaware of the growing shadows.

“I see that you’re fast friends already,” speaks the long penumbra cast over them. Terryn stands bolt upright, grass stains in his fur. He neatly kicks Nouvel to get her to her feet, bowing his head low.

“Yes, father.” he responds quietly. “Thank you.”

Nouvel glances up, the King wreathed by the setting sun. He smiles at her as she quickly lowers her eyes again, her legs trembling and threatening to dump her back on the ground.

“You’ve been gallivanting around this bloom all evening, do you like them too?” the King asks at length.

Terryn glances back at the bloom, now awake and blinking quizzically over all the commotion. He smiles hopefully. “...Yes, they just bloomed today…”

King Vieux studies the bloom, the sharp thorns hidden beneath those soft petals not beneath his notice. “Then they’re yours.”

Just like that, a thread snaps, cleanly sniped by a word. No one would ever arrive to pick up Rosethorn. So has the King decided.

The prince’s eyes light up and he beams at Nouvel. Two becomes three.

“You can play with your new friend later, Terryn.” The King had already turned away, sweeping his tail behind them to usher them along. “We’re having supper with Lady Nouvel’s father tonight, I’m sure she wants to see him before he journeys home.”

Nouvel’s head hangs as the sun sets on their first day together in the garden.

The garden is dark, and so far away. That was then, but what of now?

Once again we are faced with an aching possibility. The reflection in the looking glass shifts as we set the easy and familiar aside. The prince’s tale is compelling, his plight is one worth serving. The threads come together carefully, quietly, and in each is a story that brings a lifetime into the greater narrative.

As the city dances so high above, down below a desperate choice is made. It clicks together and the path less taken falls to darkness. Fate fastens a heavy padlock to our souls.

You made your choice. There’s no going back now.

The other choice sleeps cold and abandoned, like a heavy chain laid coil by coil on a dirty cell floor. Don’t mourn the stories we’ve left behind.

The road ahead is lit by stars.

[ Recommended Listening. ]

By tooth, by claw, by painstakingly crafted spellwork, you unravel the runes tethering Terryn to this dark, terrible place. They are powerful but old, poorly maintained in the years of peace following the Fall.

The door swings open. The collar is more difficult, but through sheer force of will that too falls away, turning to rust as it hits the floor. The chain coils and rises like a snake, threatening to strike as the prince moves first, a blast of golden magic flooding the room with heat. The chain melts.

Terryn laughs, a reedy sound that wheezes in his chest. For a moment, you consider what you’ve unleashed. Was this a mistake? The moment passes. There’s no going back now.

You’ve freed Nouvel’s secret, now it’s time to get away.

Terryn turns to you, his eyes bright and full with a vibrant vigor that until that point had been missing. What a contradiction, poised so close to that ugly scar burned into his neck. “We’ll celebrate later… follow me, I know this palace as well as my runic’s power.”

The blood staining the fur around his mouth is more apparent up close. A fresh golden flow drips from his nose as he starts picking his way up the stairs. “You don’t want to be caught here without me,” he cautions. “I wouldn’t… stay, if I were you.”

The spiraling stairs wear on the prince. How many years must it have been since he’d walked them? You can’t help but notice his legs shaking, the steady drip of blood baptizing each step and marking his path, clear as day. You try your best to wipe them away as he labors, painting the bricks gold.

A doorway beckons, a yawning abyss that the prince slumps into. You chase his tail into the dark, quietly shutting the heavy wooden door behind you. “A moment,” Terryn breathes heavily, his outline glowing tremulously. He was too weak. How would you ever make it out of this place, much less out of the city? 

The forgotten prince inhales deeply. Arcane stench fills every corner of the room. Before your eyes, those same drops of blood that you had smeared upon the stairs slip under the door, a molten stream of gold flowing back towards the source. Each becomes a spinning mote of light orbiting around their maker. Keep to the walls– when they come too close, they burn. A single singeing is enough to learn.

Terryn exhales sharply. “Let’s go.”

Do you really have a choice?

As you escape into the bowels of the city, an attendant carefully descends the palace’s stairs, a flute of something sparkling and a warm meal balanced precariously on a tray. It seems that someone has taken notice of your sacrifice tonight, the deft flick of a wing and a few whispered words sent a quiet thank you your way. We appreciate your service. See me after your watch for a significant bonus. With commendations. Your fellow servant of Chrysanthos, Perth.

The platter clatters at the bottom of the stairs. The flute shatters into so many pieces of fizzing glass. The cell is open. The prisoner is gone. Where Terryn should be, a terrible scorch mark betrays his absence.

Heart pounding against their ribs, the attendant claws their way back up the staircase, scrambling breathlessly into the throne room. The alarm is sounded. Queen Nouvel pulls the princess close to her side as the news ripples through the room. Perth shouts for her armor, her sword.

By the time the queensguard arrived at the cell, it was far too late. Her quarry was long gone by now, the smoldering ruins of his chain growing colder by the minute.

Seconds pass in pounding hoofbeats and the clink of armor. They stretch and spiral on as fireworks paint the sky in brilliant color. The dire dispatch travels in airy whispers and startled shouts. Archers line the palace walls as armed guards patrol its halls. Like ants they swarm, all looking for you.

Be it by tunnel, by sewer, in disguise or on the backs of favors you have curried along the way, you and the prince flee as fast as your legs, your wings, the wheels of a wagon will carry you. The threads pull taut, the city is awake and alert. One mistake could ruin it all, this cascade of choices you’ve made.

Terryn is struggling. Chained to a stinking cell for time untold, his legs can only go so far. The scar stark against his throat is a reminder that he was so magically controlled he couldn’t even withdraw his wings. He will need time and space to find his health again, but time and space are in short supply.

In spite of it all, despite his jutting ribs and shortness of breath, the unchained prince vibrates with a lurking power. Glowing motes of blood flock to him like moths to the flame, a veritable field of stars burning all around him. He practically shines. Something fresh, something new, something no one has ever seen before.

Someone everyone is looking for. But no matter how you complain, you hiss, you beg, you plead, he only grows brighter the closer you draw to the outskirts.

A bell begins to toll. It cries not the hours, but the minutes since a prisoner of great import escaped. The city seethes and crawls. Don’t let them go. Don’t let them escape!

But you do. Be it in darkness or plain sight, the city relinquishes freedom by river, by gate, by air. It is hardly a choice, but still a choice, and its flavor is up to you. Follow your instinct, chase your freedom, get out of Chrysanthos.

Your thread joins the many, a tale woven a dozen times stronger by your contribution. Like so many embers of flickering light coming together into a burning inferno. This path is now a braided fuse alight with your desperation.

You can’t blow it out now.

The city’s cobbled streets are distant now, its lights eclipsed by the prince as he staggers further into the darkness. The heat billowing off of him is immeasurable, each hair on his body burning with brimming power. “Stay away,” he rasps, the stars pulling towards him. “Get away!” he roars before throwing his head back.

Terryn explodes into light, a beacon shooting straight into the sky and spreading out into the atmosphere. It blazes fervently, spilling from his eyes, his nose, his mouth. It burns the hottest around him, golden flames flickering in waves around his hooves.

The magic sizzles, pops, then goes out, the surge dissipating into the sky. Terryn’s legs buckle and he falls to the ground, golden ichor dripping from his nose and mouth.

“G o o d . . .” he mutters to himself. 

If the watchers didn’t know where to look for you before, they did now.

In the wake of this dizzying descent, another choice lurks. You can no longer take back what you’ve done, for better or worse. Dare not to look behind.

We move ever forward now.

The community has chosen to Open the Door and let Prince Terryn out of his cell. After eons of wasting away, the prince isn't in the best shape-- so it's up to you to decide the best option in our next event quest, [ Starlit ]! This quest presents you with a choice on what direction your escape should take: Escape North or Escape South. Your choice matters and will directly impact the future of this storyline... and Bellacoste. Choose wisely.

Your choices have impacted the story irreversibly-- you are now locked into the "Key" route, or traveling with Terryn. There's no going back now... but your future choices will still make a difference! The new quest no longer grants a Lock or Key. If you check your inventory, you'll notice that your Locks and Keys are now interactive boxes. Give them a good shake, then open them up!

Moving forward, all related event quests-- yes, including our legacy quests, Deep Below and Sins of the Father-- will grant a single Crown Coin. These quests, including the legacy quests, may be completed once per character that you own.

These Crown Coins can be spent in our new event shop, the [ Starfall Shop ]! This shop is already stocked with some old favorites as well as three all new items, the title-granting Rusted Lock and Golden Key... as well as the long-awaited Starfall Horn Spell! Don't spend all of your Crown Coins right away, though... you never know what might show up in the event shop later this year! Running low on Crown Coins? The Starfall Wing, Tail and Horn Spells are all available in the [ Cash Shop ] for the duration of the event as well.

[ Starlit ] will run through July 19th at 11:59:59 PM EST. After that time it will join the roster of Starfall Legacy Quests and will no longer impact the direction of the story or grant bonus K/MXP.

One final, unrelated thing... our WEEBLY is now BACK IN BUSINESS! So sorry about the downtime! Our Weebly can now be reached at The link from our navigation bar will not be updated immediately, so you may need to type the URL to access the site for about a week before that's fixed!

May Raffle!

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Spring draws to a close and some friends are winding up the season with everylon! As a general reminder, raffles are now hosted completely on Lorekeeper in the raffle section of prompts. Have fun and get gifting!!

Prizes to be won:
Pouflon 1426 (ML #1426)
Ichigato (x2)
Leafy Shifter Stone

Deadline: June 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries2 per user
Participation reward
4 coins (each)

Please head on over to May's raffle prompt to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

May Update

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Hello one and all! Thank you for our patience in April while we worked hard on our massive site update. I have some updates for you about that to kick May off!

I’ll start with the bad news first– this update was substantially bigger than any of us anticipated when we started it and isn’t completely done. There are a lot of small things that still need to be done, and when you add them all up there’s a significant amount of work left to do. The team will continue working hard this month to fully complete the update.

HOWEVER! The big parts are done, and that means I can tell you the good news– new MYOs and Design Updates are open once again! Keep in mind that our update isn’t completely done, so there may be some rough patches along the way. We’ll be available in [ Discord ] to help you through it!

Let me take a moment to show you what we did and elaborate on what still needs doing. Last month, we completely rehauled our trait system as well as cleaned up our item database. If you take a look through the [ Encyclopedia ] you’ll find a wealth of new information on every single item in the game as well as most traits.

Let’s take a look at [ Items ] first!

Let’s peek at the Deepsea Potion as an example. All items should now tell you what they do, what traits or effects can now be applied by them if applicable, where you can get it, and how much it costs.

Some traits links may be broken currently as we did the item update before we worked on traits, but never fear! Before all is said and done, everything will be working as intended.

Oh yeah, before we move on? You can sell any item that can be bought for coins back to the shop, too.

But what about [ Traits ]? Let’s look at Heterochromia.

Not all traits have completed information quite yet. When they’re completed, they should look a lot like this example. Each trait will have information on what it is, where to get it, who it can be applied to, not to mention example images (in some cases, multiple!) and a little flavor text, too!

You may have noticed that this is specifically Heterochromia for ursuki! Many traits now have what’s called “sub-traits”. These traits allow us to have traits that are the same or similar to each other grouped but exclusive to the species they can be applied to. You can even group traits that other species have, but in another rarity tier! That means more clarity and more visual examples!

What we’re currently working on to complete this update is primarily example images and flavor text, so we’re practically done! We’ll continue to work hard to finalize this update. I promise it’ll be worth the wait!

Once everything is completed, we’ll make another announcement. I predict that we’ll be done in a couple more weeks, but if it takes longer than that, the update may get rolled into the June announcement.

As you saw above, a lot of things have changed! There’s quite a hefty list– and more changes will be coming before we’re all through. Here are some notable changes so far:

  • All of our seasonal shops have been renamed to reflect the Bellacoste holiday they occur during instead of the month.
  • The way the Enchanted Length Modifier functions has changed! It now works as a modifier for size, length and visibility, replacing traits that affected only these things in the past (ie: chibi wings, transparent wings, etc).
  • Pouflon hybrids have had a monopoly on dragon-style horns for a long time. No longer! Vespires now have all three styles– Sulfury, Spiney and Spade– as enchanted traits. Pouflons no longer have access to the named traits, but instead have a catch-all trait similar to Cherub Horns named Dragon Horns. Yes, this means that with the appropriate potions and spells, you can access other vespire-style horns as well. Like their nose horns or royal horns? They’re yours!
  • The various Unicorn Horn styles have been rolled back into a single trait for Pouflons with an example image to show some of the different horns you can get! Unicorn Horns are no longer available to vespires or ursuki without the use of the appropriate Cherub and Unicorn potions or amulets as the unicorn traits come from a special pouflon-only sub-type.
  • Speaking of sub-types, they cause a bit of havoc with traits and sub-traits. We trimmed down a couple of extraneous ones this past month, Leviathan and Sea Dragon. All characters that previously had these sub-types were reassigned as Capricorns, as these traits permit a Capricorn-like transformation. The Capricorn sub-type will be assigned to all characters with these traits moving forward! However, these traits still have to be applied by their event-specific potions and spells and can not be applied via Capri Potion or Amulet.
  • Scales! There were so many scales! Capricorn Scales went away as a specific trait and is now an innate feature that you can add to any Capricorn character. We added a new secondary trait to replace Capricorn Scales– Capricorn Form. This trait grants the shapeshift and nothing else.
  • Color Shifting now allows you to shift your character’s runic color as well!

There is MUCH more to come! That includes new traits, new legendary images for the Weebly and MORE! I can’t wait to tell you all about it when everything is done!

Thank you again for your patience with this update!

We have a couple of new [ Monthly Prompts ] for you to enjoy!

This is a light content update due to the nature and scope of the site update. Our current event quest, [ Sins of the Father ] has completed, but the next part isn’t quite ready to reveal just yet. I can’t wait to share it with you a little later this month. In the meantime, Deep Below and Sins of the Father will remain available to complete as legacy quests.

May is the last month of spring! You know what that means! This is your last month to get the spring-seasonal pippets Bundelion, Chexen and Tulipir in the [ Pippet Shop ]!

Our spring [ Seasonal Quests ] will only be available until the end of May, so if there was one you were hoping to do, time to get to it!

You know what else? The Spring Coin Sale is coming later this month! I hope you’ve been saving! This Coin Sale is going to function differently than the previous two– you won’t be able to bid with coins you don’t have. Money a bit tight? Did you know that you can submit completed works to our [ Gallery ] for a bonus coin?

Hey there! Did you know we have our own [ Ko-fi ]? Ko-fi members get access to a lot of cool perks, including on site rewards, monthly streams, and sneak peaks at what’s coming! Your support directly helps us continue making updates like this one, as well as creating new merch to sell in…

Our [ Etsy Shop ]! Our stock is currently limited, but we’re always hard at work concepting and getting new items made.

Your support means everything to us! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Did you know we have our own [ Discord ]? Stop by to receive updates as they happen, not to mention hang with the coolest community around!

One last thing-- if you’re looking for a new Bellacoste character, why not commission Cake or Rhiow for a [ Custom Design or Redesign ]?

The [ April Raffle ] ends on May 7th, be sure to get your entries in!

Confused about the trait or item update? We’re not quite done, but we’re happy to help you with anything you need in our [ Discord ].

[ Sins of the Father ] has concluded, but is still available as a legacy event quest. There’s no new quest yet, but there will be soon!

Did you see the [ Endemic Life Survey ]? It's open indefinitely, so take a look!

Want to keep up with changes in real time? Join our [ Discord ] and select the changelog role!

I covered a lot of our Changelog updates earlier in the update, so I’ll only cover things I didn’t mention.

April Change Log:

April 2nd: If you didn’t open your Egg Hunt eggs from last year, they were opened for you to allow us to clean up the item list.

April 4th: Our [ Trading Rules ] have changed to be clearer and easier to understand.

April 5th: Raffles now reward bonus coins for bonus effort (backgrounds, featured characters, etc!).

The summer seasonal event has been renamed from Mersummer to Selstice.

April 6th: All Knight and Mage tier boxes and Affinity boxes have had their images redone to more clearly indicate that they're boxes that need to be opened. You may need to do a hard refresh or clear your cache to see this update!

The new knight and mage NPCs have been added to our [ Toyhouse ].

The [ Dawn Garden ] account has had its characters sorted by type and numerical values (NPCs, Slots, Raffles and Auction Designs in that order) to make it easier to peruse! All NPCs have had their gift art/writing toggles set to allowed and their ToyHouse profiles linked for ease of access.

SOME of our NPCs now have pippets! Check them out!

April 7th: A subgallery on site for Deep Below quest chain submissions has been created! any current works that fit that event will be moved there!

April 11th: The enchanted trait "Bioluminescence" is now known as "Glowspeckle". It will still be enchanted in rarity. If your character HAS the event rarity "Glow Speckle" trait you will be compensated for the downgrade!

April 15th: Shapeshifting Affinity and Dimensional Lyss Affinity have been renamed Shapeshifting and Dimensional Lyss respectively. Both have been moved to the Universal Traits category.

April 24th: The legendary Pippets for Pride exclusive trait Rainbow Runic now allows you to shift between an unlimited array of runic colors! Mood runic!

April Raffle!

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April's raffle is here and it's the gnuttiest raffle yet! As a general reminder, raffles are now hosted completely on Lorekeeper in the raffle section of prompts. Have fun and get gifting!!

Prizes to be won:
Pouflon MYO Slot (ML #696)
Pouflon MYO Slot (ML #699)
Gnut of Unusual Size
Gnut (x2)
Cherub Horns Spell (x2)

Deadline: May 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries2 per user
Participation reward
4 coins (each)

Please head on over to April's raffle prompt to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

The Wild Hunt | April Announcement

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It starts as a tickle, a funny feeling that something in your peripheral isn’t quite right. Something’s been off since you woke up. The sun chases the moon east across a fairy-floss sky. It hits you as wild whoops and hollers echo through the woods bordering the path.

The Wild Hunt! So soon? Was it not just the Hibernal Equinox mere days ago? The road suddenly splits where no fork belonged before.

You sigh and take the path less taken. A choir of giggles echoes through the forest. The sands of time flow the wrong way. Down is up. Day is night. The path forks again and again. The question is no longer where you’re going, but how you’ll get there.

A triumphant trumpet leads the way. Even as impossible shadows draw close, you know you’re not alone. Dive deep into the madness without fear!

The Hunt rides with you!

A hulking figure lurks outside of Amaryllis’ home. Broad shoulders hunch, claws daintily holding onto a basket. The pleasant smell of sugary baked goods wafts from within. Just as the creature is poised to knock, the door flies open and a bright light shines directly at them.

YOU,” the mage accuses. “It was YOU!”

Mochi flinches away from the light, eyes blinking rapidly. “O-oh… uh… h-hello Amaryllis…”

“Well, come on then,” the pouflon invites, stepping back from the threshold. “Let’s get them laid out before everylon wakes up!”

Mochi, still shock-still, shakes himself and peers after the mage. Caught red-handed! Oh well. It didn’t matter! Pranks could be fun even if everylon was in on them!

“Where’d you get these, anyway?” the pouflon asks as they lovingly prepare the display. Cinnamon rolls, one for anylon that asked!

Mochi shifts, head ducked to avoid hitting the ceiling. “I…uh, I made them?”

“You what,” Amaryllis fires back, brows up.

“Yeah,” Mochi shrugs and sets the final roll on top of the pile. “A….anyway, Happy Hunt!”

The mage watches the ursuki go, the enticing scent of pastries left in his wake.

“Well I’ll be,” Amaryllis mutters to herself. “Happy Hunt, indeed!"

[ The Wild Hunt ] has begun! Ursuki all over Bellacoste are flexing their magic today! Are you going to stay inside or come out and enjoy the fun?

Be sure to visit the [ Pippet Shop ] TODAY to pick up a fresh, warm cinnamon roll! Nobody likes stale cinnamon rolls, so be sure to grab one now! They’ll be gone tomorrow!

Celebrate the Wild Hunt with our NEW [ Event Quests ], Unrecognizable Illusions and Prankish!

Pranks not your thing? There are plenty of other [ Monthly Quests ] and [ Seasonal Quests ] for you to dive into! Tend to your farm in Seed Sowing or investigate one of our returning April quests, Many-Legged Race or Unusual Discovery! You might find that even these quests are a little different this year!

Did you notice that your Heartwood Piece has… changed? Knights and mages across the realm are investigating this curious evolution in a new [ Monthly Quest ], A Matter of Heart. This is the reintroduction of semi-monthly Knight/Mage quests. You can earn a little extra experience even if you don’t own a Heartwood Piece!

The second part of our choose-your-own-adventure event continues this month with [ Sins of the Father ]. Sins of the Father will run through April 30th at 11:59:59PM EST. Your votes will count right up until the deadline!

Due to the nature of this quest, the next part might not release until the middle of May, though we hope to have it out to you sooner!

Have you been wanting an Ursilon of your very own? The wait is officially OVER! Cherub Ursuki are here! When a pouflon and ursuki perform the love spell together, it sometimes results in a "cherub" ursuki! These ursuki often have softer features and one less digit on their hands and feet, though every cherub is different. Cherub ursuki are welcomed almost everywhere they go, though some do find them a little odd.

With cherub ursuki, we’re introducing a new concept to hybrids: a “body” trait that modifies the silhouette of the species more heavily than traits normally do! This type of modification will be added to other hybrids in the future!

You can learn all about Cherub Ursuki on the [ Legendary Traits ] page!

With the release of Cherub Ursuki, Cherub Potions and Amulets are now available in the [ Trait Shop ] and [ Cash Shop ] year-round!

As part of this update, Cherub Tails have been added to Cherub Vespire’s secondary Cherub trait list.

As we mentioned last month, MYO and Design Change approvals are CLOSED for the month of April while the Pouflons Team works on an intense overhaul of how traits work on the site! We anticipate that this update will take between 2 and 3 weeks, though it may take longer.

I wanted to take a moment to explain what we’ll be doing in this update! We now have a LoreKeeper extension that permits us to create Sub-Traits of existing Traits. In this example we’ll be talking about Slit Pupils.

Slit Pupils are common for Vespires, but legendary for Pouflons. Up until now, that required two distinct traits on site named different things to be easily distinguishable, but it wasn’t particularly user friendly, was it? With this extension, we can have a parent trait: in this case, it would be Slit Pupils for Vespires, a common trait. We can then add a sub-trait to the parent trait, legendary Slit Pupils for Pouflons!

This update is going to be a lot of work, as we can’t re-assign current traits as sub-traits. During the duration of this update you may see certain traits get removed then added back to your character, as anything that becomes a sub-trait will need to be re-traited on the masterlist. This is nothing to worry about! We’ll do our very best to get everything added back in properly, but if you notice something amiss once the update is done, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

We will also be going through every trait and item on site to improve the descriptions, sources, example images and more! 

Prompts and claims will remain OPEN this month, though approval times may be slower than average as most of the team will be working on the update! Thank you for your understanding! We hope to bring everything back bigger and better in a couple weeks!

Did you know we have a Pouflons [ Twitter ] account? We post updates and retweet Pouflons content there nearly every day! If you’d like your Pouflons-related content to be retweeted, be sure to tag it with one of the following: @Pouflons, #pouflons, pouflon, pouflons, vespire, ursuki or Bellacoste!

Hey there! Did you know we have our own [ Ko-fi ]? Ko-fi members get access to a lot of cool perks, including on site rewards, monthly streams, and sneak peaks at what’s coming! Your support directly helps us continue making updates like this one, as well as creating new merch to sell in…

Our [ Etsy Shop ]! Our stock is currently limited, but we’re always hard at work concepting and getting new items made.

Your support means everything to us! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Did you know we have our own [ Discord ]? Stop by to receive updates as they happen, not to mention hang with the coolest community around!

One last thing-- if you’re looking for a new Bellacoste character, why not commission Cake or Rhiow for a [ Custom Design or Redesign ]?

It’s a quiet month! Nevertheless, there’s a couple reminders:

The [ March Raffle ] ends on April 7th, make sure to get your entries in!

[ Sins of the Father ] ends April 30th at 11:59:59PM EST. The next part of the quest will start by the middle of May.

MYO approvals and Design Updates are closed for at least the next 2-3 weeks while we work on an expansive update to traits and items on our LoreKeeper! Tune into our Discord for timely updates!

Want to keep up with changes in real time? Join our [ Discord ] and select the changelog role!

March Change Log:

Mar 1st: Spring seasonal quests now have the bonus reward table attached to them!

Mar 2nd: Affinities have been added to under the Species -> Lifestyle tab.

Mar 31st: Music has been added for Firsden. Unfortunately, the custom track commission didn’t work out. Hopefully in the future!

Endemic Life Survey: Ongoing

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Good evening everylon! The Knight Scouts in Bellacoste have sent you a letter and are looking for a little help! They're doing an endemic life survey and need everylon's help to document the wildlife and plants and ecosystems in mainland Bellacoste, the Ebony Wreath, and in the oceans and Aequor!

Please see inside the letter for further information:


Yes hello! We're hosting open submissions for endemic life in Bellacoste! If you've ever had thoughts or ideas about plants, animals, crops, flowers, monsters, etc that one might find in Bellacoste now is the time to share them via this form!

This is NOT a contest and therefore doesn't have a closing date. Some limitations to submissions DO apply so be certain to read EVERYTHING on the form before submitting.

If you have questions after reading the rules and requirements, as always, you can direct those to the #❔-help-❔ channel in the discord server!