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Hello and welcome to a very excited update for Pouflons! As mentioned earlier this month we're excited to announce the release of Blooms!

What are blooms? They're baby pouflons! And they are also a new, less expensive way to get into the pouflons ARPG.  Starting at a lower pricepoint you can get a bloom and paticipate in a special group of prompts. After completeing 3 Bloom prompts you can grow your pouflon and enjoy the wide world of Bellacoste!

[Bloom information here] | [Bloom Quests Here]

Just to give a quick rundown on blooms:

  • You can get your bloom myo ticket from the [MYO Shop].
  • Much like normal MYO tickets, bloom tickets will create a slot on the ML.
  • Bloom designs are very simple, comprising of 2 colors (not including knee and cheek spots) and a runic color which shows up on the horns, eyes, nose, and hooves (optional tail tip)
    • Bloom horns are always very nubby and rounded
  • Bloom MYOs are ONLY able to do the bloom quests, found [here].
    • Blooms may be included in other prompts but must be accompanied by a fully grown character that YOU own.

After you complete 3 Bloom quests you can submit a design update on your masterlist slot and make a fully grown pouflon. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you link the 3 completed quests for your bloom in the comment of your design update! All masterlist slots are common rarity by default, if you want the grown up version to have different traits you must provide those traits yourself!

As always if you have any pressing questions or need help! The pouflons mod team is there for you and you can ask for help in the #help channel of this discord!


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